5 Key Steps to Developing a Super Affiliate Mindset.

[Article originally published on: October 20th, 2017].

There are two types of affiliate marketers in this world – those who earn a few bucks here n’ there and those who build massive 5 – 7-figure businesses.

But if both affiliate groups have access to the same training, tools, and support, then why is one group a heck of a lot more successful than the other?

It all boils down to “MINDSET”, at the end of the day.
5 Key Steps to Developing a Super Affiliate Mindset
The average affiliate has the mindset of an “employee” and procrastinates.

He or she doesn’t take their business seriously and also waste time on unimportant stuff like Netflix marathons and Facebook, etc.

The SUPER affiliate, on the other hand, has the mindset of an “entrepreneur”.

They have big dreams and do whatever it takes to accomplish a life-changing income.

Heck, they even attend affiliate marketing events around the globe if needs be!

So if you want to take your online business to a whole new level and become a Super Affiliate, then you must learn to adopt the right mindset.


What Exactly is Mindset Anyway?

Put simply, mindset is a set of beliefs that impact your thinking patterns, the way you feel, and overall behaviour.

So when it comes to starting a Biz and making it profitable in the long term, it’s crucial that you learn to think and act like a pro.

The process won’t happen at the flick of a light switch.

But if you consistently work on yourself and your Biz every day, you will eventually make that transition from affiliate to super affiliate.

Unfortunately, many affiliate marketing mentors barely scratch the surface of mindset, and some even fail to teach the concept at all, which is an epic fail on their part.

This is one of the biggest reasons why newbies fail from the get-go – they have the right resources, but their minds aren’t equipped for success.

From Nothing by Ian PribylLuckily, my good internet marketing buddy (Ian Pribyl) covers ‘Essential Mindset Training for Success’ inside his awesome Kindle book called ‘From Nothing‘.

Where, he discusses various topics that cover the “get-rich-quick” myth, taking that first step, never giving up, having realistic goals and expectations, etc.

In my opinion, Pribs does a tremendous job of preparing your mind before setting off on your money-making quest.

But for now, here are my own 5 key steps that will enable you to adopt an awesome mindset and shoot for the stars…


#1: Set Your Goals – Lay The Foundations

Before you even start an online business, the very first thing you must do is write down a bunch of goals – both financial and non-financial ones.

By pulling goals from your head and listing them on paper, not only brings them to life, but they are also your “WHY” for getting started as an affiliate.

It’s all part of the affiliate planning process that will get the ball rolling for you.

Your 2-step goal plan:

Short-Range – Start with a list of small goals that you want to accomplish during the next 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days, and even 12 months from now.

They will act as “confidence boosters” and also building blocks for reaching bigger goals.

Long-Range – what are your goals for the next 3 – 5 years and in fact, for the rest of your life?

You’ve Gotta Keep Dreaming – Jim Rohn

Discover some awesome goal setting tips from Brian Tracy…


#2: Be Grateful – Head in a New Direction

Write down a list of everything in your life that you’re grateful for because when you feel a deep sense of gratitude, it will have a positive impact.

Your energy shifts and takes you in a whole new direction, attracting success.

I know it can be difficult to be grateful at times when you have bills coming out of your ears and life isn’t exactly going to plan, but when you practice gratitude, things do start to change.

It’s known as the ‘Law Of Attraction’. As cheesy as it sounds, it does work.

Have you ever watched ‘I Am Not Your Guru’ by Tony Robbins?

If you haven’t, it’s a MUST see because Tony walks you through a powerful process of gratitude.

Live Every Day With an Attitude of Gratitude – Tony Robbins

See one of Tony’s events to be inspired by the magical journey he takes you on…


#3: Be Laser-Focused – Stick With The Journey

At times, it can be ever so easy to fall for the surrounding distractions when you’re building a life-changing business on the web.

The distractions can be anything from TV to social media to your friends bugging you for a night out on the town, etc.

Unfortunately, these diversions can and will lead to failure.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t let your hair down from time to time, but your business MUST be your top priority each and every day without fail if you want success.

Work, FIRST. Playtime, SECOND. Got it?

Stop Focusing on Dumb Shit – Gary Vaynerchuk

Eric Thomas (ET) teaches you how to stay focused…


#4: Make Sacrifices – Be More Disciplined

I guess sacrifice is something that can also be tied in with focus.

Many folks want to become highly successful at earning an income online, but unfortunately, they adopt the wrong habits and take very little to no action.

People would rather spend a few more hours in bed instead of waking up earlier to build a business.

They would rather watch Game of Thrones or waste time on Instagram for a few hours per day instead of building something, etc.

This type of behavior generates ZERO results.

You don’t have to put your life on hold, but you must learn to make short-term sacrifices now for a lifetime of financial freedom.

You Must be Willing to do The Things Today, Others Won’t do, in Order to Have The Things Tomorrow, Others Won’t Have – Les Brown.

We only get one life, my friend!…


#5: Be Willing to Fail Your Way to Success

When you fail at something, it’s a really painful experience and makes you want to throw in the towel.

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve failed as a blogger, but it’s those failures that lead to an income on the internet because I was so determined to succeed.

Unfortuantely, there is no straight road to success, and failure will always be a part of life. But when you’re prepared to fail, you will accomplish amazing things down the road.

You Gotta be Willing to Fail… If You’re Afraid of Failing, You Won’t Get Very Far – Oprah Winfrey.

Be inspired by well-known successful people who were willing to fail…


Wrapping it up…

Becoming an uber-successful Super Affiliate is by no means an easy road to travel along because you will be faced with obstacles to overcome throughout the journey to financial freedom.

But others have succeeded and so can YOU.

So if your heart is set on building a thriving business as an affiliate marketer.

You will need to set some goals, feel grateful for what you have, focus on the journey, make a number of sacrifices, be willing to fail, and also work extremely hard.

Once you develop the right mindset, a full-time income is yours for the taking.

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts on what it takes to become a Super Affiliate, we’d love to hear from you below…

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