$397/Day With My Traffic Business? Seems Like A SCAM!

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My Traffic Business is advertised as yet, another easy-peasy way of stuffing your bank account with almost $400 on a daily basis.

But will your pockets really fill up with $1,000s per week from doing next to nothing or is the online money-making system just a huge stinking pile of cow dung that doesn’t work, huh?

Grab this honest blog post for the true facts!

Why My Traffic Business is a Scam to Avoid

Name: My Traffic Business (MTB).

Website: pro.mytraffic.biz/order.

Cost: $47 + Upsells.

Owner: James Wendell.

My Score: Revealed at the end.

But before taking the plunge into this review…

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What The Heck is My Traffic Business About?

‘MTB’ promotes itself as a free video that makes you “$397 per day simply by blasting out a few emails before bedtime”.

Basically, you get your own 4-step “turn-key money-making system” for generating a fortune and living a lavish lifestyle that you’ve always desired, blahdy blah.

But how many times have you come across such systems making outlandish claims and selling you “the dream”, hey?

And do they always turn out to be legitimate?

The short answer: NOPE!

So I guess it’s not looking good for ‘MTB’ is it?


How My Traffic Business “Supposedly” Works?

To start seeing easy profits with the system, all you need to do is implement 4 easy steps within the training.

Once you submit payment, you get:

  • Full marketing & follow-up systems
  • Copy & Paste simple video training
  • Point & click automated marketing
  • Get 100 free visitors to your site when it’s set up

According to the sales video, you’ll make a boatload of cash from investing very little time and without hardly lifting a finger too.

“GOSH, take my credit card details, NOW!!”

That’s the exact reaction that James Wendell wants from you.

But unfortunately, ‘MTB’ is nothing but a hyped up piece of garbage because the video is based on lie after lie.

There’s nothing genuine about the Bullsh*t sales pitch at all, and you’re about to find out why…


How You Get Lured in by The Video…

For starters, there are numerous testimonials from successful folks using the system:

James, your system has made me $12K within my first month. It was so simple!“, “James, you’re a breath of fresh air. Your system works for everybody“, “James, I just made $7K in a week”, blah, blah, blah.

As much as you want these stories to be true, the people in the videos are a bunch of LIARS!

They are simply guys n’ gals hired on Fiverr to shoot short video testimonials.

Want proof?

See an ‘MTB’ testimonial from the same guy I found on Fiverr.
My Traffic Business Fake Testimonials

A Casual Presenter From Fiverr
This is just one example taken from a bunch of false ‘MTB’ video testimonials.

So do yourself a favor and take the lot of them with a pinch of salt.

Secondly, “James” (who is more than likely used as a stage name and a voice-over) shows you a screenshot of his own income generated from the same fail-proof system he’s giving you.

Apparently, he’s made over $2.5 million in the past 2 years!
My Traffic Business Fake Income Proof
Not only is the screenshot misleading but it’s just another dirty tactic for James to grab your hard-earned dollars.

To be quite honest, the internet allows anyone to create or even buy “fake” income proof from sites like Fiverr these days.

So don’t be fooled by million-dollar screenshots because they’re obviously “too good to be true”.

Thirdly, James says that all you’ll need to do to make money with his system is to point folks to something that they desperately need.

According to the guy, his system has already produced over $25 million for his customers!
My Traffic Business Fake Profits
Except, he doesn’t show you any hard evidence of this or even how his system actually works to produce $1,000,000s for his members.

In fact, you are clueless about the “products”. All he talks about is “making money” because it appeals to those who are looking for an easy way to get-rich-quick.

Finally, the scam-artist “guarantees” that you’ll make up to “$10K in 30 days“. UGH!
My Traffic Business Fake Income Guarantee
Oh look, a flying pig!!

Firstly, not one single person on the web can ever guarantee you such ridiculous earnings in a short space of time (especially without Internet Marketing experience).

Well, unless they’ve built a time-traveling delorean and seen the future lol.

Secondly, if the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) catches wind of Jame’s fake claim, his scam will get shut down.

Now, wouldn’t that be a shame?

If you’ve ever heard of MOBE and Digital Altitude, the FTC recently clamped down on those programs because the owners also make “money-making claims”.

Never fall for “income guarantees” – especially far-fetched ones.

The only guarantee is that the opportunity is a scam and you’ll lose your cash.

These are the main red flags that ‘MTB’ raises from the get-go.

So keep James and his rotten system at arm’s length, and your money won’t fall into his own deep pockets.


Final Thoughts: Is My Traffic Business a Scam?…

A Big Thumbs DownAs the saying goes: “If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck”.

This is certainly true when it comes ‘MTB’ because it has all the filthy characteristics of a “SCAM” and I don’t trust it one bit.

When there’s a Bullsh*t video full to the brim of hype, false testimonials, and especially sells you “the dream” from doing very little to no work – would you put your trust in “James” and his so-called money-making system?

I very much doubt it!

My Score: 0/10.

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

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