7 Best Content Marketing Strategies For a Successful Niche Blog

Are you struggling to get your blog content out there to the masses?

In this article, you will discover 7 of the best content marketing strategies that you can leverage for attracting a lot of targeted visitors to your blog, so you can finally start building a highly successful business on the internet.
7 Best Content Marketing Strategies For a Successful Niche Blog
There are many novice bloggers (without the right knowledge) who assume writing a few blog posts and socially sharing their content is enough to get a ton of traffic, build their brands, and hit the jackpot with affiliate marketing.

But unfortunately, there’s a lot more to it because content marketing is a specialized skill consisting of numerous variables to take into account.

The 6 elements to consider when it comes to executing a successful content marketing plan:

  1. Identify objectives that impact your online business’s bottom line
  2. Determine what actions can help you achieve those objectives
  3. Pinpoint customer groups who are most likely to take action
  4. Create content marketing materials that will motivate each group
  5. Promote that content to those customer groups
  6. Evaluate how you did

Some elements may seem a little complicated, especially if you’re a newbie. But don’t worry because I’m about to break it all down into 7 sections and simplify the process for you. 😀

So if you’re prepared to learn 7 cool secrets for marketing your content online effectively and accomplishing the results you desire with your blog, please do pay very close attention and apply every strategy highlighted below.


Secret #1 – Plan Out Your Content

Desktop Computer Next to a Wall Calendar
Your First task requires you to jot down any blog post topic ideas that spring to mind within your chosen niche.

It’s also important to create a calendar for publishing posts on certain days of the week and also for keeping track of your content over the weeks and months that follow.

There are a number of different software programs and apps available for doing this on your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

But if you prefer the good old-fashioned pen and paper method, and an actual calendar or diary for planning your articles, that’s also fine.

You need to see a visual plan in front of your eyes each day because it will help to lay the foundations of your blog.


Secret #2 – Focus on Your Keywords

In a nutshell, a “keyword” is a word or a combination of words forming a phrase that folks are searching for online using main search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

With MILLIONS of searches performed each day (equating to at least a TRILLION searches every year) – it’s definitely a technique you must implement because if left ignored, you’re missing out on an incredible opportunity to attract a LOT of free organic traffic and generate affiliate commissions.

But how do you go about finding keywords for page 1 search engine rankings, huh?

You use a keyword tool to look for a specific long-tail keyword phrase and simply publish a blog post on the topic of that phrase.

The special party trick is to place the phrase once in the main title and once in the body of your content, preferably within your first paragraph. That way, your content will get ranked for people to find.

However, it has to be a phrase that generates traffic and one that you can easily rank for in Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

My recommended research tool below helps you to pinpoint the correct keywords for top rankings. You also get 30 free searches to start you off on the right foot…

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Secret #3 – Discover Engaging Content

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To gain awesome insights into hot topics to write about on your blog, you must visit ‘Question and Answer’ sites.

Whatever your niche, you can search for people who are requesting help and more information on specific topics, products, and services.

Compile a list of as many popular questions as possible and turn them into blog content – providing high-quality answers, and offering your readers plenty of valuable knowledge to take away.

I highly recommend Quora as the best ‘Q & A’ site to commence your thorough research.


Secret #4 – Think “Outside” of Social Media

Social media can be a good way to increase website traffic – whether engaging on Facebook, Tweeting, pinning on Pinterest, hacking Instagram hashtags or sharing your stuff on Google Plus, etc.

But you really must think further afield because there are far more effective ways to build your online business other than spending the majority of your time social networking.

For example, you can promote your blog using paid methods:

Yeah, these techniques will cost you, but think about the bigger picture and the positive impact it can have on your blog during the long term.


Secret #5 – Always Go For Quality & Quantity

Someone on a Laptop Blogging Using WordPress
There’s always an ongoing debate amongst bloggers on how quickly to publish blog posts and the length of articles (Quantity vs Quality).

Should you publish a 1 X 2,000-word post or 5 X 500-word posts?

The truthful answer is you should be consistently publishing quality content.

Both aspects really depend on your preferences as a blogger.

Some bloggers choose to publish one post per day (7 days a week), and others write one or two posts per week.

From my perspective, if you really want awesome results as a blogger, I recommend writing at least 1,000+ word articles and publishing 3 to 5 posts per week.

If you do this until your blog generates a reasonable flow of free organic traffic from Google + a substantial income, you can reduce your publishing frequency and continue to scale out your online business in a way that suits you.

However, just don’t start an online business through blogging and throw in the towel several months down the road because quitters never succeed. 😛

Whether you’re looking for the right tools, step-by-step training and 24/7 support for starting and building a profitable blog as an affiliate or you need all the support you can get for writing awesome content and making your current blog a success…

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Secret #6 – Have a Content Mash Up

You also need to think beyond producing great quality content because your posts need to be extra appealing to your readers to keep them engaged.

Spread images, infographics, videos, and also audios if you wish, throughout your posts. Use whatever methods you feel the most comfortable with, but ensure they provide value.

You have either the option to create your own videos/images/graphics/audios or share somebody else’s.

However, if you do share images belonging to others, ensure you have their permission to do so first or subscribe to a stock photo website that allows you to share photos for a cost.

I highly recommend Canva as an amazingly cheap place to start for blog imagery.


Secret #7 – Know Your Goals

The goal of marketing is to encourage more targeted people to engage with you on your blog and also buy into your recommendations.

Your blog content is an extension of your online businesses growth strategy.

So it’s important to set content milestones that lead to the growth of your affiliate marketing business.

This can be a specific number of blog posts within a certain time frame, website views, link clicks, and new customers, etc, generated from content.

Make plans for your goals, work towards them, and track your results too.


The Bottom Line….

Whether you’re just getting started with blogging or you need to be pushed in the right direction with your current blog – if you implement the 7 strategies outlined within my article and work hard, you will not only be a successful blogger but also a successful affiliate marketer.

Newbie bloggers who go into content creation with all guns blazing and without the correct training as well as solid plans of action drawn up, generally end up failing. Don’t let that be you.

Your Friend, Neil 😀

(This article was published after following training from Chris Luck’s Marketers Paradise program).

If you have any questions or thoughts that you’d love to share on the 7 content marketing techniques, we’d love to hear your comments below…


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