700 Profit Club or SCAM Club? (Reviewed)

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Is this online money-maker a total scam to avoid like the plague or is it really gonna deliver what it states on the tin, huh?

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Is 700 Profit Club a Scam Club Reviewed
Quick Overview

Name: 700 Profit Club.

Website: 700profitclub.com.

Cost: $167.04 – $249.84.

Owner: Unknown.

My Score: 0/10.

Verdict: It’s both a web-hosting and get-rich-fast scam rolled into one platform. The hosting is massively over-priced and the website won’t make you a single cent.

But before finding out how you’ll be duped by the so-called Profit Club…

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What is 700 Profit Club All About?

You’re just one step away from an EASY UNTHINKABLE income of $723.67 per day. But you must hurry and act now before this opportunity slips away forever!…

So the bozos behind the 700 Profit Club (7PC) want you to believe lol.

‘7PC’ is what’s referred to as a “web-hosting scam”. You’re basically given free access to a pre-built website that’s apparently gonna be making you more than $700 each day (starting tomorrow morning), but there’s a catch.

You must pay a ludicrous hosting fee just for the privilege of promoting your new money making website. Except, your website won’t generate one single dollar because it doesn’t work.

Unfortunately, the fraudster who created ‘7PC’ also wants you to believe their website is worth several $1,000s so you assume you’re gaining access to something of high value on the web that’s gonna make you a fortune.

The real truth is that the site costs peanuts to create and the scammers are raking in the cash from ripping off peeps like you.


How Does The ‘7PC’ Scam Work?

First of all, you choose your brand new domain name. Fairly straight forward, right?
700 Profit Club Domains
(Please note: succeedwithneil.com is just for example purposes only. I do not own the domain).

Step #2 – You enter your billing info, choose a coolhandle web-hosting package, and submit your payment info. However, the hosting package costs aren’t exactly what you would call cost-effective.
700 Profit Club Hosting
To some folks, $4.95 per month for hosting may seem reasonable but it’s on a “36-month” payment plan.

The ‘7PC’ scammers even take the biscuit by suggesting your domain and setup are free, and even take things a step further by offering you a 50% discount.

There are additional plans available – $7.95/month on a “12-month” plan and $5.95/month on a “24-month plan”. But all 3 plans are rip-off prices!

I guess your hosting costs would be irrelevant if your website generated over seven hundred dollars on a daily basis (as promised in the hyped up sales video).

Unluckily, you would be throwing up to a few hundred dollars down the drain on some cheap and tacky BS website that’s not even SEO optimized and won’t generate traffic from Google.

My best guess is, you won’t be able to edit your website or even choose the affiliate products that you wanna promote. It will be more than likely a case of your website promoting the ‘7PC’ scam system itself.

In fact, your website may well be non-existent.

In my experience, when you invest in any type of scam online, you end up with diddly-squat!

When it comes to any “legitimate” web-hosting provider such as Hostgator, you will usually have the option to pay up to 10 bucks (billed monthly) or even choose from 3 – 36 monthly plans for hosting a free WordPress website (that actually works).


‘7PC’ Sales Video Red Flag Warnings

When you watch the “hyped up” video on the sales page, it’s transparent that there are various red flag scam warning signs giving the game away.

So if you’re a newbie to the world of making money online, I recommend taking note of these warnings.

#1 – Limited Member Positions

The creators of the hoax hosting program will accept only 15 new members per day for 30 days lol. The real truth is that no legit program ever places a “cap” on the number of members.

It’s an urgency strategy that works in favor of the ‘7PC’ owners. The aim is to scam as many vulnerable peeps as possible and rake in a sh*t TON of money.

#2 – Guarantee of an “EASY” $700 Daily

When it comes to earning money online from affiliate marketing, success is never guaranteed, and especially making an exact figure of $700 each day starting immediately from doing very little work lol.
700 Profit Club Fake Guaranteed Income Claims
It’s another dirty tactic aimed at lazy bum asses who are seeking out easy opportunities for getting incredibly rich, the FAST way!

If you want $700 commission days, you must be prepared to slog it out for months with blogging, build sales funnels, and also inject cash into Facebook ad marketing, etc, for big success.

#3 – Fake Student Earnings

Apparently, there are a number of students using the program who are generating $1,000s in income.
700 Profit Club Fake Member Testimonials
I’m willing to bet a pair of Limbos that “Heidi”, her location, income proof, and especially her photo are all fabricated.

In fact, her photo is more than likely from a stock image website, and whoever she is in real life, has never even heard of the ‘7PC’ lol.

#4 – Skepticism Techniques

The ‘7PC’ simply tells you a load of BS to make you feel at ease so that you lower your guard. They use your own skepticism against you, encouraging you to trust the program and buy into it.

Unfortunately, the video is deceitful and uses a number of tactical ” disarming language” strategies. Watch the video and you’ll know exactly where I’m coming from.

Oh, on second thoughts, don’t watch the video. You may be hypnotized lol.


Final Conclusion on The 700 Profit Club Scam…

A Big Thumbs Down‘7PC’ is both a hosting and a get-rich-quick scam rolled into one.

The web-hosting is a rip-off, your website is a pile of crap (if you actually receive one), and the ‘7PC’ sales video uses every dirty manipulative technique in the book for scamming the pants off you and walking away with a few hundred of your hard-earned dollars.

In my experience as an internet marketer, making $700 in daily income isn’t as quick and easy as the fraudsters of ‘7PC’ make it sound. You need to work hard for your online business to pay out.

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

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