Digital Income Method Review: ($3K Daily? Um..)

Howdy, a huge welcome to my Digital Income Method review!

The sales page reckons you can rake in $1,000s on a daily basis, especially as a “noob”.

But I beg to defer, and you’re about to find out why…

Digital Income Method Scam Review
Quick Overview

Name: Digital Income Method.


Cost: $97/month or $497/yearly + $10,000s in additional fees.

Owner: Mack Mills.

My Score: 4/10.

Verdict: Legit (Kinda).


The Digital Income Method is basically designed as your own Done-For-You sales funnel system to make your money-making life easier.

But there’s more to it than meets the eye and even a dark side to teh system…

First of all, Mack boldly claims that you will make $3,000 per day in affiliate commissions.

But it’s not that easy because you still need to invest lots of time and money in your system for a good number of months before profits start to build.

So, a 4-figure daily income is highly unlikely to happen as fast as lightning from a beginner standpoint.

But the biggest drawback to DIM is that it leads you into the arms of Aspire Digital Altitude.

Which, is a high-cost program that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) took action against in February 2018…

For making misleading income claims.

Oh, and for taking more than $14,000,000 from vulnerable marketers – classing it as a scheme!

And even if you do choose to roll with this high-ticket stuff, it’s hard to gain traction because mots people can’t afford the products.

So this is why I’ve dumped Mack’s Method platform into the “Borderline Scams” category of my website.

But before jumping into this FULL review…

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What is Digital Income Method About?

Mack Mills (creator of Daily Income Method for earning with the MCA opportunity) – has released a similar “Done-For-You” business in a box.

But this one’s called Digital Income Method (DIM).

The guy provides you with:

  • A high-converting squeeze page
  • An autoresponder with pre-written emails
  • Plus, some training on paid traffic resources for building an email list and promoting his system.

But, his system is really a sales funnel for promoting Michael Force’s high-ticket coaching platform ‘Aspire Digital Altitude’ (ADA)…

A program that makes false and unrealistic guaranteed income claims.
Michael Force From Digital Altitude Makes Income Claims
‘ADA’ delivers some quality training, but it’s high-ticket stuff that costs $1,000s – $10,000s.

It’s basically a “scheme”, which is why the FTC put Mr. Force and his overpriced system out of business.

You spend astronomical amounts of money on the coaching products…

And then promote those products to other suckers for MEGA commissions.

That’s how you can potentially make a fortune with Mack’s ‘DIM’ system.


What’s Inside The Digital Income Method System?

Mack’s system equips you with some great resources for making some whopping commissions with ‘ADA’.

You’ll get access to:


High Converting Lead Capture Pages

These are your VSL (Video Sales Letter) pages for building a large email subscriber list. 

You have a variety of squeeze pages to choose from and test out for gathering targeted leads.


Done For You Emails

Mack has not only set up an autoresponder for you.

But also created a series of pre-written email follow-ups ready to automatically send out to your subscribers.

The “money is in the list”, as they say.

However, you also have the option of integrating your own Aweber autoresponder if you’d rather handle the campaigns yourself.


Traffic Training

Mr. Mills shows you a number of recommended paid marketing resources for driving traffic to your VSL pages.

In addition, he provides you with video training on free and paid Facebook techniques as well as bonus ones.


How Much Does Digital Income Method Cost?

Mack offers you the opportunity to take his system for a $1 test-run.

After your trial, ‘DIM’ will be a monthly recurring cost of $97 or an annual one of $497.

But that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Because in addition to his system, you must fork out for Digital Altitude products if you want to make money from promoting them:

  • Aspire Walker$37/month
  • Hiker – $67/month
  • Hiker + Climber – $127/month
  • Base$397 (one-time)
  • Rise$1,497 (one-time)
  • Ascend$6,997 (one-time)
  • Peak$11,997 (one-time)
  • Apex$19,997 (one-time)

The cost of ‘DIM’ doesn’t seem that bad at first.

But looking at the fees to join and promote ‘ADA’ products (on TOP of additional expenses for paid Facebook advertising)…

it’s gonna be a real bank-buster before you even get started on the web with your Biz.

If you want MUCH cheaper and better money-making systems, then check out 12 Minute Affiliate and Commission Hero instead.

Yes, you’ll need to drive paid traffic, but at least you won’t be forking out $1,000s just for “training” products.


PROS vs CONS of Digital Income Method


  • Lead capture pages, autoresponder & pre-written emails are supplied
  • Mack provides you with training on paid traffic methods
  • You can make some money
  • (Digital Altitude has now been put out of business lol)


  • The system is designed to rip people off with ‘ADA’ products
  • Additional expenses will be required for driving traffic
  • Mack makes earning $3K per day sound too easy
  • It’s not a particularly great starting point for beginners


Final Conclusion: Is Digital Income Method a Scam?…

Mack Mills is a successful MLMer, and I believe his his Digital Income Method is legitimate.

Since he provides you with a bunch of resources and training for building an online biz from scratch.

So his system is great in that respect.

But are you really gonna make daily commissions of $3K+ per day with ‘DIM’?

With the HUGE commission payouts from ‘ADA’, and if you’re also an experienced marketer, then it’s a possibility.

But unfortunately, it’s gonna take plenty of learning, time, and especially cash investments…

In Mack’s system, Michael Force’s expensive products, as well as Facebook advertising for driving traffic to your landing pages.

So just be prepared to be out-of-pocket BIG TIME before you generate any profits.

The Bottom Line:

As valuable as ‘DIM’ can be, I don’t recommend it for the fact that you will get conned by Michael Force and his ‘ADA’ scheme…

One, that’s already taken a big hit from the FTC for misleading vulnerable folks with a 6-figure income claim within only a 3-month period.


Sick of All The Hyped up Money-Making Schemes?…

Yeah, you’re not the only one!

But there is a much better, cheaper, and non-hyped up affiliate marketing alternative that doesn’t make ridiculous guarantees.

The platform’s called Wealthy Affiliate and it’s free to start out with!

You won’t just get a free SiteRubix website to roll with, tools, and step-by-step training inside WA…

But also access to 24/7 upport from a HUGE community of marketers for creating a successful online Biz from scratch.

But just not any old business. Oh, no!… One, that revolves around your hobby or passion in life.

Because making money with the concept of affiliate marketing should be a thoroughly enjoyable experience…

Not just making huge sums of money with costly systems like DIM/DA for the sake of it, right?

Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts, you’d like to share on either ‘DIM’ or ‘ADA’, we’d LOVE to hear your comments below…


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