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Owner of Zero To Affiliate Hero on The London Eye

Me, on the London Eye

Hello, friend, and welcome to my site!

I appreciate the visit! 🙂

I’m Neil – A 38-year young internet marketer from England (UK) and I’m here to help you start and build a profitable online business.

To know more about me and how I can help, please continue reading…

A Little Background Info

I first started my online money making journey way back in 1999 – I went from MLM to eBaying to Surveys to Affiliate Marketing (promoting Halloween costumes and Christmas decorations for Amazon).

Affiliate Marketing always proved to be the true winner, even though my commissions were only seasonal.

Unfortunately, I’ve also lost $100s on numerous scams over the years. So you could say, I’ve been there, done that, and even got the T-shirt.

But in 2013, I finally stumbled upon a legitimate internet marketing community (Wealthy Affiliate) that introduced me to a powerful concept called “Blogging” and showed me how to blog my way to real Affiliate success.

Why I Wanna Help Folks Like YOU!

Let’s face it, nobody wants to be stuck in a tiresome job, working under a sucky a boss, and getting paid next to nothing forever, do they?

One of my greatest passions has always been helping others, so I want to help you accomplish the life you deserve instead of allowing society to make all the choices for you.

Today, with the internet, there has never been a BIGGER opportunity for you to cut yourself free from the dreaded “Rat Race”, so I encourage you to grab it with both hands.

Why Did I Build This Website?

You may wonder why my site is called “Zero To Affiliate Hero”, right?

And no, it’s not because you’re a loser! LOL.

I’ve put this blog together for helping you to start an Affiliate Marketing business from ground zero (with zero cash down and zero experience).

Heck, you might already be an Affiliate who’s made zero commissions or you’re just sick and tired of constantly living from paycheck to paycheck with $0 fun money to spend.

Whatever that “zero” represents for you, I’m gonna help you to build a business that generates a full-time income, so you can become a Super Affiliate Hero and save the day. 😉

I wish you massive online success!

Neil (owner of  ZeroToAffiliateHero.com)

Owner of Zero To Affiliate Hero Swimming With Dolphins

Me, swimming with Dolphins in Jamaica

If you need a hand or have any further questions, please drop your comments below because I’d love to help you out…


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