$500 Daily With EZ Bay Payday?! Hmm… [Reviewed]

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EZ Bay Payday is another one of those “make money online” Clickbank products making pretty bold income claims of $500 dropping in your pocket daily from eBay.

But is this really doable or just some more of that far-fetched Bullcrap you hear from the “get-rich-quick” trash online?

If you’re seeking a truthful answer, then I’m inviting you to read this unbiased review!

Is Five Hundred Dollars Daily With EZ Bay Payday Real Reviewed
Quick Overview:

Name: EZ Bay Payday (EBP).

Website: ezbaypayday.com.

Cost: $47 + Upsells.

Owner: Steve Richards.

My Score: 1/10.

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So, What’s EZ Bay Payday About?

The ‘EBP’ sales pitch claims the creator of the products rakes in $2,483.94 every single day from eBay’s eCommerce and online auction platform.

According to the guy in the sales video, you’ll only need to do 20 minutes of so-called work per day tapping into a “life-changing website” called eBay for $500 rolling into your account daily!

Apparently, ‘EPB’ is a “secret system” that’s fully automated and doesn’t require any specialized skills in order for you to fire your boss, escape the rat race, and generally live the life of Riley, blahdy blah.

In other words, you can make an absolute fortune from being a lazy bum ass online lol.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but the sales pitch is nothing but hype selling you “the dream”.

There’s no such thing as “the lazy man’s” approach to reeling in a boatload of cash on the interweb because the idea is nothing but a myth used by tricksters to exploit newbies.

‘EBP’ really no different from any of the other “get-rich-quick” stuff on Clickbank, like Daily Cash Siphon, Profit With Alex, and CB Cash Code, to name a few.


But before we get down the nitty-gritty of the ACTUAL ‘EBP’ product itself and whether or not it provides any VALUE, let’s explore more Red Flags raised by the sales video…


4 Things That Triggered Alarm Bells!

With the amount of experience I have online makes it really easy to pick up on the warning signs that scream “stay the heck away!”

So when it comes to the ‘EBP’ sales page and video, here are a few shady manipulative tricks I discovered right off the bat, that you should be cautious of.

#1: There’s the whole “you’ve been invited to watch this presentation because you’re in the United Kingdom” (or whichever country you’re from) thing.
EZ Bay Payday Scam Tactics
It’s basically a ploy to single you out and make you think the presentation’s just for you and the folks who reside in your country.

The page uses some kinda geo-tracking software to make you feel “extra special”.

But don’t feel honored or privileged because the truth be told, ‘EBD’ is available to ANYONE in a country that’s able to purchase the product through Clickbank.

#2: And then there’s the “limited positions available” thing.
EZ Bay Payday Fake Spots Remaining Scarcity
Well, since the product’s always available to purchase and especially when the “spots remaining” number is always the same whenever you land on the site, it’s a load of Baloney!

This is just a “scarcity” tactic used in the WRONG manner.

Put simply, the product creator has created a completely false sense of urgency in order to rake in as much cash as possible for him or herself, whoever they might be.

#3: The creator “Steve Richards” is nothing but a fictional character.
EZ Bay Payday Fake Owner
How do I know?

Because the small print at the bottom of the ‘EBP’ sales page says so lol.
The EZ Bay Payday Owner is a Pen Name
But even if I wasn’t informed of this, there’s still no circumstantial proof of Mr. Richards actually existing anyway.

If I had to guess, I’d also say the video’s narrator is a paid voice-over from Fiverr.

Unfortunately, this is a common practice among scammers and sup-bar product creators these days because it means they get to hide like cowards.

Ask yourself, if ‘EBP’ really is the “life-changing system” you’ve been praying for, then how come a pen name’s used? Hmm…

#4: Last but not least, each and every member testimonial inside the video is as fake as Barbie Girl!

The members’ all claim they’ve made substantial amounts of money using ‘EBP’ and can’t brown nose the system and Richards enough lol.

Meet “Lynn Andrews”, who, by the way, has a REALLY bad English accent considering she’s from Stoke-on-Trent where my uncle lives.

EZ Bay Payday Fake Member Testimonials
Trust me, she’s not a local. She’s more than likely an American, after hearing her speak. LMFAO!

But wait!

Here’s the same woman again selling her “spokesperson” Gigs on Fiverr…
EZ Bay Payday Fake Testimonials From Fiverr
Her name’s NOT “Lynn Andrews” and she’s NEVER made a single penny from ‘EBP’ either. I GUARANTEE it!

Also, the sales page’s small print claims the “testimonials and case studies are results from the Easy Insta Profits product“.

For starters, that’s 100% untrue because I’ve just called those members out as total fakers from Fiverr.

And Secondly, ‘Easy Insta Profits’ is advertised as another “get-rich-quick” product that just provides a bunch of vague video tutorials.

So I don’t see how anyone could ever become profitable using its training, if I’m being totally honest.


What’s “Really” Going Down With EZ Bay Payday?

It may or may not come as a surprise to you that ‘EBP’ does actually provide you with some form of product once you’ve handed over 47 of your hard-earned bucks.

But expect to be disappointed. VERY disappointed, buddy!

First of all, there are 4 steps to follow for starting up your web-based Biz, apparently.

#1: Watch the introduction video which is more about squeezing extra cash out of you for upsells than anything else.

#2: View a free webinar which has absolutely nothing to do with eBay because it leads you into John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System.

Don’t get me wrong, John Crestani has created some invaluable internet marketing training resources like Internet Jetset here.

But it’s not what you expect to find when you join ‘EBP’

#3: You’re told to grab a free website. Except that couldn’t be further from the truth because you’ll need to pay $5.95/month billed every 12 months followed by extra expenses for other website services you choose.

#4: You’re encouraged to purchase the ‘CB Cash Code’ product here, which has no relevance to eBay, whatsoever.

Basically, every step you follow is to make the product creator profitable and NOT YOU, unfortunately.

And then after the steps, follows 11 video training modules.

The videos cover various aspects of getting started with Dropshipping. But they’re pretty vague which means you won’t get very far with building a Biz as a noob.

In fact, the video modules are from YouTube for “free”. So quite clearly, you’re gonna get ripped off if you invest in ‘EBP’.


Final Take: Is EZ Bay Payday a Scam?…

A Big Thumbs DownIn reality, creating a profitable online business takes a considerable amount of time and effort, whether it’s eCommerce, Dropshipping, Affiliate Marketing or MLM, etc.

So the notion of generating $500 per day from eBay products doing very little to no work is a misconception.

Unfortunately, ‘EBP’ is a pile of Bullsh*t because not only does it try to fool you with some non-existent “dream get-rich-quick” system and a bunch of manipulative tactics, but the shameful scam artist behind it only has one bank account in mind. THEIRS!

I also think ‘EBP’ is a rehashed product because it seems to have ties with CB Cash Code and Easy Insta Profits, which are both crap products designed by the same person, in my opinion.

So be cautious if you ever run into those products too.

I would LOVE nothing more than to brand ‘EBP’ as a full-blown scam!

But it’s ONLY the fact that Clickbank offers you a 60-day refund, which is why I’m classing the product as a Borderline Scam.

The Bottom Line: ‘EBP’ really has nothing of use to offer anyone. The sole purpose of it is so the dirtbag creator can “cash in” themselves from scamming the pants of vulnerable folks like you.

Let’s just hope that the people running Clickbank actually come to their senses one day and stop allowing newbies to be lured in by such crap.

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts to share on ‘EBP’ – We’d LOVE to hear from ya below…


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