$1K Daily With Your Freedom Mentor? Hmm… BS!

Welcome to my review!

Your Freedom Mentor states that you’ll easily make $1,076.74 per day on the internet. Except it’s a load of Bullsh*t!

Why? Because it raises nothing but red flag after red flag.

If you wanna know why you should avoid this scam like the plague, then dive right into this blog post for all the truthful info you need!

Is Your Freedom Mentor Just Another Dirty Scam
Quick Overview:

Name: Your Freedom Mentor (YFM).

Website: yourfreedommentor.co.

Cost: $197 (or $17 if you exit the web pages).

Owner: Meaghan Harper (used as a stage name).

My Score: 0/10.

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What is Your Freedom Mentor About, You Ask?

‘YFM’ claims that you’ll make “$1,000 over-and-over” without even breaking into a sweat.

Apparently, for the mega-dollars to pour into your account, all you must do is enter your info, make a payment, and set up your money-making system in just 15 minutes!

But if it’s really that simple to become rich, then why isn’t everyone and their Grandmother rolling in the cash from using the same easy-peasy system, huh?


Put simply, it’s nothing more than a hyped up sales page/video that tries to convince you a luxurious lifestyle can easily be yours for the taking.

In fact the scam is a replica of Millionaire Biz Pro and no doubt there are others circulating the web too.

The purpose of the scam is to make the fraudster richer from deceiving folks like you. The more fake opportunities they create, the more digits the maggot sees in his or her bank account.


It’s Red Flag Galore From The Get-Go!

Red Flag #1: Right off the bat, there are video testimonials from a bunch of peeps who have “apparently” generated stacks of cash from plugging into the system.
Your Freedom Mentor Fake Testimonials
But take them with a grain of salt because these people often turn out to be hired actors/actresses who sell their “spokesperson” services via sites like Fiverr.

#2: Meaghan Harper shows you screenshots of the $3 MILLION fortune she’s made with her system so far.
Your Freedom Mentor Fake Income Proof
Lucky girl, hey?

Unfortunately, it’s a load of codswallop because she provides no concrete evidence to support her claims.

And secondly, screenshots of $100,000,000s can easily be forged on the internet these days.

#3: Meaghan Harper is so fake, she makes Barbie look real!! (LOL).
Meaghan Harper is The Fake Owner of Your Freedom Mentor
I put my investigative skills to the test and it just so happens that her image is taken from a stock photo website.
Meaghan Harper is a Stock Photo From Adobe Stock
Since she’s not the real person behind ‘YFM’ also suggests that the name’s false and the voice-over within the video may well be a Gig bought on Fiverr in order to hide the real trickster’s identity.

#4: As with every single scam you’ll come across, ‘YFM’ sells you “the dream” but doesn’t tell you a single damn thing about what you’ll be doing to make that dream materialize.

When a voice-over just talks about “money” and how simple it is to make $10,000s per month without lifting a finger, that’s when you should run for the hills like the wind!

#5: A couple of fake scarcity tactics are used on the sales page.

Firstly, the opportunity is “apparently” closing on the same day you visit the site.
Your Freedom Mentor Fake Limited Time Scarcity
But it’s a blatant lie because no matter what day you visit the page, it will be closing on that day.

Secondly, the schemer pulls the “limited spots” tactic which is one of the oldest scarcity tricks in the book.
Your Freedom Mentor Fake Limited Position Scarcity
Again, it’s also pig sh*t because it’s obvious that the scammer wants you to take immediate action so they can lay their slimy hands on your hard-earned bucks.

Don’t get me wrong, scarcity is used my “genuine” marketers but unfortunately, scammers also play it down to their advantage in an “unethical” manner because they know it pulls in the cash.

#6: When you try to exit the sales page, you’re offered 81% off the original price!

Aww, how generous!
Your Freedom Mentor Discount
When you can get a life-changing opportunity for only $37, why wouldn’t you snap the owner’s arm off for it?

But there are two problems with a money-making opportunity that’s as cheap as chips.

Firstly, it just proves how desperate the scam artist really is for your wonga. If they can’t get the full $197 from you, they’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse.

Secondly, if the system really does make you $1K per day, then why drastically lower the price and charge you less than 40 bucks for it?

But get this, if you do choose to buy but then try to exit the purchase page, the price is knocked down to just $17 lol.

The fraudster really takes the biscuit, I tell ya!

If you want to truly succeed online and earn a full-time income, it’s gonna cost you a bit more than a one-time payment of $17, $37 or even $197, I assure you that.

However, there is some good news though…

Since the ‘YFM’ is sold via a network called ClickBetter (similar to ClickBank), means there’s the chance you can get a refund within a 60-day period if you’re unsatisfied with your purchase.

So I guess it’s not all doom and gloom after all.


Final Thoughts: Is Your Freedom Mentor a Scam?…

A Big Thumbs DownAfter I discovered a bunch of scam warnings, and especially when it comes to the dirt cheap knockdown prices of $37 – $17, it’s transparent that ‘YFM’ is designed as a dubious scam to trick newbies.

With a hyped up sales video/page that uses fake testimonials, far-fetched income screenshots, a fake photo of the creator, dirty scarcity tactics, and offers you a hard-to-refuse price point…

Tell me, would you trust the individual behind ‘YFM’?

I’m willing to bet a whole year’s worth of income that your answer is: “Not a chance in hell!”

But hey, at least you’ll get your money back from ClickBetter *fingers crossed*.

The Bottom Line: There’s nothing to gain from ‘YFM’, so don’t waste your time.

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts that you’d like to share on ‘YFM’, then we’d LOVE to hear from you below…


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