7 Minutes Daily Profits Review: $500/Day From 420 Seconds?

Hey, young grasshopper – welcome to my 7 Minutes Daily Profits review! 🙂

This is a new Clickbank money-making product to hit the cyber streets.

It reckons you can reel in $100s per day from just 420 seconds of your time spent on the internet daily.

I dunno about you, but something definitely seems fishy about this “quick easy-peasy” approach to striking gold on the web.

But I guess you’ll soon discover the truth inside this unbiased post…

7 Minutes Daily Profits Review - 500 Dollars Daily From 420 Seconds
Quick Overview

Name: 7 Minutes Daily Profits (7MDP).

Website: 7minsdailyprofits.online.

Cost: Free, allegedly. Real price is $9 + Upsells.

Owner: Vince Howard (used as a stage act).

My Score: 3/10.

But before taking another step.

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What’s 7 Minutes Daily Profits All About?

According to the ‘7MDP’ sales video.

You’re gonna get your hands on some “free secret software” allowing you to make $500 days from just 7 minutes worth of work each day.
7 Minutes Daily Profits Get Rich Quick Hype
It’s SO amazingly awesome, that any inexperienced person can use the software.

All you do is pay a tiny $9 fee to cover sever costs and watch your bank account fill up with megabucks as easy as apple pie.

WOWZERS, you’re gonna me sticking rich – singing “I’m in the money…”

But hold ya horses for a sec and ask yourself this question:

If such “miracle systems” exist on the web…

Why isn’t everyone and their grandmother living a lavish lifestyle and doing the conga, like they’ve won the lotto?

I’ve been hunting down “get-rich-quick” systems since 1999 (YES, for the last 20 years lol) and I haven’t found a single one.

Put simply, ‘7MDP’ is designed to sell you a LIE so the person behind it can “cash in” at your expense, unfortunately.

But before I reveal what you ACTUALLY get for your 9 bucks…


Be Cautious of Extra Red Flags…

As with pretty much all hyped-up sales page videos you come across with these types of Clickbank products, there are numerous red flags raised.

So before being so quick to part with 9 of your hard-earned dollars for ‘7MDP’, you might wanna bear the following dirty tactics in mind.

First of all, the video spokesman and owner of the system claims to be “Vince Howard”.

Who, used to be a truck driver until he stumbled upon some “secret” that’s raked him in millions of dollars.

Except, there’s one teeny-weeny problem.

Vince fails to back up his identity and story with any tangible proof.

He’s just some bullsh*t “pen name” so the actual creator can hide like a coward.

While he or she takes plenty of unsuspecting beginners like YOU for mugs.

Secondly, there testimonials from folks who have made $100s in just hours to $10,000s in 4 short weeks.

Say hello to one of those profitable peeps.
Fake Member Testimonials
But lo and behold, here’s that same lady again selling her “spokesperson” services on Fiverr.
Testimonials From Fiverr
Ha, busted.

If ‘7MDP’ really is as true as the sky, then why is the creator pulling the wool over your eyes with testimonials that he or she has paid $5+ a pop for from Fiverr?


Thirdly, the price of the system being “free” is a blatant lie.

It’s nothing more than a lame “attention-grabbing” trick for making you watch the crappy video in its entirety.

If you wanna know the actual price of ‘7MDP’, it’s $9 to walk through the front door and then you’re hit with a couple of upsells squeezing you for more $$$.

Finally, there’s the fake-ass “limited spots available” scarcity.

This “urgency” tactic is designed for the owner to rake in as much cash as he or she humanly possibly can from vulnerable newbies.

The truth be told, the sales video and purchase page are staying put.

It doesn’t matter when you load up the ‘7MDP’ website in your internet browser, you’re fed the same old scarcity crap.

Whether or not you’re familiar with these red flags.

You’ll find the same slimy sales tactics pitched to you by the 24/7 Wealth Club, Cash Sniper, and Free Ad Cash System, to name other far-fetched products.


How 7 Minutes Daily Profits “Really” Works

I think it’s obvious by now that what’s sold to you throughout the entire hyped-up video is some “pipe dream”.

“So what the heck will I get for my $9, Neil?”

When you gain access to the product.

It’s a members’ area providing you with material on email and affiliate marketing, and also buying solo ads for driving paid traffic for building an email list.

Inside the course, you’ll first start off with solo ad training stretching across 8 videos that explain the ins and outs of the traffic method.


Next up, you’ll find a further 13 videos covering:

  • A/B Split Testing
  • Squeeze Page Secrets
  • 100 Clicks A Day
  • Bait Overview
  • Thank You Page Overview
  • Thank You Page Tips
  • Fill Your Value Ladder As An Affiliate (a concept covered inside ‘DotCom Secrets‘)
  • Clickbank Affiliate
  • Shareasale Affiliate
  • JVZoo Affiliate
  • Buying Your First Solo Ad
  • Getting Reviews From Solo Sellers
  • Solo Ad Tips

These videos offers some great in-depth information on the topics.

However, the training seems specifically aimed at marketers who are already clued-up on the internet marketing game.

So beginners may struggle to grasp the concepts in the videos.

And then comes creating your own squeeze page via the done-for-you page templates, signing up for a Getresponse email service account and integrating it.

However, most of the templates are extremely deceptive with headers reading:

Discover the easiest way to make $400 – $500 per day” to “earn $400+ per day by working only 1 hour“, etc.


In my opinion, if you’re gonna use these templates for sucking in “get-rich-quick” opportunity seekers.

Then you may as well not bother with list-building at all because it’s only gonna harm your reputation online in the long run.

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On top of that ‘7MDP’ training and also squeeze page templates, there’s some PDF guidance to follow on social media and Google traffic, and traffic hacks.

But don’t wet your panties with excitement because some of it’s outdated and also basic stuff you can locate online for “$0” anyways.


PROS vs. CONS of ‘7MDP’


  • It’s only $9, so won’t burn hole in your pockets
  • Video training offers some good info
  • Basic email support is provided
  • Clickbank offers a 60-day refund policy
  • Sales pitch is a classic example of the trash to avoid in future


  • Sales pitch is totally deceptive: Fake owner, scarcity, testimonials & income claims
  • Video training is more suited to seasoned marketers
  • Squeeze page templates will attract a “get-rich-quick” crowd to your email list
  • PDF guides are too basic – some even outdated
  • Extra fees are required + upsells


Conclusion: Is 7 Minutes Daily Profits a Scam?

A Big Thumbs DownIn my opinion, both YES and NO.

On one side of the coin, you get some good training and resources to take advantage of for only a small $9 fee.

Also, Clickbank gives you the chance to request a refund inside a 60-day window.

So I guess you can’t grumble at that.

But on the flip side.

I hate the fact that the sales video blatantly lies to you about some “magic bullet” system and also tries to lure you in with scammy sales tactics.

And then there’s the training which may prove difficult for “newbies” to make sense of and implement.

In addition to that, why on earth would you wanna make use of the “get-rich-quick” style squeeze page templates for building an email list?

By attracting the wrong crowd to your list, means you’re gonna have to become a “shady” affiliate marketer yourself by peddling garbage.

Wich, in turn won’t do much for your reputation or credibility as a marketer.


So on that note. Count me out. I don’t recommend ‘7MDP’

If you’re after a MUCH better alternative for making sustainable money online from a beginner standpoint…

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or experiences to share on ‘7MDP’, we’d LOVE to hear your comments below…


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