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Quick Overview

Name: Copy My Websites (CMW).

Website: copymywebsites.com.

Cost: $37.

Owner: Jake (a fabricated character).

My Score: 0/10.

Verdict: It’s one online “Mickey Mouse” business opportunity that I wouldn’t touch with a very long stick.

Do yourself a favor and avoid the ‘CMW’ SCAM if you wanna save yourself from losing money into a black hole.

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What is Copy My Websites All About?

Apparently, some random dude (Jake) has built an online business for you.

He’s gonna copy his websites over to you simply by clicking his mouse button a few times.

And then voila, he will easily make you at least $1K per day in commissions!

In fact, just by chillaxing on the sofa doing diddly-squat and watching a fancy 7-minute video on your tab or laptop, you will make money in your account.

Oh my, Jakey boy is a generous fella!

If only making money was that simple.

Even if his big money-making websites are real, you will still need to use a keyword tool and learn to publish high-quality content for top Google rankings (if they’re blogs).

And invest in ads as well as an Autoresponder email service (if they’re squeeze pages).

When it comes to working from home in your PJ’s and earning revenue on the web all internet marketing strategies have a cost of hard work, time, and/or money.

So for Jake to claim how “easy as pie” it is for cash to materialize from thin air, is a load of bullsh*t.

I dunno, maybe Jake thinks he’s some kinda Gandalf wizard who can cast a spell on the net to turn your new websites into 24/7/365 automatic cash cows.

For just $37, now that would be a bargain and a half!


Don’t be Deceived by The SCAM…

There are various scam warnings when it comes to ‘CMW’, and I have outlined a number of them for you to watch out for below.


Fake Video Testimonials

What really amuses me with Jake’s extremely hyped up sales presentation on ‘CMW’, are the fake member testimonials of false earnings.
Copy My Websites Fake Testimonials
For starters, I know for a fact video testimonial gigs can be bought on Fiverr very cheaply (a strategy used by most scammers).

Secondly, the testimonials are a ‘copy n’ paste’ job.

The video shots are duplicates from the Countdown To Profits scam.


I very much doubt it!

In my opinion, the creators of Countdown To Profits are the same con artists who fabricated ‘CMW’, Copy My Commissions, Copy My Cashflow, Steal My System, and Profit With Our Sites, to name a few.


Laughable Income Claims

Jake brags about how his websites have generated over 7 million dollars.

And underneath the video, you will see text examples of peeps “apparently” making ridiculous amounts of money fast with ‘CMW’.
Copy My Websites Fake Member Income Claims
The truth is, get-rich-quick is a folk-tale, no matter what money making opportunity you decide to partake in.

If any person presents you with implausible income claims on the web, they are definitely a fabricator.


Discounts & 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

I’ve got nothing against discounts whatsoever.

Who doesn’t love a good online bargain, huh? 😉

When you click the back button to leave the page, you’re presented with a $10 money off coupon.
10 Dollar Discount
But if you hit back a 2nd time, you’re offered $20 off the price – making the final cost of the program only $17.

To you, it may seem like a sweet deal for a bunch of commission-generating websites (a fully-built easy automated business in a box) for only 17 bucks.

But in what world are you gonna pay so very little money for an opportunity to make BIG bucks (to the tune of $7,000+ per week)?

Any type of online business opportunity that’s sold for a minimal fee is either bad-quality or a scam.

Have you ever heard the phrase “you get what you pay for”?

In addition, the program offers you a 60-day refund policy.

This clearly indicates it’s a scam that doesn’t work.

Usually, “legit” programs that work will offer you a maximum of 7, 14, and 30 day free trials or even 30 days to claim your money back.

Unfortunately, the dirt cheap cost of ‘CMW’ and the lengthy money back guarantee are slimy tactics intended to coax you into parting with cash for nothing.


Making Emotional Connections

I’ve seen this happening quite a lot in the world of internet marketing, and unluckily, scams like ‘CMW’ are also implementing the technique.

Jake the snake connects with you on an “emotional level” using the usual cliché BS:

  • “The internet is full of scammers”
  • “They promise you millions of dollars overnight”
  • “They hide all the real ways to make money online”

Scam man (Jake) creates a bond with you and plants seeds in your head that form a “desire” to buy into his bogus scheme.

Don’t fall into his pit of venomous snakes!


Final Thoughts on The Copy My Websites Scam…

A Big Thumbs DownWhen it comes to ‘CMW’, it’s certainly one hoax that you should remain clear of if you wanna save that $17 – $37 in your pockets.


Because I’ve done my research into the false ‘CMW’ opportunity and its video sales page, and discovered a handful of grimy scam warning signs.

Firstly, Jake isn’t even a real successful digital marketer (probably just some actor on Fiverr selling voice over gigs).

Secondly, there are a bunch of fake video testimonials also bought from actors on Fiverr.

Thirdly, there are ludicrous claims of making tons of money quickly (including a fake 60-day money back guarantee).

Finally, the fabricated Jake character tells you a load of BS about his program that “apparently” offers you a real shot at making 5-figures a month from a teeny-weeny one-time fee of 17 or 37 bucks! LOL.

Are you tired of seeing scams everywhere you look online?

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

Do you have any questions or bad experiences with ‘CMW’ that you’d like to share? We’d love to hear your comments below…



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