7 Steps to Increased Facebook Engagement and Affiliate Sales

Are you sick and tired of not seeing many people interact on your posts, and you actually wish you could start generating sales without paying for boosted posts and also running paid ads on Facebook, huh?

Do you wanna know the “special” social media secrets that the top Internet Marketers?

And also expensive marketing agencies are using for 6-figure monthly earnings for both themselves and clients, huh?
7 Steps to Increased Facebook Engagement and Affiliate Sales
Wanna learn how to build an affiliate marketing business, generate lots of customers, put affiliate commissions into your pockets, and also have TONS of FUN doing it, huh?

If you’ve answered “YES” to all 3 questions above.

Then I have prepared this special article for you on how to increase your Facebook engagement and get more sales – walking through various strategies for crushing it as a Facebook marketer. 😉

Are you ready for 7 awesome FB tactics?


#1 – Only Post Shareable Content

Two Ladies Sharing Their Smartphones
Whenever your targeted audience stops scrolling through their news feed to read your FB post, they should feel a strong urge to share it with their friends.

Your content must compel people to wanna share it. It should be considered as “Thumb Stopping”.

Your post could be breaking news, educational, hilarious, entertaining or perhaps even something that’s rarely seen elsewhere on the web.


#2 – Create Call To Actions

Just as you want to create content that’s shareable, it’s highly important to ask folks on FB to take action. Whether it’s posting a comment, liking, sharing, and also visiting the link to your blog, sales funnel or affiliate offer within the post.

Simply put, if you don’t ask, you don’t get!

If you don’t ask, you won’t create a successful business from organic FB marketing techniques. Simples.

For example; if you were to run a giveaway promotion on a FB post and you wanted it to get a LOT of exposure. You would ask your audience to:

  1. LIKE and SHARE
  2. Register at ABCD.com

People will do anything for a chance to grab something for free online or win a competition. 😉

And the cool part is when they go to register on your website, you can also market to them outside of FB.

Creating multiple “call to actions” within your posts is a genius idea for sales and income.


#3 – Mix up Your Content

Recording People on a Smartphone
There’s now a brand new window of opportunity with FB’s news feed algorithm if you use FB Live.

By implementing a higher ratio of live video content together with your normal FB fan page posts, it’s gonna dramatically increase both visibility of your page/posts and visitor engagement.

If you post a video at least 3 times per week, it will have a BIG impact on your internet business.

The best thing about creating live videos is that you don’t even need to star in them (unless you absolutely love being on camera). You can record pretty much anything that’s fun and engaging for Facebookers.

Simply just by being “live” on FB, you will crush it!


#4 – Make Your Video With No Sound

To maximize your video engagement, you must make your videos easy for peeps to understand, whether you’re using audio or not.

The key takeaway: when your audience is able to consume the contents of your video with the sound turned off, the chances of it creating engagement will be highly likely.

It’s a bit of a strange technique, but it’s a very effective one.

The awesome thing is that there are quite a few resources on the web for creating video captions.

A perfect example of this strategy would be to look up Gary Vaynerchuk (Gary Vee) on Facebook. He’s an amazing role model to follow when it comes to being hugely successful at creating social media videos. The guy has it down to an art!


#5 – Experiment With Instant Articles

Facebook Instant Articles Website
It’s been proven that articles load 10X faster when using the FB mobile phone app than links on the regular mobile internet.


Configuring Facebook “Instant Articles” is definitely something that you wanna implement as part of your online marketing campaign. 

Simply visit instantarticles.fb.com to get started right away.

It does take a lot of time to set up, but there are some big businesses utilizing the feature.

So it’s becoming very popular.

Instant Articles creates instant gratification which means more people are gonna read your content, share, comment, and like it.


#6 – Publish at The Right Time

If you’re not exactly getting the level of engagement that you want across your posts, then start focusing on different posting times.

Post “outside” of normal business hours during the evening time and also weekends especially.

Once you’ve spent a whole week posting at various hours throughout the day, you will find that perfect time that generates the most engagement.

Then it’s just a matter of sticking with the schedule that’s the most effective for you.

However, you can also “re-publish” your past posts. Not re-share, but re-publish!

If you look at popular posts on FB, you will discover that they are usually around the same posting times of 4 to 5 pm.


#7 – Spy on Other Pages

A Man Looking Through Binoculars
The beauty of internet marketing is that you can “spy” on the most successful marketers to gain insights into what’s working the best for them.

This is also referred to as Reverse Engineering.

You can also use a free tool such as SumoRank to analyze other FB pages for the most popular posts.

If there’s something that you find highly engaging, others will find it engaging on your fan page too. So start applying this strategy for some great results.


Let’s Quickly Recap…

So far you have learned about:

  • Special Facebook “thumb stopping” strategies that you can implement to stand out from the sheep herd in your news feeds.
  • 6 different types of posts for giving folks the urge to share your content with their FB friends and fan page followers.
  • A special “2-step” Call to Action for getting thousands of social engagements on any post you publish.
  • The latest algorithm loophole for making your FB posts go viral on the social media platform.
  • Why the legendary Gary Vaynerchuk (Gary Vee) creates highly successful posts and you don’t.
  • Facebook’s “magical hour” for generating maximum engagement on any of your posts.
  • A special free spy tool for analyzing the best type of content for any FB fan page.

If you’re a guy or gal who wants a rocket shoved up the ass of his or her FB fan page and also web-based business, then implement the strategies in this article.

Wanna learn about blogging, SEO, and other cool strategies for building a successful affiliate marketing business on  the internet?…

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

(This blog post is based on a video course found at Marketers Paradise).

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