$60K/Year With 30 Minute Money Methods? Utter BS!

Welcome to my review of 30 Minute Money Methods!

Here we go again, another “get-rich-quick” scheme boldly claiming it’s a piece of cake for you to bank $60,000 per year without much effort on your part! *YAWN*

In addition to the outlandish money-making claims, it also raises a number of other red flags which I’m about to highlight in this post.

Is 30 Minute Money Methods Just a 30 Minute Scam
Quick Overview:

Name: 30 Minute Money Methods (30MMM).

Website: 30minutemoneymethods.com.

Cost: $37 + Upsells.

Owner: Shelly West (likely used as a stage name).

My Score: 2/10.

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What’s 30 Minute Money Methods All About?

Shelly West (probably a voice-over too) advertises her ’30MMM’ system as an easy-peasy way for you to rake in $500 every 30 minutes$50K per month$6oK per year!!

Apparently, all you have to do for the megabucks to roll in is work 30 minutes1-hour per day!

She then goes on to show you her own 12-month income proof using her system.
30 Minute Money Methods Fake Income Proof
But to be quite honest, everyone and their momma can learn to create or even pay for fake income screenshots to be produced on the web.

Shelly also fails to back up her claims with any REAL evidence which raises a red flag in my eyes.

In addition, she mentions other members of her system who are reeling in $1,000s (again, with no real proof) and talks about her “secret” to making an amazing income from home, blahdy blah.

She does a pretty good job at selling you “the dream lifestyle” but doesn’t explain any of the tasks involved.

To me, another red flag is hoisted because it’s used as a “curiosity” tactic for extracting a monetary investment from you.


How Does 30 Minute Money Methods Actually Work?

Watching the hyped up sales video spewing out utter nonsense, you would assume ’30MMM’ is a flat out scam. Right?

But to my amazement, Shelly does provide you with some training for your 37 bucks.

So you’ll be pleased to hear that she doesn’t do a runner with your cash like 100% of scam artists do. And especially since her product is listed on Clickbank anyway, you should be able to get a refund.

30 Minute Money Methods TrainingBehind the scenes of the system, there are 4 training PDFs to follow:

  1. Making Money From Online Voice-Overs
  2. Making Money Online With Stock Photos
  3. Making Money From Playing Games
  4. Making Money by Freelancing

In addition, Shelly recommends a web-hosting provider for building a website so you can earn an income from the 4 different methods she explains within the PDF guides.

However, the PDF training isn’t exactly up to par since there’s no “step-by-step” training on how to effectively implement the various strategies.

So there’s not a snowball’s chance in hell that you’ll make $500 every 30 minutes!

In fact, you’ll be lucky to make your first $50 – $100 online with the program.

To earn a $60K-per-year income isn’t as “easy” as Shelly makes it sound. You must learn to become a highly-skilled Internet Marketer (which takes time) for the big bucks.

The Bottom Line: Not only does Shelly blatantly lie to you within her sales video, but her training is insufficient for financial freedom, and the 4 “secret money-making methods” are no real secrets at all.


Extra Red Flags to be Cautious of

Returning to the cheesy sales video, there are a few more dubious aspects that should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Put simply, they are dirty tactics used to easily lure you into ’30MMM’ so you end up shelling out $37 (plus extra $$$ for upsells and web-hosting) for a low-grade program.

Firstly, all member testimonials are as fake as a wedding cake.

For example, see this guy here:
30 Minute Money Methods Fake Testimonials
And would you believe it, here he is again selling his “video” services on Fiverr!
A Male Fiverr Spokesperson
If Shelly’s system really brings home the bacon, then how come none of the testimonials are genuine? Hmm…

Secondly, names of a few successful members continuously scroll underneath the video (without proof).
30 Minute Money Methods Fake Member Payments
If the Famie, Arquimedes, Mike, Christelle, Lamar, and Meia (that’s if they’re real people) have just made their first few hundred bucks or even $1,000 – why haven’t they shot video testimonials?

More to the point, why hasn’t Shelly shown their surnames, faces, and stories? Hmm…

Thirdly, the comments underneath the video also come across as extremely laughable and as fake as a three dollar bill.
30 Minute Money Methods Fake Member Comments
There’s no proof that the comments are from REAL members. For all we know, Shelly has fabricated them for building a community to gain your trust (and money).

Another thing, when I entered my name and email to try to leave a comment of my own, I got diverted straight to the “sales page” to input my credit card details. Hmm…

If that’s not a slimy scam tactic for her to grab your email address and cash, then I don’t know what is! LOL.


Final Thoughts: Is 30 Minute Money Methods a Scam?…

A Big Thumbs DownAt the end of the day, ’30MMM’ walks you down the garden path and Shelly (or whoever the real creator is) is obviously desperate for your hard-earned dough.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not 100% a scam because you do get access to PDFs for your investment – even if the guidance is poor-quality lol.

The Bottom Line: ’30MMM’ is promoted as a “get-rich-quick” scheme that doesn’t live up to its promises and you’ll certainly struggle (especially as a newbie) to make a dime with the training.

Therefore, it’s not recommended.

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts on ’30MMM’, then please drop your comments below because we’d LOVE to hear from you…

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