‘One Funnel Away’ Challenge Review (+ Bonuses!)

Welcome to my review!

Guess who’s back, back again?

And NO, it’s not Slim Shady! 😛

YUP, I’m talking about the One Funnel Away Challenge!

Woot Woot.

30 Day One Funnel Away Challenge and Bonuses Review
Quick Overview

Product Name: One Funnel Away Challenge (OFAC).

Website: onefunnelaway.com.

Cost: $100 one-time + $29.95 shipping for bonuses (Click Here to Buy)!

Coaches: Russell Brunson, Julie Stoian & Steve Larsen.

My Score: 9/10.

If you missed the boat the first time around, then today’s your lucky day because the special “30 Day Challenge” is about to set sail for Paradise once more!

So grab this review to reserve your seat on board and learn how to make big waves that are gonna flood your business with customers and profits throughout 2019 and beyond.


What’s The One Funnel Away Challenge About?

From the 3 Amigos (Russell Brunson, Julie Stoian & Steve Larsen) – comes the ‘OFAC’ which is basically 30 days of kick-ass coaching and a customized plan to lead you down the road to huge success with your business.

Say “Hi” to the guys (n’ gal)!
One Funnel Away Challenge Coaches
The challenge combines 3 key elements for having a super successful “sales funnel” on your hands:

  1. Knowledge
  2. Execute
  3. Accountability

Russell “The Strategist” gives you 30 days of video missions.

Where, he lays the groundwork for helping you to master the fundamentals behind your 30-day plan and see the bigger picture of the challenge.

And then each day for a month, both Julie “The Transformer” and Stephen “The Executioner” (Two Comma Club winners) take you by the hand and walk you through an intensive “actionable step-by-step” plan.

The 30-day plan consists of daily video coaching and assignments to complete that are broken down into 4 weeks.

But before you commence the coaching, there’s the “Pre-training – Belief“…

Covering stuff on the framework, one funnel away, the who… not the how, funnel hacking, lady boss story, and the map.

Week #1 – Hook, Story, Offer: You’ll have insights into various product offers and how those products are set up within a sales funnel for maximum profits.

Week #2 – Your Hooks & Stories: You’ll learn how to create your story and also stuff on creating graphics for your products, and publishing.

Week #3 – The Funnel: This revolves around the actual set up of your Clickfunnels sales funnel – putting the offer pages together (including the squeeze page).

Week #4 – Make it Rain: Once everything is in place, you’ll learn about traffic and promotional strategies for effectively getting your funnel in front of the right crowd of potential buyers.

See the training process broken down.
One Funnel Away Challenge 30 Day Training Process
In a nutshell, you’ll be learning how to create your own product or offer, designing a sales funnel for it, and then sending a boatload of traffic to your funnel.

Plus, you’ll even learn what to do when your funnel flops and you go into *GASP* panic meltdown mode lol.

But don’t think for one second that you’ll be able to slack because Stephen holds you accountable every step of the way, every single day.

He’ll be on your case like a Drill Sergeant…

Get to it, Maggot!!!” LOL.

But on a more serious note.

What you’re gonna learn is HOW to think like a profitable marketer, build and publish your own profit-producing sales funnel, and generally achieve more in your business in just 30 short days than you ever have done all year round!

The first-ever “30 Days Challenge” (@ 30days.com) during September/October 2018 was such a big hit with 7,000+ participants, that Mr. Brunson has decided to re-release the challenge.

From now, there’s gonna be a new challenge (every 4 weeks) towards the end of each month until the end of May 2019.

So you’ve only got such small windows of opportunities to grab the challenge with both hands and change your business as well as life around in the New Year.

Whether the 30-day ‘OFAC’ will be available again after May 2019, nobody has the foggiest idea.

Let’s hope so with fingers, arms, and legs crossed, hey?

But when you do get this amazing $100 life-changer, you’re also gonna receive a bunch of awesometastic BONUSES…

The “30 Days” paperback book, MP3 player, and an actionable workbook shipped directly to your home, to name a few goodies.


This is one boat you certainly DO NOT wanna miss…

==> Get Access to The 30-Day ‘OFAC’ Now!


Who’s ‘OFAC’ Geared Towards?

Absolutely ANY business owner will benefit from the 1-month challenge and goodies!

Is your traditional-style business slowly sinking like the Titanic?

Do you need to boost your profits (even 10X your income) from 2019 onward?

Are you in need of expanding your global reach and increasing the numbers of leads and customers as an Affiliate Marketer, blogger, MLMer/Network Marketer or even Shopify store owner?

Whatever your position as an online or offline Biz owner and you simply need to “make money”, then ‘OFAC’ is THE perfect fit for YOU!

But what if you don’t even own an online/offline Biz?

Don’t sweat it because Russell Brunson runs a 100% free Affiliate Bootcamp.

Which, shows you how to become a profitable affiliate marketer promoting Clickfunnels and other Clickfunnels-related products here.

Tie Russell’s Affiliate Bootcamp and/or CF affiliate products in with ‘OFAC’ and you’re on to a real winner, winner, chicken dinner!


What’s The Cost of The One Funnel Away Challenge?

“Is ‘OFAC’ really $100, Neil?”

YUP, straight up, young grasshopper!
One Hundred Bucks For One Funnel Away Challenge
Just a one single $100 payment will grant you access to 30 spellbinding days of step-by-step training from top-dog Clickfunnels users and Entrepreneurs.

Yeah, I know it seems “too good to be true”.

But trust me, you REALLY do get tons of life-changing golden nuggets for pennies on the dollar!

But what’s even crazier are the INSANE BONUSES (for a small $29.95 shipping cost) stacked on top of the challenge.

Bonus #1 ($97 Value): You’ll get the “30 Days” 550-page paperback book.
30 Days One Funnel Away Challenge Book
Mr. Brunson interviewed 100 of his ‘2 Comma Club’ award winners and asked what they would do from day 1 to day 30 with just an internet connection and their Clickfunnels account IF they suddenly lost everything.

Inside the book, 30 of those successful webpreneurs share their day-by-day, step-by-step, 123s, and ABCs of the exact methods they’d implement to start turning a buck online within just a month.

Fun Fact: When the first 30-day challenge closed its doors, some folks who missed the boat paid $500$700 for the 30 Days book alone on eBay!

And yet, you’re pretty much getting the same book for “free”!

Crazy, right?

Bonus #2 ($297 Value): You’ll get a pre-loaded MP3 player with all the content from the very first 30 Days challenge.
One Funnel Away Challenge MP3 Player Bonus
There’s the opportunity to listen to all of Russell’s daily trainings and also the recordings of Stephen’s live coaching calls.

In total, there are 51 recordings containing 40+ hours worth of training!

Bonus #3 ($97 Value): There’s a physical spiral bound workbook – a day-by-day action plan for following to make money as you go through the training from Julie and Stephen.
One Funnel Away Challenge Workbook Bonus
The workbook consists of daily tasks and reminders, writing space for brainstorming ideas and jotting down answers to key questions, training and resource links.

All of these sweet bonuses will be shipped to the front door of your house too!

And if that’s not enough…

Bonus #4 ($197 Value): To sweeten the honeypot even more, you’ll gain access to the “30 Days Summit” inside your ‘OFAC’ members’ area which contains exclusive interview recordings from the last challenge.

Where else are you gonna gain so much value for a small payment of $100, huh?

Talk about THE best gift ever or what!

However, if you’re unsatisfied with your purchase (which I highly doubt), you can send back your kit for a FULL $100 refund.




  • The product’s very cost effective
  • Step-by-step training from highly successful Entrepreneurs
  • Some amazing physical bonuses are thrown into the mix
  • The training’s suitable for beginners
  • Training replays are available in your members’ area if you miss any coaching
  • Your worksheets can also be downloaded
  • Gain access to the “Funnelhacker community” for help & support
  • Additional support is provided via live ‘Q&A’ sessions
  • Can help you to earn 5 – 7 figures from your Biz in the long-term
  • A full refund offered if it’s not your cuppa


  • There’s a lot of info to absorb from the challenge + bonuses
  • Committing yourself for a full 30 days can feel tough. But I guess that’s why it’s called a “challenge” lol
  • It’s unsuitable for “get-rich-quick” opportunity seekers & lazy bum-asses
  • Extra expenses will be required for Clickfunnels sales funnel software, autoresponder & any paid traffic methods


My Final Take on The One Funnel Away Challenge…

My apologies for being so biased within this review, but the 30-day ‘OFAC’ really is an awesome coaching product to get your hands on.

Especially, when there are some amazing bonuses thrown into the pot for just a small $100 payment too!

In my opinion, the amount of value inside the challenge alone is worth more than $100, MUCH MORE!

The product really is a bargain and a half, and I should imagine tens of thousands of folks will be snapping Brunson’s arm off for it!

While there are some downsides to Russell’s ‘OFAC’ and also sales funnel creation may not suit every business owner’s taste…

The step-by-step guidance from both the challenge and the bonuses can certainly put you on track to building an uber-successful online/offline Biz in the long run.

But as with all of Russell Brunson’s training products, ‘OFAC’ is only gonna be beneficial to you and your business IF you follow the training to the letter and work like a donkey.

However, if you have the “get-rich-quick” mentality, then this definitely isn’t the right product for you.

YES, you can turn a buck (or many) within a month. But don’t expect to become a Gazillionaire in that time frame.

The ball’s in your court…

==> Grab The One Funnel Away Challenge Here!

PSST! Before you dash off, have you checked out more of Russell’s amazingly cool products?:

Your Friend, Neil! 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts to share on the ‘OFAC’ – We’d LOVE to hear your comments below…


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