12 Minute Payday – Is $2K Per Day Possible? (Reviewed)​

Howdy, thanks for stopping by my honest review of 12 Minute Payday!

There are numerous programs that sound very similar to this one:

45 Minute Paydays, Massive Online Paydays, and 8 Minute Profits are a few examples.

But unfortunately, not all are legitimate.

So, what about the ’12MP’ system, huh?

Is it really a genuine way to make a buck online or a scam that’s gonna leave a sour taste in your mouth?

Continue reading if you wanna know the truth…

12 Minute Payday Scam Review
Quick Overview

Name: 12 Minute Payday (12MP).

Website: 12minutepayday.com/indexa.php.

Cost: Free (apparently). The real cost = $10,000s.

Owner: Justin James.

My Score: 0/10.


Unfortunately, 12 Minuet Payday is designed as a “get-rich-quick” landing page that doesn’t bring you the $2K daily results as promised.

Because it’s just a doorway to MOBE, which requires you to spend $1,000s in order to start and potentially grow an on online Biz.

However, MOBE actually got shut down by the FTC for being an overpriced “coaching scheme”.

So ’12MP’ no longer exists.

But if you want a great money-making alternative that sounds similar, and doesn’t cost you the earth – then see 12 Minute Affiliate instead.

But before going any further, see my #1 recommended program for a legitimate way of making sustainable income as an affiliate marketer that WORKS.


What is 12 Minute Payday All About?

12 Minute Payday “guarantees” that you can make $2,035.38 per day from just 12 minutes of your time…

And without trading, website hosting, Twitter or Facebook involved.

During the sales page presentation, Justin (the video spokesman) also bets $2,000 that you will make money after watching the video.

And you can have as many massive paydays as you desire from using his special “secret” that banked him $2.5 million.
Misleading Income Claim
His goal is to put lots of zeros in your bank account too…

It’s unlike anything you have ever seen!

You are in for the ride of your life!

But, SHHH. 😉

OK, fun time over!

Let’s return to reality.

In all honesty, I think the video is long-winded.

Because Justin bangs on about how he wants to share his “easy plug in” affiliate system for making you wealthy.

He talks a lot about making a life-changing amount of money…

And there are even testimonials from inexperienced marketers who have generated a 4 or 5-figure income from the system within just a matter of weeks.

But take it all with a grain of salt, and here’s why…


Red Flag #1: No Details Disclosed

The guy purposely fails to disclose the full details of his system and the type of products you will be promoting for affiliate commissions.

It’s basically a technique for enticing you to join.

The less you know about the system, the more curious you are.

And before you know it, you’re a new customer out-of-pocket because you don’t receive what’s promised.

Unfortunately, it’s a strategy used by online income scams that’s VERY effective against newbies.


Red Flag #2: A Guarantee of a Stack of Cash

What bugs me about Justin is the fact that he makes a bold “guarantee” that you will make a lot of money with his system.

In the real world of internet marketing, earnings are never ever guaranteed because various puzzle pieces are involved.

So, unless Justin has a special gift for seeing into the future, his income promise is bullsh*t.

The sales page is a load of fluff…

Making similar claims as Viral Pay, Smart Dollars Club, and My Online Dream Biz, to name some duds I’ve reviewed.

The whole guarantee thing is another trick to get you onboard the so-called magical system.


How Does 12 Minute Payday Work Behind The Secenes?

Justin claims that you simply plug into 15 profit accounts with his system, tap into a secret unlimited traffic source…

And then point the traffic to affiliate links that produce an income on autopilot.

The more traffic to your links, the bigger your commission checks.

It’s an easy 4-step process:

  1. Plug into an income source
  2. Select how much traffic you want
  3. Send the traffic to the link that’s getting you paid
  4. And commissions roll in while you get to enjoy the spoils earning 5 figures a day

But sadly, Justin has a hidden agenda…


Red Flag #3: The System is Actually Non-Existent *GASP*

His “system” is just a simple landing page for MOBE (My Online Business Empire) – which is a completely different opportunity.
The Cost of 12 Minute Payday
Although MOBE offers legitimate training products, the program is renowned for ripping off internet marketing novices like you.

Because to be granted permission to promote MOBE’s high-ticket products as an affiliate…

It’s a requirement that you also spend $10,000’s on the products beforehand.

UPDATE: MOBE got shut down by the FTC (read the story here).


How Much Does 12 Minute Payday Cost?

The deception just never seems to end with this Justin dude!

He claims that he’s offering you a “free” 6-figure business plan that used to cost $197.
Claims to be Free
But it’s just another red flag.

Because it’s a dirty tactic used for persuading you to join his email subscriber list so he can message you with more useless get-rich-quick junk.

Once you enter your email, you’re taken to a ClickBetter page asking for a payment of $98 to become a member of MOBE.

But even the $98 is total horse manure!

See the actual cost of MOBE’s products:

  • 21-step coaching = $49
  • Silver Master Class = $2,000 + $20/month
  • Gold = $4,999
  • Titanium = $10,000 + $200/month
  • Platinum = $16,700 + $300/month
  • Diamond = $30,000 + $300/month

I’m sure you will agree that the full cost of 12MP/MOBE is outrageous to say the least!

And there’s Justin saying he won’t charge you a single penny for his “secret system” LOL.

PSST! Do you wanna learn how to make money online without losing $1,000s on rip-off programs? – Click Here to Start For $0.


PROS vs CONS of 12 Minute Payday


  • It’s an amazing example of what newbies should steer clear of


  • It’s advertised as an easy way to get rich quick
  • Justin uses deceptive tactics
  • It’s not free
  • It’s a gateway to MOBE
  • It will cost you $10,000’s for MOBE’s products


Final Conclusion: Is 12 Minute Payday a Scam?…

A Big Thumbs DownI’m deeply disappointed with 12 Minute Payday because it’s yet another “doorway” to MOBE I’ve come across.

I’m kinda beginning to get sick and tired of Matt Lloyd’s affiliates swarming the web with their scammy gateway sites and sales funnels.

Because cheating newbies out of money is immoral.

Unfortunately, Justin lies to you from the very beginning because his system is no real secret at all.

It’s not gonna put $2K in your bank account every day (as promised), and you have to pay an arm and a leg to get a business started on the net.

Well, if you can call promoting overpriced MOBE products a “business” lol.

So, on that note…

YES, ’12MP’ is a SCAM!


Want a Legit Money-Making Solution?

Sadly, there are far too many scams on the internet for my liking.

But the awesome news is that legitimate programs do actually exist that allow you to make money online.

One in particular, is called Wealthy Affiliate

Where you won’t just get a free SiteRubix website, tools, and step-by-step training…

But also 24/7 support from a massive community of marketers for helping you build a lucrative affiliate marketing Biz from scratch.

Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or bad experiences with ’12MP’ that you’de like to share, then we’d love to hear your comments below…


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