Affiliate Millionaire Club Review: An Easy Path to Riches?

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Is this really a proven path to easily making all your wildest dreams come true using the power of the internet.

Or is it just another piece of scammy crap to distance yourself from, huh?

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Affiliate Millionaire Club - An Easy Path to Riches
Quick Overview

Name: Affiliate Millionaire Club (AMC).


Cost: $47/month + Upsells.

Owners: Mo (some random stage name).

My Score: 2/10.

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What’s Affiliate Millionaire Club All About?

According to Mo (the voice in the ‘AMC’ video), he’s set up your own affiliate website and reckons he “WILL” make you money.

In fact, after just a couple of minutes into his sales pitch, you’ve made an affiliate commission of $53.
Affiliate Millionaire Club Fake Affiliate Commissions
WOWZERS, a $50 commission in your pocket out of thin air is truly AMAZEBALLS, don’t ya think?!

Mo then babbles on about how he helped his friend who lost $23K on some BS Guru scam by giving him access to the same affiliate website.

Mo claims he did all the work for him, just as he’s gonna do for you today.

Apparently, his friend made over $4,000 in just one week from the affiliate site.

To follow in his footsteps, you just gotta spend 5 minutes creating your account with your smartphone, and then watch the dollars roll in.

I dunno about you, but I’ve never heard such utter bullsh*t in all my life.

Take it from someone who already owns an affiliate website (THIS blog) – such a “magical money-making” site requiring no work is a total myth.

Earning an income as an affiliate marketer takes A LOT of hard work. There are no shortcuts online. Period.

And as for Mo “guaranteeing” dollars in your pockets, that’s an impossible promise for anyone to make because results are never guaranteed in the online world.

Furthermore, Mo doesn’t actually explain HOW you’ve made $53 in commissions from sitting on your ass.


UH-OH, Watch Out For More Red Flags…

As with all hyped up and “too good to be true” online opportunities, both the ‘AMC’ sales page and video throw up plenty of red flags that you should be extremely cautious of.

Trust me, I’ve been in the affiliate marketing game long enough to know EXACTLY what constitutes as total bullsh*t vs. sweet smelling roses.

So you’re in safe hands with me, young grasshopper!

Without further ads, let’s dive into the scammy warning signs…


First, let’s start with the video testimonials

A handful of guys claim they’re raking in $100s daily with ‘AMC’ just from 5 minutes of work, it’s the best thing sliced bread, and Mo has seriously changed their lives, blahdy blah.

Meet this guy.
Fake Video Testimonials
He’s also recorded testimonials for Inbox Income, Profit Genesis, Click 4 Surveys, and My Traffic Business, to name some garbage.

But hang on a sec, if you search the Fiverr marketplace, you’ll discover he’s actually getting paid to shoot these testimonials.
A Casual Presenter From Fiverr
Which quite clearly proves he’s not making a single cent from ‘AMC’. And the same applies to the other so-called members who are also paid actors from Fiverr.


If ‘AMC’ really works as promised, then why are there no “genuine” testimonials?



Secondly, there’s the use of fake-ass scarcity tactics…

both on the sales page and inside the video.
Fake Limited Spots Scarcity
The reason why Mo tells you there are “limited slots” is to create urgency so you swipe that credit card without hesitation.


I think you’ll find the sales page and video will continue to roll with this scarcity bullsh*t, no matter when you load up the site in your browser.


Thirdly, Mo uses psychological triggers…

To gain your trust by saying he knows how it feels to be sucked in by Gurus and scam artists, blah, blah, blah.
Psychological Triggers For Trust Building

By him trying to relate to you from that angle, why would you not wanna lower your guard and hand over 47 of your hard-earned bucks?

Finally, Mo says he’s made megabucks online over the years.

And shows you one of his bank accounts containing $4.5 million (as shown in the main image at the top of this review).


Again, it’s just another trust-building exercise so he pockets your cash.

The other thing about these income testimonials is that scammers can easily get them forged.

So without any hard evidence of Mo’s proof being genuine, makes his screenshots questionable.

But I guess the most important question is who the hell is this “Mo” dude anyways?

Unfortunately, he provides ZERO proof of his identity, which should definitely sound alarm bells.


More often than not, these shady “too good to be true” product creators use “pen names” and hire “voiceovers” in order to protect their reputations.

So they can get away with scamming vulnerable noobs for years.


What’s The “Real” Story Behind Affiliate Millionaire Club?

The good news is that you do gain access to a product once you hand over your cash.

But by no means are you gonna get your hands on some “magical website” that pulls in $100s on a daily basis from zero effort because that’s NOT how the internet operates.

When you’re on the inside of ‘AMC’.

There’s a membership area that contains a bunch of training resources and also a website (but not the one that’s promised, as I’ve mentioned).

As for the training, that comes in both PDF and video style.

You’ll learn all sorts of stuff on affiliate marketing, email list building, Google Adsense, social media, traffic and SEO, and also mindset.
Affiliate Millionaire Club Training
While the training sounds brill, it’s far from it.

You will learn about internet and affiliate marketing concepts, but it’s just too basic, in my book.

If you’re ever gonna succeed in the affiliate marketing arena, the training PDFs and videos need to be more in-depth.

When it comes to the website, it’s just some “cookie-cutter” site you get access to – basically a duplicated site that’s not gonna get any traction in Google for rankings and traffic.


To set up your site, all you do is:

  1. Choose the type of Clickbank product you wanna promote for $
  2. Choose a domain name for your site
  3. Insert your Clickbank affiliate link

And job’s a good en’ (as us English would say).

But making money online isn’t as simple as that.

You’ll still need in-depth training on promoting your site through various channels. And even then, there’s no guarantee that you’ll make any sales.

And like I said, if you’re hoping to get a sh*t ton of traffic from the search engines, you can forget it.

Because, you need “high-quality” content. Not to mention other SEO aspects come into play.


PROS vs. CONS of ‘AMC’


  • It offers some basic training + a website
  • A 60-day money back guarantee is in place
  • The sales video is a perfect example of the “pipe dream” crap to avoid


  • It’s packaged up as mythical “get-rich-quick” system
  • The use of fake testimonials from Fiverr
  • Fake scarcity & psychological triggers are deployed
  • The creator purposely hides his or her true identity
  • The actual product is insufficient for newbies to make money


In Closing: Is Affiliate Millionaire Club a Scam?

A Big Thumbs DownTo say ‘AMC’ a flat-out scam is a bit harsh because it does deliver some value in the form of basic training and a website.

Add to the fact, you should be able to claim a refund from Clickbank and ClickBetter (whichever marketplace it’s bought through).

But don’t think for one second I’m recommending ‘AMC’ because it’s blatantly promoted as a “get-rich-quick” method.

Not to mention the sales page raises multiple red flags, and the training + website are also inadequate for real success, in my opinion.

So on that note, I’m labelling ‘AMC’ as a borderline scam.

If you’re sick and tired of fraudsters trying to play you for a fool.

But you’re seeking a LEGIT online money-making method as an affiliate marketer that ACTUALLY works…

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts to share on ‘AMC’ – We’d LOVE to hear from ya below…

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