10 Writing Tools For Becoming A Rockstar Blogger!

When it comes to blogging, you may sometimes find yourself staring into a blank screen lost for words. Also, known as writer’s block.

But don’t fret because I have 10 blog writing tools that might just do the trick for not only helping you to overcome your obstacles but also for transforming you into a Rockstar writer and crushing it as a web-based business owner.
10 Writing Tools For Becoming a Rockstar Blogger
Whether you wanna start a brand new blog and need assistance with writing content for providing value and turning your words into an income or your blog is already live and you can’t get your into gear – there are certainly some tools on this page to help you level up your writing skills and become a digitalized Superhero. 😉

In fact, these tools will also be beneficial to Press Release publishers and Copywriters, etc. Any type of online content writer can take advantage of the following tools…


#1 – Daily Page

Daily Page Website
Daily Page helps you to create a daily writing routine using writing prompts.

For under $4 per month, you will receive a brand new prompt every morning that gives you the whole day to write a response using a clean space free from distractions. Your email responses can be shared or kept private.

If you can write social media status updates, reply to comments, inbox, and even text message your buds, there’s no excuse for not being able to put Daily Page into practice.


#2 – 750 Words

750 Words Website
750 Words is a brain-dumping exercise designed to help you to just let it all out and write down exactly what’s on your mind. It’s all about creating a habit of Writing. Each. Day.

You get a 30-day free trial, then it’s only $5 per month.

The best thing about the site is that your writing exercises are kept private between you, and you only.

There’s no blogging, commenting and social media sharing involved, etc. You’re as free as a bird and without the burden of the online world on your shoulders.


#3 – Twords

Twords Website
Twords is an app for nudging you to write.

This cool tool allows you to track your writing progress through daily graphs, learn practice styles and techniques using prompts (similar to Daily Page), and request community support for helping you to reach your writing goals.

You can try this baby out for free!


#4 – Swipe File

Swipe File Folders
This isn’t necessarily a tool or an app, but is something you can create for yourself for inspiration. A swipe file is your personal folder to keep stolen scraps lol.

You have 2 options available:

1: You can create an offline swipe file using cuttings from newspapers, magazines, and fliers, etc. 2: An online file created on your computer, laptop or tablet using folders and apps for storing your screenshots, etc.


#5 – Hubspot

Hubspot Blog Topic Generator
This clever tool is actually called ‘Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator‘, and what it does is generate content ideas from just 3 different Nouns you insert into the software.

If it feels like you’re stuck in the mud when it comes to coming up with fresh ideas for your blog posts, the Hubspot topic tool will really come in handy for finding you a heap of subjects to write about.

If you enter your details into the software, you will also receive a year’s worth of ideas.

Oh, and it’s free!


#6 – oTranscribe

oTranscribe Website
OK, oTranscribe may seem like a weird tool, but if you’re writing a piece of content that includes a recorded interview, oTranscribe will make the process simple, quick, and easy for your blog.

It’s a free web app that’s currently in BETA.


#7 – Twinword Writer

Twinword Writer
Twinword Writer is a WordPress blog plugin that’s designed to give you a bunch of ideas to use when you’re stuck on a word.

When you pause too long with writing your content, the plugin monitors the context of your writing and opens up a box with word suggestions.

Clever stuff, huh?


#8 – Fact Monster

Fact Monster Website
Fact Monster is basically an awesome tool that searches for facts, statistics, reports, studies, and surveys, etc. You can use FM to thoroughly conduct your research into various topics and niche markets on the web.

It’s a powerful tool that’s fun and free to take advantage of for your blogging.


#9 – Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo Website
Buzzsumo is an awesome tool that allows you to insert a keyword phrase or a competitor’s website URL for instantly discovering the blog posts that have gone viral and the ones with the biggest number of social media shares.

You can use the data for writing content on your own blog that’s gonna have the potential to get a ton of shares and also go viral too.

Although, you will need some spare cash first because Buzzsumo has a monthly cost of $79, $239 or $559!


#10 – Jaaxy

The Jaaxy Keyword Tool
Jaaxy is my #1 recommended research tool for easily and quickly finding blog post topic ideas to write about.

Jaaxy is a powerful keyword tool that not only provides you with fresh ideas but also enables you to find awesome keywords you can use to get your content ranked on Google, Bing, and Yahoo page 1.

The research software has the power to help your content generate lots of traffic and turn it into a full-time income.

How many rankings and the level of traffic depends on the number of keywords you use and the quality blog posts you publish.

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Wrapping it up…

There are more than enough tools (some more powerful and awesome than others) on this page that you can use for motivation/inspiration, creating daily writing habits, finding tons of topics to blog about, and also getting your content in front of LOTS of targeted visitors + building an uber-successful online biz.

My advice to you: Check out all 10 resources I’ve recommended and have a play around to find the tools that work best for your needs as a blogger.

But above all, have FUN writing about your hobbies, interests and passions.

Before you dash off…

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Happy Blogging, my Friend!

Neil 😀

(I’d like to Thank Chris Luck ‘founder of Marketers Paradise‘ for 9 of the ideas in this article).

Please drop a comment below if you have any questions or feedback on the struggles you face when it comes writing content on your blog. We’d LOVE to hear your thoughts…


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