30 Day Success Club Review: (Who Gets Rich in a Month?!)

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So, you wanna know whether it’s a genuine online money-maker or just another dud making far-fetched claims, right?

Well, you’ve certainly come to the right place because I’m about to give you the lowdown and also share my honest thoughts on the product.

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30 Day Success Club Review
Quick Overview:

Name: 30 Day Success Club (30DSC).

Website: 30daysuccess.club.

Cost: $37 + Upsells.

Owner: Debbie Joven? (Used as a stage name).

My Score: 2/10.

Summary: In all honesty, 30 Day Success Club is simpy a “get-rich-quick” scheme to make its creator wealthy instead.

So if you’re hoping this “$37” thing will magically change your life, you’ll be waiting forever and a day, I’m afraid.

The only thing you’ll get is some lame ‘Done For You’ website and sub-par training on affiliate marketing that won’t produce results.

Seriously, don’t waste your time and money with on this so-called product.

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What The Heck is 30 Day Success Club About?

30 Day Success Club basically claims to help you make sh*t tons of money within only a 30-day time-frame.

According to the sales video…

You’re gonna “discover a little-known secret, that people are using to generate $ millions every year – that will literally blow your mind”.

Blah, blah, blah…

And guess what? You’ll even get access to this “secret software” that will easily pull in $1,000s on a daily basis for you for FREE!
Fake Free Cost
Except, to get started will cost $37. LOL.

I dunno about you, but to me, it screams out the word “SCAM“, right off the bat.

However, the good news is that ’30DSC’ is sold through Clickbank which should mean you’ll be able to claim a refund, no sweat.

But on the other hand, Clickbank is starting to peddle more and more deceptive “get-rich-quick” crap, like:

In my opinion, it’s just the tip of the iceberg because there’s bound to be more of this stuff to come from the leading digital product supplier.

In fact, I’m willing to place a wager on it.

My best advice is read reviews like this before shelling out for products that seem “too good to be true”.

Because, if you don’t, you’re gonna be disappointed and screwed over.


How Does 30 Day Success Club Work For $?

The truth be told, the “secret system” is non-existent.

Because, how many folks do you know who have bought some dirt-cheap system and became wealthy quickly without lifting a finger?

The answer is a BIG FAT “0”.

When you watch the video presentation all the way through, it basically plays with your emotional triggers…

The guy in the video bangs on about how much money you’d like sitting in your bank account…

The type of car you wanna drive, the house you wanna live in, and the luxurious lifestyle you’d love to lead, etc.
Hype on Getting Rich
He talks a lot about financial freedom, unlimited time to do whatever you want in life, and his system helping you accomplish your dreams.

BUT he doesn’t explain HOW his system works.

Unfortunately, the video purposely gets you pumped and skips the essential details in order to make you curious enough to buy the product

This “kept in the dark” tactic is fairly common among scams these days, so it’s definitely a red flag to watch out for.


What do You “Really” Get For $37, Huh?

Despite Clickbank allowing a lot of garbage to be rammed down your throat. 

Some products do actually give you some level of value for your buckaroonies.

In the case of ’30DSC’, you get a ‘Done-For-You’ website that’s meant to make you affiliate commissions promoting Clickbank products.

I’d also like to point out that Affiliate Marketing is an awesome way to make money online

IF done right and you obviously work your tail off.

Affiliate marketing is how I personally earn an income, and if you wanna learn how it’s done (step-by-step) – get started for $0 here.

But when it comes to ’30DSC’, all you really get for your hard-earned cash is some basic website that’s never gonna work.

To set up your site – you enter a domain, Clickbank affiliate username, a name for your site, some keywords for SEO, and write a description.

Then voila, your site is populated with products and ready for profits!


But Here’s The Problem With 30 Day Success Club…

In order to get rankings and targeted traffic from the main search engines, you need to write tons of high-quality website content.

Which, your ‘Done-For-You’ site doesn’t allow you to do.

Your site is just filled with ‘money-making’ products and provides little value.

So you’ll need to find alternative methods for driving traffic – which probably won’t convert into sales anyway.

Not to mention the fact that “paid” traffic will easily leave you out-of-pocket.

So there’s no way in hell it’s gonna allow you to make $1,000s in 30 days.

You’ll be lucky to make a few bucks, in my opinion.

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Building any successful Biz on the web takes time and effort.

Not to mention tools, in-depth training, and support around the clock.

’30DSC’ doesn’t provide any of this – you’re just left to figure it all out on your own.


Final Thoughts: Is 30 Day Success Club a Scam?…

A Big Thumbs DownUnfortunately, 30 Day Success Club comes with a number of flaws.

First of all, the promise of raking in 1,000s in the shortest time possible from doing next to nothing and being able to live the Life of Riley…

All for a small one-time fee of $37, IS total Bullsh*t.

There’s no way on this earth will you “get-rich-quickly“, especially for less than 40 dollars LOL.

The small fee is used to entice you. Also, in my experience, it’s an indication that the product is gonna be crap – which it is.

Secondly, the $37 is just the start of what’s to come because there are numerous “upsells” that could cost you up to $121.

However, on the sales page, it states the following:
30 Day Success Club Misleading Price
Tut Tut, someone’s telling porkies!

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with upsells because a lot of genuine platforms incorporate them to offer extra value.

But when it comes to ’30DSC’ – it’s a deceptive program providing little value. So why would you even fork out extra cash?

Thirdly, I have a sneaky suspicion that the person fronting the system is a fictitious character.

On one hand, you’re led to believe the creator is Debbie Joven.

But on the other hand, it’s a man who’s reading the video script.

Hey, maybe she had a sex change! LOL.

There’s no solid evidence of either of these people existing.

So it’s clear that Debbie Joven’s used as a stage name, and the voice in the video is likely a hired spokesperson from Fiverr.com.

So yeah, I have good reason to believe 30DSC is a scam that you’ll wanna avoid.


Tired of BS Scams, But Want a Product That “Works”?…

The awesome news is that there are many “legitimate” products showing you the true ways of earning a full-time income online.

But unfortunately, there’s also A LOT of crap like 30DSC that you really need to keep clear of for your own sake.

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

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