$323.15 Per Day With 8 Minute Profits? (Reviewed)

A huge welcome to my review!

If you’ve been searching Google for info on 8 Minute Profits, you may well have noticed a number of “biased” reviews giving it a 9/10.

They are simply published by “affiliates” (most of whom are launch jackers).


So, to stand out from these money grabbers, I actually bought into this product myself so I can give you the REAL lowdown and share my own honest opinions.

Sound good to you?

Does 8 Minute Profits Work or is it a Scam
Quick Overview

Name: 8 Minute Profits 2.0 (8MP).

Website: 8minuteprofits2.com.

Cost: $17 + $251 in upsells.

Owners: Paul Prissick & Mark Barrett.

My Score: 5/10.

But before you take another step further…

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What’s 8 Minute Profits All About?

8MP is owned by the same guys who created 2 Day Profits, Max Daily Profits, 5 Day Fix, and also 20 Minute Results – all very similar programs.

8MP is designed as an easy newbie-friendly system that takes only 8 minutes to set up and will quickly make you $323.15 per day using free traffic.

Paul and Mark also claim that their system doesn’t require:

  • Facebook ads
  • PPC or PVV
  • YouTube videos
  • SEO & Ranking websites
  • Tech skills or experience online

It sounds like an AMAZING way to make money online and accomplish your dreams, wouldn’t you say?

However, from the perspective of a seasoned marketer like myself, the guys’ promises seem hyped up and nothing more than a pipe dream.

But I guess you’ll find out the truth shortly.


How Does it Work For $?

The 8MP is a case study program that shows you how to promote a squeeze page offer to thousands of opportunity seekers on “Get Paid To” sites like:

ClixSense, Neobux, Adhitz, and Rotate4All, and build your own email list of subscribers for selling products/services to.

However, Paul highly recommends “paid” traffic as your first and best option for effectively building your online business. He doesn’t see the free traffic method as a practical option.

So for the 8MP program to state that you’ll be making a lot of money from “free” visitors is misleading, in my opinion.


What Training & Support Do You Get?

There are 12 training videos on getting your system set up and rolling.

8 Minute Profits Training Videos

Training Video Snapshot.

The videos are a combination of bullet point info (presentation style) as well as tutorial walk-throughs:

  • Introduction (1 video)
  • Here’s How it’s Done (3 videos)
  • Why These Sites Are Goldmines (1 video)
  • See a Live Campaign in Action From Start to Finish (1 video)
  • The Best Sites to Use (4 videos)
  • How to do This Method For Free (1 video)
  • Important Points in Closing (1 video)

In addition, there’s a 7-page PDF ‘Cheat Sheet’ that walks you through the video steps.

And also provides you with squeeze page templates to download as well as help with setting up an Aweber account for managing and emailing your leads.

Also, inside the PDF, you will discover a bunch of links to video tutorials on various free traffic tactics.

When it comes to support, the guys provide you with an email address to shoot any questions to.

They do also offer you their coaching masterclass, but it comes at an additional cost.


What Tools/Features Are on Offer?

As part of your case study training, Paul and Mark provide you with an example of the exact squeeze pages, redirect page, email follow-up, and sample ads they use for creating their own successful campaigns.

However, the guys do offer a ‘Done-For-You’ sales funnel package.

Aong, with 20 pre-written email follow-ups for supercharging your success. But again, it will cost you extra.


What’s The Cost of 8MP?

At the time of publishing this review, entry into the program is $17. I think the cost also increases.

There are optional One Time Offers (OTOs) to fork out for as well:

  1. 20-message follow up series = $27
  2. Done-For-You sales funnel = $27
  3. Coaching from Paul & Mark = $197




  • It’s cheap to join
  • Most of the training is easy to follow
  • Email support is provided
  • You can make money with this program


  • You must buy the upsells for maximum success
  • Extra expenses are required for an Aweber autoresponder
  • A budget is needed for paid traffic
  • No training on how to make money with your list
  • This method only works in the “make money online” niche


Final Opinion: Is 8 Minute Profits a Scam? …

I must admit that I wasn’t exactly keen on the idea of leveraging “Get Paid To” sites for visitors because that kinda traffic is always untargeted.

They are simply folks (aka “click monkeys”) who just wanna get paid peanuts for clicking your ads.

However, because they do wanna “make money online” and are looking for lucrative opportunities…

When you present them with the right attention-grabbing ad and squeeze page inviting them to enter their email addresses, you have the potential to earn from building a list.

And this is what 8MP teaches you.

But there are a few issues I have with the 8MP program.

For starters, Paul and Mark are dishonest with you before joining the program because their strategies rely on “paid” traffic and not “free” traffic.

Secondly, as a newbie to internet marketing and to really make progress with your online biz, you’ll need to go “all in” with the upsells which will cost you over $250.

My third problem with the platform is that although Paul discusses various ways to monetize your email list, he gives you zero training on choosing a method.

So for example; if you’re looking for the right “MMO” niche affiliate program and products to promote to your list, you’re pretty much on your own.

And as a newbie, that sucks because you need expert guidance every step of the way for building your digitalized empire.

But could you make $300+ per day with this system?

If you follow the training exactly as it’s laid out, buy into the upsells, and promote awesome offers that pay decent commissions, then it’s possible.

The bottom line…

The program is legit, but whether I would recommend it to a noob, I’m kinda sitting on the fence with this one. So I’ll say Yes and No lol.

You can be the judge.

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Your Friend, Neil 🙂

Do you have any questions or thoughts on 8MP that you’d love to share? Please post your comments below…


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