5 Simple Affiliate Growth Hacks You Can Start With Today.

Growth hacking is a serious game-changer for today’s affiliate marketer. Many folks know that it’s completely different from the traditional old school marketing practices, but how and why?

And more importantly, what does the concept even mean?
5 Simple Affiliate Growth Hacks You Can Start With Today
Growth hacking is basically experimenting across multiple internet marketing avenues for identifying the most effective ones for building an online business and generating affiliate revenue.

The best way to fully understand the advantages of it and experience its effectiveness is to actually practice growth hacking yourself. 😛

Now, let’s jump right into the 5 simple growth hacks that you can get started online with today for building a successful business as an affiliate…


#1: Start a Blog – Be in With The “Cool” Gang

Someone on a Laptop Blogging Using WordPress
I know what you might be thinking: “Woah, Neil, hold your horses for a second! Why use an outdated blogging strategy instead of focusing on much newer strategies?

Well, building a free blog is in fact, still the best, smartest, and most effective tool for affiliates to build highly lucrative businesses. Period.

Blogging has exploded and is even more popular today than ever before.

Writing blog content is and always will be King because there are billions of people searching Google and other search engines for information on numerous topics and looking for solutions to their problems.

So it’s an opportunity to reach out to folks with helpful content and also reviews on various products or services for affiliate commissions.

But in order to reach the right people with your blog posts, it’s essential that your content is based on specific keywords because it’s how you’re gonna get rankings in Google and attract a “targeted” audience of buyers.

The only way to conduct keyword research effectively and attract thousands of organic visitors to your blog is to use a keyword tool. Get 30 free keyword searches here for starting off on the right foot.

And if you need step-by-step training and support for getting a blog started and writing content, then check out my top #1 recommendation – You can begin your journey for free!


#2: Build a Personal Brand – Stand Out

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Today’s top growth hackers are well-known Entrepreneurs like Gary Vaynerchuk, Russell Brunson, and Neil Patel, to name a few.

These guys didn’t just attempt to build businesses like typical folks, but they focused heavily on digital marketing strategies for growing their personal brands and becoming highly successful Webpreneurs.

Some of the techniques include social media, sales funnel building, email marketing, and blogging.

So if you can do the same and get your name out there via various marketing platforms, then you can also kill it and become a small-time celebrity within your niche.

However, it’s not gonna be an easy road to travel. There will be a lot of hustling involved and obstacles to overcome.

But the journey will be so worth it!

You already have a computer and an internet connection as your building blocks for your personal brand.

So get to work on promoting yourself and building your authority in the digital space.


#3: Acquire Email Addresses – Money’s in The List

A Group of Email At Signs
Email marketing is always gonna be an awesome lead generation and growth strategy for your biz.

With 3 times as many active users than all social media channels combined, being 40 times more effective than Facebook and Instagram, and also having 3 times the purchasing power of social media, you can understand why email marketing is so effective.

Yeah, it’s a digital marketing technique that’s been around since the stone ages, but it’s always growing because people are still using email in this day and age.

So to grow a big email subscriber list, you can simply create an opt-in form for your blog or use a tool like ClickFunnels for building awesome landing pages and sales funnels.


#4: Hire a Growth Hacker – The Easy Route

A We Are Hiring Sign Hanging on a Red Wall
Now, if really wanna shortcut your way to huge online success, then you can hire a growth hacker for outsourcing the work on your business.

But just know that these individuals don’t grow on trees for easy pickings.

There are a number of marketers, especially on social media, who have watched a couple of YouTube videos and then claim to be so-called “expert Guru” growth hackers LOL.

So be careful when it comes to these guys n’ gals who are trying to pull the wool over your eyes for easy money in their own pockets.

Thoroughly do your homework on each marketer so you’re not hiring some amateur or even worse, a fake!

As well as looking for good outsourcers on social media, the Fiverr marketplace can also be a good starting point.


#5: Understand Your Metrics – See What Works

Pie Chart and Bar Chart on a Laptop Screen
Growth hacking is all about being obsessed with your metrics so you can easily see the most effective strategies vs the not so effective ones.

It’s crucial that you really understand the metrics like Click-Through rates, open rates, bounce rates, and conversion percentages, etc, because then you will know the exact strategies for moving forward with and which ones need improvements.

At the end of the day, building an online business is about trial and error. And being able to understand the data will put you in a much stronger position as a marketer.


The Bottom Line…

Growth hacking is ever so simple and easy to get started with. However, the hardest part about it is actually putting in the hard work and investing a lot of your time to make your affiliate marketing venture an absolute success.

There are numerous digital marketing techniques for taking advantage of, and the 5 I’ve highlighted in this article are just some of the main ones for making you profitable.

Whether you choose to focus on one or two or even all of them is your choice.

My personal favorite methods at the moment are blogging and implementing the concept of SEO for lots of free traffic to my authoritative website (this blog).

I then plan on using sales funnels and email marketing for further expanding my brand and multiplying my profits as an affiliate.

So we all have different preferences as marketers at the end of the day.

The question is, which one(s) are you gonna start with first above?

But before you decide…

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Here’s to your success…

Your Friend, Neil! 😀

(My Thanks goes to the founder of this program for inspiring me to write this article).

If you have any questions, thoughts, tips or even successes that you wish to share with us on growth hacking, then we’d love to hear your comments below…

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