$567/Day With Residual Income Code? YAY or NAY?

A huge welcome to my review!

The Residual Income Code boldly claims you can flood your PayPal account with commissions of up to $567 per day!

But is this just another BS far-fetched “get-rich-quick” system or is it gonna deliver the goods just like Santa Claus every Christmas Eve? LOL.

In order to give you the inside scoop and tell you what’s really going down, I created my own free account with the system.

So grab my honest and unbiased review for the answers you’re looking for!

3 Figures Daily With The Residual Income Code Review
Quick Overview:

Name: The Residual Income Code (RIC).

Website: theresidualincomecode.com.

Cost: Free (apparently).

Owner: Jon Moss.

My Score: 4/10.

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What’s The Residual Income Code About, Huh?

The ‘RIC’ landing page claims some underground super affiliate is giving you his “copy n’ paste” system you can use for raking in $27 – $567 per day in INSTANT affiliate commissions.

But right out of the gate, that comes across as totally deceptive, in my book.

I dunno about you, but I think $27/day sounds more realistic, especially from a “newbie” perspective.

And apparently, you can create an account, for FREE!


In my experience, nothing’s ever free in the world of Internet Marketing, particularly when it comes to some magical “too good to be true” system promising you riches.

Don’t get me wrong, you can start a Biz for free on the internet.

But in order to succeed online, you always have to fork out for the resources you need.

Let’s get back to the program in question…


How The Residual Income Code Works

Once you follow the 3 simple sign-up steps, you’ll gain access to a membership area which looks like this.
The Residual Income Code Members Area
Inside the members’ area, you’ll discover a ‘Quick Start’ video and also 3 steps (along with videos) to complete for setting up your ‘Done-For-You’ system.

  1. Copy n’ Paste Your Way to $27 – $567 Per Day
  2. Automate Your Profits
  3. 10X Income Accelerator

But you see, here’s the catch…

While ‘RIC’ maybe advertised as some “free” system, it’s actually far from it because in order to follow the steps for creating your system, you’ll need to splash out on some tools and programs (via Jon Moss’s affiliate links).


Step #1: Copy N’ Paste Ads

There’s a product called Engagely which provides you with 100+ ‘Done-For-You’ social media ads for apparently making you up to $567/day using a copy n’ paste system.

This costs $27 + a one-time sellers fee of $13 for the privilege of earning multiple $27 (100% commissions).


Step #2: Automation

You create an account with Aweber which is an autoresponder service for managing email leads. Aweber starts at $19/month.

And then you grab an account with Online Sales Pro which is a landing page builder for creating a list of email leads. This will start from $25/month.


Step #3: Acceleration

You’ll need to sign up for Easy 1 Up which is an MLM selling Internet Marketing training products and is designed to pay you from $250 – $1,000 in commissions.

But since it’s an MLM, you’ll also need to invest in the products from $25 all the way up to $2,000.

In addition, Jon encourages you to get an account with Clickmagick for tracking clicks, conversions, and revenue through your system. The price starts at $12/month.

So looking at the overall costs, you can’t exactly say ‘RIC’ is $0 or even as cheap as chips.

Once you buy into all these services + MLM opp and also plug your affiliate links for those resources into the ‘RIC’ system, you’re then ready to promote ‘RIC’ and earn from folks who also follow in your footsteps.

Personally, I’m not a fan of these “plug n’ play” type of systems because you’re restricted to the “make money online” niche – peddling a system for somebody else.

Earn Easy Commissions, Yoonla, and Wifi Wealth System are all the same – they give you ZERO freedom to build a business of your own.

You’re basically peddling these systems for the sake of turning a buck and nothing more.


The other thing I DISLIKE about ‘RIC’ is the fact that it’s costly, especially when you’re forced to plug into an expensive MLM like Easy 1 Up (which some consider as being a “money-making scheme”).

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The Training & Support Inside ‘RIC’

In my opinion, one of the best aspects of ‘RIC’ is actually the training and also support resources available to you as a free member.

Under the ‘Training Center’ tab, there are numerous Checklists, PDFs, and a selection of video tutorials on setting up your system as well as sending paid traffic to it.
The Residual Income Code Training
For starters, there’s guidance on Engagely, Aweber, Online Sales Pro, Clickmagick, and Easy 1 Up – from creating an Aweber list to designing squeeze pages to setting up a custom email address and tracking domain, etc.

To add the cherry on top, there’s also a bunch of ‘Done-For-You’ emails provided for your Aweber campaigns.

When it comes to the targeted traffic part, there’s a couple of videos on Udimi and Traffic For Me for buying paid email traffic via solo ad marketers.

Solo ads can work out quite costly but if you choose high-quality vendors, there’s the potential to rake in the profits.

But at the same time, it also depends on whether your squeeze page(s) convert or not. So there are variables to consider.

In fact, check out ‘108 Proven Split Test Winners’ if you really wanna learn HOW to produce high-converting squeeze pages/funnels.

When it comes to the support side of things with ‘RIC’, there’s an exclusive Facebook group to join.

In addition, Jon Moss offers you a 1-hour coaching session for setting up your system and scaling your income. But unfortunately, it comes with a $250 price tag via PayPal.





  • The system is ‘Done-For-You’
  • Free training & resources for starting off on the right foot
  • The opportunity to earn multiple streams of income
  • Jon provides help & support via Facebook & a coaching call


  • The whole system is expensive to set up (especially when Easy 1 Up is involved)
  • To get your Biz off the ground can cost extra $100s for solo ads
  • Jon’s coaching call is costly
  • There’s no freedom to choose your own niche – You promote what you buy into
  • The $567/day income claim is misleading


Final Thoughts: Is Residual Income Code a Scam?…

A Big Thumbs DownIn my opinion, The ‘RIC’ is 100% legitimate.

I like the fact Jon makes it easier for you to get started online and also provides guidance as well as support for getting your system up and running – ready to be profitable.

But with that said, ‘RIC’ gets a thumbs down from me for a few very good reasons.

Firstly, Jon claims his system is “free”, but sadly it’s only part-truth because you actually need to invest in a bunch of services and a biz opp to make any money.

Secondly, I think the income claim of up to almost $600 on a daily basis is a little deceptive, from a newbie standpoint anyway.

Yeah, it’s totally doable, but you’ll need to chuck $100s/$1,000s into solo ads for MANY months in order to build a list big enough for those 3-digit daily affiliate commissions.

Thirdly, I’m no fan of Easy 1 Up or even MLM, in general, because not only is it an expensive game, but folks join for the “recruitment scheme” instead of the actual products.

Finally, I also consider ‘RIC’ as a “money-making scheme” since it attracts the wrong crowd – those looking to just make A LOT of money for the sake of it rather than putting the effort into building something meaningful.

The Bottom Line: ‘RIC’ is LEGIT but not recommended, in my book.

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts to share on ‘RIC’ – We’d LOVE to hear your comments below…

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