7 Figure Freedom Formula Review: (Is $10K/Month so Simple?)

Today, I’m reviewing the 7 Figure Freedom Formula.

Which boldly claims to be a “simple system” for generating 5 figures each and every month.

But as a newbie, will you really be able to earn $1,000s every 30 days or are the peeps behind the system yanking your chain?

Grab my truthful and honest review for the lowdown!

7 Figure Freedom Formula Review
Quick Overview:

Name: 7 Figure Freedom Formula (7FFF).

Website: 7figurefreedomformula.com.

Cost: $1 for a 7-day trial, then $48 – $29,997 + extra monthly fees!

Owners: Bill & Michelle Pescosolido.

My Score: 6/10.

But before taking another step further…

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What’s The 7 Figure Freedom Formula About?

When you land on the 7 Figure Freedom Formula website…

It asks for your email address in return for a free video that shows you a “secret formula for making $10,000+ per month“.

According to the squeeze page, you can earn anywhere from $1,250 to $5,500 in affiliate commissions per sale!

So a handful of those bad boys and you’re laughing all the way to the bank, baby!

But you see and hear about raking in 5 figures or more online quite often, with scams especially.

However, does that automatically dump ‘7FFF’ in the “hoax” category, huh?

Well, after doing some digging, you may be surprised to hear it’s actually legitimate. 🙂

But just because it’s ethical…

It doesn’t necessarily mean you should whack out your credit card for instant access to the system, and I’ll explain why in a jiffy.

So hang tight, bud!


How Are You Gonna Turn a Buck With The 7 Figure Freedom Formula?

In the video, Bill & Michelle Pescosolido (2 extremely successful Internet Marketers)…

Basically give you the rundown on how their system has transformed their lives and how it can yours too.

Within a couple of years, they’ve made over a STAGGERING $1M in commissions!
Bill and Michelle Pescosolido From 7 Figure Freedom Formula
And I actually believe them too, especially after seeing their names and faces all over Facebook, and folks praising the couple.


But How Does Their System Work, Huh?

They advertise their system as something that allows them to spend less time working and more time enjoying life.

You do get some rough idea of what’s involved:

Using Facebook and other paid methods for bringing in leads who get turned into commissions for you by trained coaches.

But Bill & Michelle don’t paint the full picture…

Leaving out in-depth information on the system and the products you’ll be promoting for BIG $!

However, with that said, I do like the fact they’re upfront with you when it comes to success on the sales page:

You must be willing to spend at least $50 a week on advertising, have a willingness to learn, and follow the training.

They also claim you can get started right away for a “crisp $1 bill“.

And then just another $48 one-time payment 7 days later if you like the program.

But if you’re gonna be getting your hands on a $10K-per-month money-making machine

Surely there must be more to it than a small $49 payment, right?

So, what’s the catch, huh?…


Time to Let The Cat Out of The Bag…

Unfortunately, $49 is just the tip of the iceberg…

In order to make MASSIVE commissions of up to $5,500, you’ll be required to fork out a TON of cash.

And I’m not just talking about a few hundred bucks here, but more like $10,000s!

“Say, Whaaa?!”

My thoughts exactly, my friend!

What ‘7FFF’ is, it’s basically an “affiliate doorway” site that takes you to MOBE (owned by Matt Lloyd).

Also author of the ‘WiFi Millionaire’ ebook.

MOBE is basically a ‘Done-For-You’ system selling “High-Ticket” coaching packages/products.

That teach you how to promote MOBE for big paychecks.

It’s set up as a ‘Plug n’ Play’ system…

Meaning, to keep increasing your affiliate commissions for the megabucks, you must become a “customer” at each level.


This is What MOBE’s Price List Looks Like:

  • Silver – $2,497 one time + $27 each month
  • Gold$4,997 one time + $64/month
  • Titanium – $9,997 one time + $121/month
  • Platinum – $16,667 one time + $198/month
  • Diamond – $29,997 one time + $295/month

And on top of that, there are your advertising fees which could easily run into $100s.

Not exactly the “$49 system” you hoped for, hey?

The “cost” is the main reason why MOBE has caused a lot of controversies and gets a lot of stick from ethical affiliates like me lol.

Now that you’re familiarized with ‘7FFF’, you might be interested to know other successful MOBE affiliates have also set up their own systems…

Carolina Millan (‘Laptop Lifestyle System‘) and Chris & Susan Beesley (‘Ultimate Retirement Breakthrough’), to name a couple of examples.

But then there’s trash like ‘My Online Franchise, UDC System, and ‘$500 Cash Club‘, to name a few.

Obviously created by a number of less successful MOBE affiliates.

Don’t get me wrong, I hold nothing against these folks rebranding MOBE.

But they’re not 100% honest with you from the get-go, which kinda peeves me off a little.

What do you reckon, should they be upfront about their $1/$49 systems?


My Final Say on 7 Figure Freedom Formula…

A Big Thumbs DownBill & Michelle Pescosolido have certainly been online for a while and seriously know their stuff.

So I genuinely applaud these folks, not just for their accomplishments.

But because they are awesome mentors to follow if you wanna strike gold on the web.

I’m not here to give 7 Figure Freedom Formula/MOBE a bashing, since the system is LEGIT and some peeps are profitable.

But MOBE really gets on my wick.

Because not only do affiliates hide the full cost of the program, but it charges everyone an arm and a leg just so they can pocket a pretty penny!

As a marketer myself, I’m pretty sure that’s how not to do affiliate marketing lol.

The truth be told…

You can start an online business for free, get all the training/resources you need for just $100s, and also promote affiliate products for free.

The Bottom Line:

‘7FFF’ gives you the potential to make money as a newbie. But it’s not recommended for the simple fact that it costs $10,000s.

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

Do you have any questions or thoughts that you’d like to share on ‘7FFF’/MOBE – We’d LOVE to hear your thoughts below…

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