22 Minutes To Profits [Review]: In Your Dreams, Mate!

Hello, and welcome to my sweet review of 22 Minutes To Profits!

The guy behind this reckons you’ll be reeling in up to 500 bucks on a daily basis as easy as hot apple pie.

But whether it’s during the next 22 minutes or even your very first day after purchasing the product, it’s just a crock of sh*t (pardon the expression).

In order to understand why this so-called opportunity leads beginners like you down the garden path, dive right into this honest and unbiased review…

22 Minutes To Profits Review
Quick Overview

Name: 22 Minutes To Profits (22TP).

Website: twentyminprof.pw & various other domains.

Cost: $47 + upsells.

Owner: Frank Stafford (just some random stage act).

My Score: 2/10.

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What’s 22 Minutes To Profits All About?

According to the spokesman in the sales video, in the next 22 minutes, you’re gonna get your hands on some “weird trick discovered by mistake, that makes $300, $400, and even $500 per day“.

And get this, the cash is gonna pour into your account for “free”… on autopilot.

Holy ravioli!

He then says ’22MTP’ is the perfect choice for newbies with no budgets, and generally spews out all that “fast easy wealth” nonsense.

Despite, the fact that he claims his “secret method” is NOT “get-rich-quick”. LOL.

Put simply, the sales pitch is nothing but fluff, and you’ve more than likely come across this “weird trick” baloney before, right?

If not, then check out some duds I’ve reviewed in the past (probably created by the same shady individual):

And the list goes on…

But anyways, back to ’22MTP’.

Apparently, you’ll be following a concept called affiliate marketing – where you earn “commissions” from promoting products and services to others.

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Frank basically states that his “weird trick” involves building a website for the affiliate profits to come rolling in.

He even shows a bunch of Amazon Associates program screenshots of the $1,000s he’s already generated as a result of implementing his method.
22 Minutes To Profits Amazon Affiliate Earnings
But I assure you that his results are NOT from ’22MTP’ (as I’m about to explain why very soon).

So hang tight, buddy!


It’s Red Flag Galore With This Weird Trick…

If you think the hype was enough to make your stomach turn.

Frank tries his luck with you further by implementing other shady strategies into his sales video.

So before stuffing your hard-earned spondoolies into Frank’s deep pockets, please bear in mind the following:


#1: Who The Hell is “Frank Stafford” Anyways?

Frank reckons he’s both the video narrator and creator of ’22MTP’.
22 Minutes To Profits Fake Frank Stafford Owner
But since there’s lack of evidence (i.e. photos and social media profiles) to back up his claims, I find it very doubtful that he’s the real deal.

Sadly, these shady product creators are notorious for hiding behind “pen names” and also “voiceovers” hired from sites like Fiverr.

Why, you ask?


So they can pretty much scam the hell out of unsuspecting newbies like you without sabotaging their reputations on the world wide web.


#2: Fake-Ass Video Testimonials (UGH!)…

If there’s one thing that has me in stitches, it’s the “too good to be true” video testimonials from members who have apparently made megabucks with ’22MTP’.

For example, meet this lady who boasts about reeling in a STAGERRING $2,300 per day!
22 Minutes To Profits Fake Member Video Testimonial
Funny that, because the very same woman just happens to be a Fiverr seller peddling her “professional spokesperson” services for pennies on the dollar via Fiverr.

She’s also done fake videos for Easy Insta Profits, and Kindle Sniper, to name a couple of duds I’ve reviewed.

Female Spokesperson Selling Services on Fiverr

Source: Fiverr.com.

So if she really is making an absolute fortune from Frank’s golden opportunity of a lifetime, then why can she be hired on Fiverr for dirt-cheap?

And also, why doesn’t she show any concrete evidence of her results, huh?

Ask yourself that.


These are just a couple of the lousy tactics deployed throughout the sales pitch.

There are others, but I’m sure you get the picture, right?


How Does 22 Minutes To Profits “Actually” Work?

Once you gain access to the product, it covers both the topics of eCommerce and affiliate marketing, which, to be honest, I find confusing.

On one hand, you’re provided with some cookie-cutter ecommerce store for selling products using the concept of dropshipping.

And on the other hand, you get a website for promoting products to make money from Amazon’s affiliate program.

While both money-making models are legitimate – ’12MTP’ doesn’t really provide you with any solid training on leveraging the pair.

Furthermore, in order to be accepted into the Amazon Associates program as an affiliate, you must create a website with plenty of unique and valuable content published by YOU.

So some duplicated ‘Done For You’ site isn’t gonna cut the mustard, I’m afraid.

The guys n’ gals at Amazon will simply deny your application.

Whether, you choose the eCommerce or affiliate marketing route (or both) – neither method is gonna be a walk in the park because there are many variables at play.

True success boils down to getting your hands on the right training, tools, and support – which all require cash investment.

But that’s only half the battle because you’ve then gotta graft like a trooper and defeat obstacles for as long as it takes to generate a full-time income online.

So for Frank to spoon-feed you all that “get-rich-quick” in 22 minutes stuff – IS absolute bullsh*t, at the end of the day.




  • You get SOME level of value
  • A refund ploicy is in place


  • The sales pitch makes unrealistic income claims
  • Its creator hides behind a pen name like a coward
  • Fiverr members are hired for fake video testimonials
  • There are some upsells


Final Say: Is 22 Minutes To Profits a Scam?…

A Big Thumbs DownWell, that depends on how you see it.

Personally, I like to reach my conclusion based on both sides of the coin.

On the tails side of the coin, the ’22MTP’ sales page is full of hype and blatant lies – just so the creator can easily pocket a few bob at YOUR expense.

But on the flip side, the creator’s not gonna leave you high and dry, since there’s some level of value and also the fact you can request a refund of your initial purchase.

So with all those things considered, I’m classing Frank’s product as a borderline scam, that gets a big thumbs down.

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

Got any questions or thoughts to add on ’22MTP’? We’d LOVE to hear from ya below…

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