10 Ways You Can Increase Email Marketing Engagement.

Email marketing is an extremely powerful concept for having your target audience engage with content and also nurturing them along the buyer’s journey.

Despite what some marketers tell you and what you might think, email marketing is still growing rapidly. Did you know that Google’s Gmail alone has over 1 Billion users across the globe?

Researchers have also predicted that number will triple by 2020!

That’s nearly half of the planet’s population!

Incredible, huh?

So email is certainly far from being dead in the water.

But with so much fierce competition within your niche, the marketing strategy is just becoming more and more difficult to do.

So what can you do to stay ahead of the email game and keep your subscribers actively engaged with your follow up messages and also affiliate product promotions?

Here are 10 awesome techniques you can implement…


#1: Email Folks Who Want to Hear From You

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If you have email subscriber lists with extremely poor engagement levels, you must stop blasting out your messages to them.

The reason being is that if you’re constantly sending emails to a list that produces a low open rate and little to no interaction, it’s gonna destroy your reputation with other new potential customers in the future.

Treat their inboxes with respect (exactly how you would want your inbox to be treated).

Send more “quality” content and less promotional stuff to keep your subscribers happy and open rates high. 😀


#2: Personalize & Test Your Emails

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Email personalization definitely works, but only when you stick to the basics and not go over the top with your campaigns because it can come across as a little creepy and scare off your contacts otherwise lol.

So personalize according to your subscribers names, and just leave it at that – “Dear, Joe Bloggs” or “Dear, Kate”, etc, will work best.


#3: Set Goals For Your Emails Before Sending

Establish Some Goals and Find Your WHY
Before setting up your email sequence and punching the send button with your broadcasts as well as manual emails, it’s important to set a goal for each email.

Goals for your emails could include anything from your contacts filling out forms to gain more of an insight into your subscribers or sending promo codes for readers to redeem for special product offers.

Make your emails flexible by attaching a different goal to each one and also make it crystal clear to your list so they know exactly what your goals are, whether it’s a call to action or taking a short survey, etc.


#4: Use a Personalized Email Address

Email At Sign
Ensure that you send your emails from a personalized account. For example, “neil@zerotoaffiliatehero.com“.

Do Not send emails from a “no reply” account or even a “support@yourdomainname.com” one either.

Personalization is highly effective on both ends, so you can really boost the level of engagement by entering your personal email address in the ‘from’ field.

You will get a much better response because folks prefer to hear from and reply to a “real” person rather than some company or an automated email account.


#5: Only Engage With Opt-in Contacts

A Pen Ready to Tick an Agreement Box on Paper
Connect with contacts who have opted into your list instead of ones who have been imported into your autoresponder because “cold” contacts won’t engage.

Whereas the folks who have filled out your form will be highly responsive, since they wanna hear from you.

Another important key takeaway here is to never ever pay for a subscriber list because you’re gonna be contacting people who never agreed to receive your emails and it will damage your credibility as an authority in your niche.


#6: Experiment With Different Week Days

Days of The Week in a Diary
You want to stop sending out your emails on a specific day (or days) of the week and start experimenting with different days because there will be certain days when inboxes are flooded with emails from other marketers.

Saturation does no good for any owner of an online biz.

So if you’re posting on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays, try experimenting With Mondays, Fridays, and also Saturdays to find out what results you get.

You may be quite surprised at the open rates and engagement when you shake up your campaigns. 😉


#7: Suppress Unengaged Subscribers

A Stop Sign Next to a Field
You may be sending bulk spam mail without even realizing it, and that’s because the definition of “spam” has changed throughout the web over the years.

The gray mail you’re sending is unopened because your recipients may well assume it’s spam and your open/engagement rates take a nose dive.

The solution is to stop with the gray mail and start suppressing your subscribers so your open rates start to increase.


#8: Why Have Folks Stopped Opening Your Emails?

A Big Question Mark in Front of a Brick Wall
If people have stopped paying attention to your emails, you really need to figure out why, and fast!

If your open rates are on a downward spiral and you’re also receiving a number of spam complaints, it basically means you no longer know your audience’s needs.

So suppress your unengaged subscribers to prove to email providers that you’re taking action on the feedback.

Also, play around with emails to see if there’s anything you can change to improve open rates and get people taking the right actions.


#9: Don’t Worry if People Are Unsubscribing

A Fire Exit Sign
When it comes to digital marketing, in general, you can’t please everyone at the end of the day. So you’re bound to get folks unsubscribing from your email list.

But the good news is that they don’t report you for spam.

They’re simply telling you that they no longer want to be contacted by you any longer. And no, it’s not because you smell! LOL.

However, if people are dropping like flies from your list, then there’s obviously something very wrong somewhere in the pipeline.

So try to find the cause of the problem and get it fixed. If necessary, also suppress your subscribers by sending fewer emails because it can improve engagement.


#10: Don’t Quit or Put Email on The Backburner

Scrabble Letters Spelling Do Not Give Up
Sometimes when things aren’t going to plan with your efforts, you feel like throwing in the towel and quitting.

I used to feel like that on most days with my blog, but I stuck with it and pushed through the obstacles.

The same will apply to email marketing because it’s gonna continue to get more difficult to reach people over the coming years ahead.

But it doesn’t mean that it’s not working, it just means the competition is getting tougher.

So ensure to stay on top of things by continually testing various strategies for keeping your subscribers active.


The Bottom Line…

Every internet marketing strategy evolves (including email marketing).

So as difficult as email seems, it’s always gonna be one of the most effective strategies for building a profitable affiliate marketing biz.

You just need to always be on the ball by keeping up with modern changes and trends. Not just for reaching as many of your subscribers as possible but also for taking the lead on your competitors.

So apply the 10 strategies in this article and you will see your online biz grow from strength to strength.

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

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