24/7 Wealth Club Review: An Around The Clock Scam?

A huge welcome to my unbiased 24/7 Wealth Club review!

I’m not gonna congratulate you for doing your homework, but I will pat you on the back for landing on THIS honest blog post. 😉

If you’re wondering whether the program in question really will make you money 24 hours a day.

Or is just a hyped-up Clickbank product that scams the pants off folks around the clock.

Then dive right in…

247 Wealth Club Review - An Around The Clock Scam
Quick Overview

Name: 24/7 Wealth Club (247WC)

Website: 247wealthclub.com.

Cost: $37 + $97, $177 & $197 for Upsells.

Owner: Richard (just some random stage act).

My Score: 3/10.

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What’s The 24/7 Wealth Club All About?

Immediately upon arrival on the sales page.

There’s a free video that claims “how you can earn up to $13,127 per week starting today“.

When you press the play button.

There’s an English spokesman who reckons you’re a prime candidate for raking in a ton of cash.

Using a “brand new and incredibly powerful revolutionary done-for-you system”.

Apparently, it’s “like nothing you’ve seen before.”

“In the next 4 minutes, you have the potential to change your life.”

“200 inexperienced folks all over the world are already plugging into the system” – quickly earning $100s – $1,000s as easy as pie using their smartphones.

Blah, blah, blah…


My apologies for being so blunt, but if you believe that baloney, then you may as well believe in Roger Rabbit’s Toontown.

Take my word for it, no such “magic bullet” online money-making system exists.

If it did, don’t you think everyone and their grandma would be BAZILLIONAIRES by now?

And do you honestly believe the person behind ‘247WC’ would sell such a “life-changer” for a measly 37 bucks?


But before we get to the part where you find out how ‘247WC’ ACTUALLY works…


Warning: It’s Red Flag City!

As you continue to watch the hypie ‘247WC’ sales pitch, it throws up all sorts of red flag scam warnings in addition to the “pipe dream” garbage just discussed.

So before handing over 37 of your hard-earned buckaroos, please bear the following dirty manipulative tricks in mind.


The First Two Scam Warnings…

First of all, the guy in the video asks you NOT to share the video with your friends and family, etc.
Sales Video Plays Mind Games
It’s just some lame mind-game for making you feel you have exclusive access to some “secretive earth-shattering” opportunity.

The idea is to capture your attention from the get-go.

In my opinion, it could also be a reverse psychological tactic to make you share the sales page with family and friends.

When someone tells you NOT to do something, you’re gonna rebel like a teenager and do it anyway, right?

Secondly, the spokesman tries to convince you that real folks are raking in a fortune from the system by including some examples.

Here’s one testimonial.

Say hello to a 35-year old contractor from Topeka named “Peter” who makes $11K per week and apparently wrote to the creator of ‘247WC’ to say how his life has changed…
247 Wealth Club Fake Member Income Testimonials
“But where’s Peter, Neil?”

Exactly, young grasshopper!

Not at any point do you see photographic or even social media evidence of the members and even their income claims being genuine.

These stories are simply made-up by the person behind ‘247WC’.

Which brings me to the next point of the video spokesperson and owner of the system being “Richard”.
247 Wealth Club Fake Owner
“Dick”, more like!

But no offense if you’re a Richard. That’s also my middle name, haha.

All you’ve got to go by is “his word”, which you should seriously take with a grain of salt because there’s ZERO proof of his identity.

For all you know, the real creator could be anyone – male or female.

Heck, he or she could even be a family member, friend, work colleague or next door neighbour, etc.

Think about that one lol.

The truth be told, this “alias” approach is used by shoddy product creators and fraudsters, in general.

It just means the cowards can fly under the radar – scamming the pants off as many unsuspecting newbies like YOU as possible.

If ‘247WC’ really works as promised, then why is this “Richard” guy hiding under a rock somewhere?


The Final Two Scammy Warnings…

Thirdly, this so-called “Richard” shares his sob story on how crappy his life was before he stumbled upon a “magic system”, etc.

Fake Sob Story

Aww, cue the violins.

Don’t get me wrong, their are folks online with real inspirational life stories to share.

But the person behind ‘247WC’ is more than likely sharing some bullsh*t story so you can relate to him or her because it’s a great selling strategy.

Lastly, then comes the scarcity that’s as fake as a wedding cake.
247 Wealth Club Fake Limited Spots Scarcity
It’s designed to send you into “panic station mode” – thinking you’ll miss out on the opportunity of  a lifetime if you don’t swipe your credit card NOW.

The reality of the situation is that ‘247WC’ will always be available to purchase, no matter when you visit the deceptive webpage.

There are MANY red flags inside the video, but I’ve highlighted just enough to give you a real glimpse into what the so-called money-maker stands for.

At the end of the day, the only intention of the person behind ‘247WC’ is to transfer cash from YOUR pockets into THEIRS.

If you wanna see more examples of this “pipe dream” garbage.

Check out Cash Sniper, FB Dollars, Lazy Wealth System, Secret Affiliate, and Private Cash Sites for a good old giggle.


How 24/7 Wealth Club “Really” Works…

Once you enter your credentials and submit $37, you’ll be hit by 3 upsells costing $100s.

Which, is the norm with these Clickbank products.

But I would advise against splashing out on the upsells when it comes to a “too good to true” product like this one.

Because, the creator is just gonna laugh all the way to the bank even more.

When you gain access to ‘247WC’, there’s a members’ area with an extensive collection of PDF resources and training videos on earning online through affiliate marketing.

The tutorials cover stuff on choosing your niche, marketing on Clickbank, Amazon FBA, list building, and traffic-generation methods like social media and Bing ads, etc.

While the training and resources provide some good information for newbies, it’s all just bundled together without any clear direction to follow.

I also think the training is too basic and needs more meat on the bone if any newbie is ever gonna succeed with their chosen money-making path.

The bottom line is YES, you do get some value from the ‘247WC’ product.

But it’s clear as day that the training and resources you get your hands on are no reflection of the “get-rich-quick” system peddled throughout the sales video.




  • You’ll gain access to a bunch of training PDFs & videos
  • Clickbank allows you 60 days to claim your $37 back
  • The sales video serves as a great example of the nonsense to ignore in future


  • It’s peddled as “get-rich-quick” trash – making unrealistic $13K income claims
  • The real creator hides behind a “pen name”
  • The member success stories are fabricated
  • False scarcity is deployed
  • The training is too basic & rehashed with no concrete steps to follow
  • There are upsells totalling $471!


Conclusion: Is The 24/7 Wealth Club a Scam?

A Big Thumbs DownTo be quite honest with you, I’m sitting on the fence with this one. So I’m classing the product as a borderline scam.

On one hand, you’re gonna gain access to PDF and video training resources on various aspects of internet and affiliate marketing, and other ways to make money.

Plus the fact, Clickbank has a 60-day refund policy in place for your protection.

However, I’m not 100% sure if this covers the upsells.

So if you choose to spend close to $500 on ‘247WC’, you may be carrying that risk on your own shoulders if the products turn out to be garbage.

But don’t quote me on that lol.

But on the other hand, the sales video is extremely deceptive and is designed to take vulnerable beginners as fools so the creator can easily pocket a pretty penny at THEIR expense.

And then there’s the problem of the training being inadequate and having no “actionable steps” to follow for REAL success.

So on that note, I don’t recommend the product.

At the end of the day, the only peeps turning a buck from ‘247WC’ are the creator and his or her “affiliates” promoting it.

If you’re sick of being exploited by these so-called Clickbank product creators and their affiliate sharks.

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or experiences with ‘247WC’ to share, we’d LOVE to hear from ya below…


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