Turbo Wealth Solution (Review): $40K, REALLY?!

[Article originally published on: November 4th, 2017]. Howdy, welcome to my review of Turbo Wealth Solution!

Some folks claim to be making $1,000s from this program in a short space of time. But it’s just a crock of sh*t, in my book!

If you wanna know why, then continue reading…

Is Turbo Wealth Solution Legit or a Dirty Scam
Quick Overview

Name: Turbo Wealth Solution (TWS).

Website: turbowealthsolution.com.

Cost: $1,000 – $20,000 for packages + $100s in admin fees.

Owner: Gary Romano.

My Score: 1/10.

Verdict: It’s nothing but an overpriced MLM scheme making exaggerated income claims for opportunity seekers.

I really advise against throwing your hard-earned buckaroonies into it.

But before diving into this FULL review…

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What is Turbo Wealth Solution All About?

‘TWS’ boldly claims that it’s “helped people to work at home and earn up to $40K in only 1 week!“and “you can have a $20,000 monthly income“.

Blahdy, blah.

Apparently, to make a mountain of cash with the system, you follow a very simple and easy 4-step formula:

  1. Watch the 41-minute webinar on the website & join the team
  2. Get leads by using top-secret lead sources
  3. Push a button to send the leads through an automated information process
  4. Copy – Rinse – Repeat

WOW, if generating money is so easy with this “push-button” system, then I guess you’ll be escaping the rat race sooner than you think, huh?

But that’s not how the digital business world works because there is nothing “TURBO” about earning an income, I’m afraid.

To make megabucks online will require you to invest plenty of time and effort into both learning and implementing new skills.

Unfortunately, Gary tells you EXACTLY what you wanna hear just to have you eating out of the palm of his hand.


Who is This Money-Maker Targeted Towards?

Basically, ‘TWS’ lures in folks who have more money than sense.

So if you have a spare $1,000 – $20,000 lying around and you’re in love with the notion of “get-rich-quick” – then Romano’s program is right up your street.

But also bear in mind that once you part with 10,000s of your hard-earned dollars, there’s a strict no refund policy in place.

So it’s tough cookies if you have a change of heart after your investment.

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How Turbo Wealth Solution Works in More Detail…

After doing some digging around online, I’ve found that you get your hands on a piece of automated software that collects leads and turns them into sales for you.

Now, whether the software blasts out spammy emails or recorded messages to your leads over the phone (OR both), I’m unsure of.

But one thing I do know for certain.

The whole system is rigged up to recruit folks into ‘TWS’ via your affiliate link – who then spend ridiculous amounts of cash just so you can line your own pockets with $1,000s.

This is how every member will potentially rake in the dough – including Gary Romano himself.

Put simply, it’s classed as a high-ticket “recruitment scheme” – which is why both MOBE and Digital Altitude got closed down by the FTC.


Training Products Provided by ‘TWS’

Apparently, the training products have been developed by the in-house team of expert marketers who are the best in the industry. 

Except, the damn sales page wouldn’t even allow me to see the products!
Non Existent Internet Marketing Training Products

All I know is that the training covers 4 different areas:

  • Business Development
  • Market Training
  • Personal Development
  • Wealth Education

But I’ve heard on the grapevine that the products are somewhat dated and in need of a revamp.

In my opinion, the only reason why these products exist is to “legitimize” ‘TWS’ so Gary can argue against it being a “scheme”.

But as the saying goes, you can’t polish a turd.


 How Much Does Turbo Wealth Solution Cost?

In order for you to join the scheme, you’re gonna have to invest high amounts of money into the membership packages below.

(Each package also comes with a steep admin fee of $247):

  • Bronze = $1,000
  • Silver = $2,000
  • Gold = $3,500
  • Platinum = $6,500
  • Diamond = $12,000
  • Elite = $20,000

Considering the ridiculous costs of the packages, it’s certainly clear to see that you’re buying into a “scheme” rather than products that deliver REAL value.

When it comes to generating an income with the system, there are 4 ways to earn:

  1. Personal Sales
  2. The 1-UP Sale
  3. The Roll-up
  4. Team member upgrades

See an example of the 1-UP payment plan.
Turbo Wealth Solution One up Pay Plan
In my opinion, the payment structures seem very complicated to understand.

But I guess that’s the MLM industry for you – always making things difficult.




  • It’s a great example of the type of online opportunities NOT to join


  • Ludicrous claims of big earnings
  • The products are far too expensive
  • It’s nothing but a recruitment scheme
  • Potentially false member testimonials (see below)
  • It’s not a sustainable business model
  • There’s a strict “no refund” policy


Final Thoughts: Is Turbo Wealth Solution a Scam?…

A Big Thumbs DownTo put it bluntly, ‘TWS’ is a scam because the membership packages are seriously overpriced – making it nothing but an illegal money-making “scheme”.

Not only that but Gary Romano gives you the false impression that you will make $1,000s very quickly and easily with his system.

In fact, here are some “too good to be true” income testimonials from members of Gary’s system.

But one testimonial caught my attention, in particular…
Fake Income Testimonials
One guy claims he’s made “$18,000 in just one week!” and tries to impress you by fanning out his money.

But you can bet your bottom dollar that all 3 ‘TWS’ member testimonials are fake because there’s no actual proof to back up their claims.

Plus, where are their surnames? HA.

Unfortunately, folks on Fiverr.com can easily be hired for their “spokesperson” services to shoot fake video testimonials.


The bottom line…

If you do decide to invest, you will find it very difficult to make a buck with ‘TWS’ – especially if you’re a newbie.

Sooner or later, the Federal Trade Commission will be hot on Gary’s heels, which makes his “scheme” a huge risk.

So on that note, I seriously don’t recommend this opportunity to any newb.

If you’re sick to the back teeth of scams, but looking for a legitimate way to make sustainable money online…

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

Do you have any thoughts or questions on ‘TWS’? We’d love to hear your comments below…



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