Desktop Commission System. Is $1K Daily BS? [Review]

Hello, and welcome to my Desktop Commission System review!

So, you’ve crossed paths with it and trying to figure out whether this “money-making” system really can be trusted?

Or just another slimy scam, right?

I’m gonna cut to the chase by saying it’s a scammy product that you should keep at arm’s length.

But WHY, you ask?

Great question!

Grab this honest and unbiased review of the garbage to find out!

Desktop Commission System Scam Review
Quick Overview:

Name: Desktop Commission System (DCS).


Cost of ‘DCS’: $37 (but you’re led to believe it’s “free” lol).

Owner: Jeff Carr (more than likely a pen name).

My Score: 1/10.

Unfortunately, the Desktop Commission System is built on nothing but lies and hype.

The ONLY intention of the far-fetched sales page is for the creator to rake in the dough at YOUR expense.

And this is also reflected throughout the product itself because all you really get is some sub-par training on internet and affiliate marketing.

It’s the sams sort of training you’ll be able to locate on YouTube at no cost.

So put your purse or wallet away because you will certainly NOT be raking in $1,000 per day with DCS, that’s for damn sure.

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What’s The Desktop Commission System About?

According to the Desktop Commission System sales page, you can rake in $1,000 per day using a “forgotten” method.

All you have to do is hook up to a “push-button system” and then BAM, $1,000s flood your bank account on a weekly and monthly basis!

Hallelujah, your prayers are answered!

But if you believe that Baloney, then you probably still believe in Santa Claus too! 😛

But SHH, don’t tell Father Christmas I said that! LOL.

Put simply, ‘DCS’ is just a “too good to be true” system making far-fetched income claims.

The video sells you “the dream” and nothing more.


How Does Desktop Commission System Actually Work?

Unfortunately, the super hyped up and lengthy sales video keeps everything under wraps.

Just like any other unconvincing video you’ll watch…

You have absolutely ZERO idea of how ‘DCS’ works for humongous $1K payments dropping into your pocket each day like clockwork.

This lack of specifics raises a Red Flag.

Because it’s always one of many scammy tactics deployed to make your brain “curious” enough to make your hands reach out for that credit card.

However, when you do part with 37 dollars, you do get an affiliate marketing training product in the form of a PDF/videos.

But unluckily, the training is crap quality.

And your purchase certainly doesn’t return some “magical and transformational push-button” system (as promised on the sales page).

The reason being is that no such system exists because the notion of “get-rich-quick” is a total myth, at the end of the day.

The scam artist behind this product clearly has a hidden agenda, and that’s to exploit newbies for filling HIS or HER own bank account.


Extra Red Flags With The Desktop Commission System

What I’ve discussed on ‘DCS’ so far is just the tip of the iceberg.

Because there are numerous scam warnings that clearly indicate there’s nothing to show for your investment.

Here are a few more reasons NOT to trust this so-called money-making system…


#1: Fake Ass Testimonials…

For starters, there are fake video testimonials from average folks who have “apparently” crushed it and made $1,000s from ‘DCS’.
Desktop Commission System Fake Testimonial
But they never ever discuss the ins and outs of the system or even show you ACTUAL evidence of their claims being 100% true.

Plus, if you search, you’ll discover that these people are selling their “spokesperson” services.

Which clearly proves they’ve never made a single dime from ‘DCS’ in their life!

Here’s the same dude again!

Fake Testimonial From a Man on Fiverr


It’s one thing for those Fiverr members to offer their spokesperson Gigs to legitimate business owners.

But providing fake services to con artists is something else.

These people make me sick!



#2: Targets Lazy Asses…

Secondly, there’s the whole “make megabucks from little to no work” trap.

Tell me, have you ever met a guy or gal who became wealthy online from simply crashing out on the sofa and watching Netflix all day long?

Nah, me neither! Although the idea sounds AWESOME, right? 😉

It’s nothing but some Bullsh*t myth to trick “lazy people” into buying the product.

If, you wanna be a rich-ass webpreneur – WORK for it like everyone else.


#3: Lies About The Cost…

Thirdly, the sales page claims the system is “free” but it’s a blatant lie because you must fork out $37 to gain access lol.

So based on that lie alone, would you trust the system from the get-go?


And while on the subject of the cost…

Even when you attempt to exit the sales page, the scammer tries to persuade you to buy into more junk through pop-ups so he or she can squeeze you like a lemon.

See an example of the deceptive offers.
Scammy Make Money Online Offers
Unfortunately, scammers go to great lengths to grab your cash these days.

It just goes to show how weak, pathetic, and desperate they are, in my opinion.


#4: Sold Through an Untrustworthy Marketplace…

Finally, ‘DCS’ is housed under “ClickBetter”.

Like Clickbank, ClickBetter is a marketplace that lists products for sale on behalf of the creators.

Except, ClickBetter just specializes in “make money online” products.

But it doesn’t exactly have a great reputation because a lot of the products listed are “get-rich-quick” crap.

But with that said, it does issue refunds. YAY!


Final Take: Is Desktop Commission System a Scam?…

A Big Thumbs DownI’m sorry to say it but the Desktop Commission System is just another deceptive dud filled with lies and empty promises.

Put simply, the idea of making $1K per day with ‘DCS’ is just some Peter Pan fairy-tale.

However, you do get some form of training product in exchange for 37 of your hard-earned bucks.

But a shoddy one at best, that delivers little value for making money on the internet – especially from a newbie standpoint.

It seems the ONLY person to make money from this thing is the scam artist who obviously collects email addresses from the vulnerable and hits them with junkie offers.

But on the flip side of the coin, should you choose to buy ‘DCS’, all is not lost because you can hit up ClickBetter for a refund.

Happy Days!

The Bottom Line: Although you can get a refund…

I still don’t recommend ‘DCS’ for all the red flags and reasons highlighted inside this review.

So on that note, I’m classing the product as a Borderline Scam.


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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts to share on ‘DCS’ – We’d LOVE to hear your comments below…


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