5 Steps to Creating a Profitable Email Marketing Campaign.

As an internet marketer, do you wish you could get profitable and awesome results with your email marketing campaign? Well, you’re certainly not alone because every marketer does.
5 Steps to Creating a Profitable Email Marketing Campaign
So today, I’m gonna be sharing 5 steps that you can follow for creating an extremely profitable marketing strategy for your online business, whether you’re an affiliate marketer or involved in any other type of biz on the web.

Without further ado, let’s dive right into the 5 techniques you should be using as an email marketer…


#1: Address The “Who” & The “What”

Who and What Written on a Chalkboard With a Question Mark
Each and every email that goes out from your autoresponder must clearly tell your subscribers’ who it’s from and what the contents is about because email marketing is all about “relationship building” with your audience.

So it’s extremely important to implement these two simple techniques:

#1: FROM – This should indicate who it is your subscribers’ have a relationship with and also who they expect to hear from when you’re making contact.

Always use your real first and last name to create a personal connection with your followers.

#2: SUBJECT LINE – Just like when writing blog posts or creating ads, your email subject lines should indicate what your readers are about to read before clicking to open up your messages.

Your subjects should be short, sweet, and to the point – giving your audience just enough information.


#2: Proofread Your Emails

Spelling Mistakes Highlighted by Red Pen
Sending out emails with typos in the subject lines or even in the main bodies can feel a little embarrassing and make you all rosy-cheeked. I guess it happens to the best of us though.

But if you have never made a spelling mistake, then you must be one of the lucky few. However, there’s still time lol.

To avoid typos in your content, there are a few things you can do keep your email campaign running like clockwork without any disruptions.

#1: Read your email copy twice. Firstly, read it normally from top to bottom. Then read it a second time from bottom to top.

It sounds crazy, but when reading your email an entirely different way round is gonna make it an easier to pinpoint your errors.

#2: Recruit a friend or family member with a keen eye for detail who can also proofread your content. Sometimes it’s better to have a second fresh pair of eyes because they may pick up on mistakes you miss.

#3: Use a spellchecker, but not just any old checker since the majority can be pretty pants, to say the least.

You should get the Grammarly tool because it’s like a spellchecker on steroids – it rarely ever misses a mistake and works wonders for my own WordPress blog content.


#3: Use Links & Call to Actions

Buy Now Call To Action
Once your subscribers know exactly who their emails are from, then it’s time to dive right in and take ACTION, ACTION, ACTION!!!

You wanna include links that are gonna enable your readers to access more info, whether it’s sending them to a piece of content on your blog or affiliate links promoting products/services, etc.

Because at the end of the day, email marketing is also about providing solutions to problems that can be turned into affiliate commissions, right?

If your emails don’t contain links, then you’re basically leaving money on the table.

And also be a little creative with your Call to Actions/links by using bold text, testing out different text colors, and adding buttons if you wish for drawing more attention and enticing your readers to click.

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#4: Test & Optimize

Recording Internet Marketing Results on Paper
Every email you send is gonna give you the chance to learn more about your subscribers’ and their needs.

So test your emails using various elements. But only use one element per email test for easily being able to understand your audience much better.

Monitor open rates, click through rates, sales numbers, and also the number of subscriber replies you get, etc. You’ll get to see a clear picture of your subscribers’ habits and find out what truly works the best.

In addition, you should go mobile because 48% of emails are now opened up on smartphones and tablets.

So ensure to use a mobile template and make your emails eye-catching for mobile users.


#5: Quality Check Your Subscriber List

A Man Comparing Two Apples
Your success and failure as an email marketer also depends on the “quality” of your subscribers’.

So really ensure that your leads are targeted ones who are interested in reading your emails. Make your landing page and ads highly relevant to what you’re offering, and also compose your emails to reflect that.

In addition, you should clean up your email list by removing duplicate, invalid, and also low-quality email addresses. NeverBounce is a great tool for scrubbing your list prior to sending follow-ups and broadcasts.

My final tip of the day is to never be persuaded to buy or rent an email list because the chances are you’ll get a whole bunch of “untargeted” subscribers who won’t take action and are far more likely to report you for spam.


My Final Thoughts…

Email marketing can be an amazing method for building a successful web-based business, but it has to be done the right way for it to be effective in the first place.

So whether you’re just starting out and need some basic guidance or you’re currently an email marketer who thinks he or she is doing it all wrong, then follow the 5 steps in this article for putting you on the right path to success with your campaign.

Here’s to your success…

Neil 😀

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If you have any questions or thoughts that you’d like to share on using email for building your biz, we’d love to hear from you below…

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