5 Secrets to Connect With Anyone as an Affiliate Marketer

How you connect and communicate online or even offline as an Affiliate Marketer determines your level of success.

It influences every relationship you build with your audience as well as other marketers, and how much money you make online in the long term.

5 Secrets to Connect With Anyone as an Affiliate Marketer

Your income can be significantly limited if you’re unable to connect and create relationships with others, whether it’s through Skype, other internet marketing strategies or meeting marketers in person at conferences such as the ‘Affiliate Summit’.

Here’s a question: How often do you practice the art of influence, in general?

Most of the time, you will simply wing it and learn as you go. I think all of us do.

But unfortunately, many of us pick up bad habits without even realizing it, that can destroy conversations and quite possibly alienate folks.

However, being able to understand how human behavior relates to your online business can give you a big advantage over your competition.

So when you’re communicating with folks on the web or either face-to-face whenever the opportunity arises, I’m gonna share 5 extremely powerful secrets to help you connect with your potential buyers and business partners.

Yeah, there are plenty of techniques for earning money as an affiliate, but I want to share something a little different that can allow you to form more personal connections for building a successful business.

Sound cool?

Let’s dig in…

#1: Subtle Cues

Man and Woman in a Meeting With a Laptop and Tablet

When someone is talking to you, their subconscious is on the lookout for whether you’re actually interested in them or not. It’s used as a defense mechanism so they don’t get hurt or feel embarrassed.

Our brains basically see everything when we are in conversation mode, from the words spoken to facial expressions to body language.

TIP: When you’re engaged in conversation, never look away for more than a few seconds, whether it’s at the floor or any other distraction around you.

And especially don’t stare at your smartphone either. Well, unless you’re punching in their number LOL.

Because otherwise, it makes the other person feel as though you have a lack of interest in what they’re saying and will affect their confidence. It sabotages the conversation.

Always give the individual your full attention.

#2: Filler Comments

Scrabble Letters Spelling Words

Never use one-word filler comments that don’t align with what somebody is discussing with you.

It’s words like: yeah, cool, sweet, awesome, gotcha, and right, etc.

These are general phrases you use when you’re “pretending” to listen, and they can be distracting for the other person. Not to mention obvious and disrespectful.

TIP: Always listen to others and make the effort to engage in conversation with them. As the saying goes: Treat others how you would like to be treated.

#3: It’s Not About You

Woman Holding a Sign Saying Me Too

Don’t you just hate it when you speak to some folks and the conversation is always about “me, me, me”? I have family and friends who are just like that. It’s so annoying!

TIP: So when you’re having a conversation with someone, let the spotlight shine down on “them” instead of you.

Because if you consistently interrupt their story by relating it to your own life and business experiences, it’s extremely frustrating for the other guy or gal who’s trying to speak.

Not just that, but you will destroy any chances of building a great relationship with that person and they will also be hesitant to talk to you again in the near future.

#4: Don’t be a Know it All

Do Not be a Know it All Like Google

When we talk to others, we sometimes love to be “Google” and show them just how educated and knowledgeable we are on particular topics. It can be a great way to impress folks, but unfortunately, we can sometimes get carried away and go over the top.

Many seasoned marketers can also find it difficult to take advice on board because they feel as though they should be the only ones dishing it out, to newbies, especially.

TIP: Take a step back and listen to what others have to say on certain subjects because it will make them feel more valued and they are more likely to do business with you.

Besides, nobody likes a Mr. or Mrs. Know it All do they? 😛

#5: Plan Ahead

Woman Writing in a Journal

If you’re the kinda man or woman who gets nervous and freezes up during conversations, then it’s an awesome idea to plan your discussions and questions out in advance.

This process isn’t to turn you into a robot, but to ease your mind so you can get out of your head and enjoy a natural convo that’s free-flowing.

TIP: Ask the right questions that are not evasive, but make the individual pause for a moment to think of a response.

This will do two things. Firstly, the discussion will be interesting. Secondly, it will also be a totally memorable one for both of you.

The Bottom Line…

There are many amazing ways that will help you to build a successful affiliate business on the internet – Blogging, SEO, sales funnel building, PPC, YouTube, and email marketing, to name a handful of the main ones.

But sometimes, there will be opportunities for you to build rapport with potential customers, newbie marketers wanting to start off on the right foot, and also seasoned marketers for creating joint ventures with.

So it’s important for you to learn how to engage with people, the right way.

The best thing about striking up conversations online or offline as an affiliate is the fact that you can just act like your normal self when making that connection with others.

Unfortunately, flipping the “robot mode” switch on (which is something that a lot of Network Marketers/MLMers are guilty of) will do you and your business more harm than good.

Show people that you’re a real person who cares more about them than peddling products and Biz Opps.

So always remember to give folks your full attention, avoid using filler comments, make the conversations about “them”, refrain from being a know it all, and also plan ahead if you want to influence everybody you speak to and build a profitable biz.

Here’s to your success…

Your Friend, Neil 😀

(This article was written after following one of Chris Luck’s videos here).

If you have any questions or thoughts on making connections and influencing people, we would love to hear from you in the comments section below…

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