4 Ways to Beat Your Opponents Using Content Marketing.

The digital marketing arena is becoming more competitive by the day. Well, in fact, by every passing second.

If you want to survive as a content and affiliate marketer, then you really need an edge.
4 Ways to Beat Your Opponents Using Content Marketing
You may be promoting the best product or service on the planet, but the harsh reality of the internet marketing world in this day and age is that it’s gonna take a lot more than that to successfully produce a full-time income.

To be a champion, it’s essential to execute a robust content marketing strategy like the “top dogs” in your arena.

It’s gonna be your golden goose egg opportunity to shout from the mountaintops and demonstrate that what you have really is the best solution for your targeted audience of potential consumers.

So, I would really love to share 4 ways with you on how to deliver those heavyweight killer blows that will knock your competitors clean out in the ring.

But only figuratively speaking, of course. 😛

OK, time to slip on those boxing gloves for a few rounds with your rivals.

Or in marketing terms – It’s time to discover the 4 methods for crushing your competitors when it comes to content marketing…


#1: Do Your Research on The Web

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All successful content strategies always begin with doing due diligence.

You will always wanna keep tabs on your competitors by following their social media profiles and subscribing to their email newsletters to uncover their sneaky tactics.

To really find out what their best strategies are, you can use an SEO research platform like Ahrefs for digging into your competitors’ websites and blogs for their top performing content.

The Ahrefs tool basically displays website backlink numbers, social media share counts and a whole bunch of other data for allowing you to have the upper hand with your own blog.

Another awesome SEO tool for spying on your competitors is called Jaaxy which has a number of cool built-in features.

Not only does Jaaxy provide you with some vital data you need for outranking your competitors in Google, but it’s also an amazing keyword tool for top rankings and traffic from the search engines.


#2: Leverage User Generated Content

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Leverage user generated content because it’s a proven strategy for encouraging your target market to make purchases.

For example, Calvin Klein leverages this technique beautifully by asking customers to upload photos of themselves to social media wearing CK branded clothing and using the hashtag #mycalvins.

The best thing about this strategy is that connects everyone to the brand via adding their own personal touches.

Even as an affiliate marketer, it’s a powerful technique for generating sales and commissions because you can contact your current customers and ask them to kindly do the same thing on Instagram and Facebook, etc, for bringing in new customers.

You can request that they use specific hashtags and even do shout outs for you and your brand.


#3: Stand Out With a Clear Brand Voice

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So what makes your brand unique and entirely different from your competitors’ brands?

One of the biggest elements for separating yourself from the crowded marketplace is having a clear voice for highlighting the personality of your brand.

It shows your audience that you’re human and not just another “salesperson” ramming products/services down their throats just like Network Marketers (MLMers) do lol.

At the end of the day, it’s all about shining like a diamond by providing “value” for your potential customers.

I recommend reading the free ‘Expert Secrets’ book for extra guidance on bringing value to the marketplace and building a following of customers.


#4: Get Interactive With Your Audience

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The online space is absolutely saturated with content, content, and YEP, you’ve guessed it… more content!

Wherever folks travel in the digital world, they basically drown in a sea of content in various forms, gasping for air.

Unfortunately, this also results in your content getting swept to one side and forgotten about literally minutes after consumption. It happens to a lot of marketers.

So, one of the keys to producing much longer lasting content is to encourage interaction from your visitors.

From a recent survey conducted by ‘Demand Metric’ – 76% of marketers have said that interactive and engaging content is the most effective marketing strategy for transforming traffic into buyers.

And that’s simply because interactive content is dynamic in helping to capture the attention of your niche market.

Luckily, there are numerous platforms available to help you create interactive content for profiting as an affiliate marketer.

One awesome place, in particular, is called ‘Woo Box’ (woobox.com) because it enables you to create engaging and fun campaigns using polls to giveaways to videos to landing pages to Facebook page apps, and other cool stuff.

‘Buzz Feed’ (buzzfeed.com) is another amazing place. In fact, it’s the best site for allowing you to create captivating content in the form of quizzes for social media platforms.

Bring these two tools into your online business and you can expect to see plenty of sales growth.


The Bottom Line…

Whether you’re just getting started with affiliate marketing or you’ve been in the game for a while and you need help with shaking up your biz, the content marketing strategies in this article will work wonders for your profits and give you the unfair advantage that you need.

Content marketing is a forever evolving process, so you should always be on the lookout for new techniques to keep yourself ahead of the competition.

Every move you make as a marketer must give your target market more of an understanding of your brand together with clear Call To Actions for generating those sales and affiliate commissions.

Always remain innovative and think outside the box when it comes to building your brand through content because it will certainly do you a whole bunch of favors with your biz in the long term.

However, for the ultimate way to reach thousands of targeted potential buyers each and every month…

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Here’s to your success…

Neil 😀

(This post was created from training by Chris Luck – founder of Marketers Paradise)

If you have any questions or thoughts on any of the effective methods discussed in this article, we’d love to hear your comments below…

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