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Welcome to my unbiased review of 37 Clicks!

If you think you’re gonna make $100s on a daily basis with this program, guess again!

Get stuck into this honest blog post to understand why…

Read my Review to See Why 37 Clicks is a Scam
Quick Overview

Name: 37 Clicks.

Website: 37clicks.com.

Cost: $97.

Owner: Kelly Scott (used as a stage name).

My Score: 0/10.

Verdict: I seriously doubt that you will make $1 from this program because it uses an obsolete money making strategy that makes real affiliate marketers cringe.

It’s a scam that provides you with ZERO value for your 97 bucks investment.

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What is 37 Clicks All About?

If you have heard of “link posting” for cash, then this is exactly what this is.

You can apparently start making money from just 37 people clicking on the links you share online or should I say the links you will be “spamming” the web with.

But what’s really funny is why 37 clicks and not a rounded off number like 30 or 40, or even 35!? LOL.

The 90s was a good era for opportunists because they were allowed to easily dump their affiliate links here, there, and everywhere like there was no tomorrow.

The internet literally became a sewer.

However, today, the web has certainly turned the tables on people who don’t add “value”.

Unfortunately, there are still a number of amateur affiliates throwing sh*t against the wall in the hope of it sticking, especially when it comes to social media sites.

But people have wised up to spam, so it makes link posting ineffective, which in turn makes ’37 Clicks’ a scam!


How Does 37 Clicks Work?

Simply by sparing 60 minutes of your time on a daily basis, the opportunity claims that you can easily make money from promoting stuff in places like social media for companies like Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart, to name a few.

See how ’37C’ works in 3 steps:
3 Steps to Making Money With 37 Clicks
But these days, many affiliate programs tend to have strict guidelines when it comes to promoting their products or services because spam obviously has a serious knock on effect.

Most programs will even deny your affiliate applications if you don’t own a website with some good content already published.

In my opinion, it’s great to see companies jumping on the anti-spam bandwagon and playing their parts to help separate the wheat from the chaff.

The cleanup process makes it a little easier for “real” affiliates to make money.

So before punching in your credit card digits for joining ’37C’, do bear in mind that affiliate marketing has changed considerably over the years.

It’s not as easy as blasting out links for commissions anymore.


What’s The Cost of ’37C’?

To purchase the system will cost you $97, but it’s gonna be 97 of your hard-earned dollars simply flushed down the toilet.

What’s especially amusing about the cost is that Kelly offers you the system for a knocked down price. If you click away once, it’s $77. Click away a second time, and it’s $57.

Hey, maybe if you click your mouse a few more times, it might actually even be FREE!! 😉 LOL.

But joking aside, any program that drives down the price is clearly a valueless product.

Not just that, but it’s obviously a desperate attempt for Kelly to grab hold of your cash.


Should You Buy it?

Judging from everything I have discussed with you, ’37C’ really isn’t a wise investment to make.

If you have plenty of money to burn and you’re looking for sh*ts and giggles, then, by all means, go ahead and knock yourself out.

But if you’re a newbie on a budget who can’t afford to blow money on useless junk, there are effective solutions out there (like this one here) for really earning money on the web as an affiliate marketer.


Final Thoughts: Is 37 Clicks a Scam?…

If you’re just a small number of clicks away from making money online, then I guess everybody would jump on the “link posting” bandwagon, and the web would return to the bad old days of “spam city”.

Unfortunately, it’s an outdated method that doesn’t work in this day and age of digital marketing because now it’s all about giving real value to folks.

Simply put, ’37C’ is a waste of time and money.

It’s the kinda scammy opportunity that gives marketing a bad name, so avoid it at all costs if you wanna save yourself from getting a bad name too.

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Your Friend, Neil 🙂

Do you have any questions or thoughts on ’37C’ that you’d really like to share with us? We’d love to hear your comments below…



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