AffiliXPro [Review]: Is it Hands Free For 3 Figures Daily?

Today, I’ll be reviewing AffiliXPro which claims to be “the ultimate breakthrough software for hands-free affiliate profits“.

But are the guys behind it just hyping it up in order to bank a pretty penny themselves from a bunch of newbies?

Or does their software really deliver what it promises on the tin, huh?

Continue reading to get the lowdown on the product…

AffiliXPro Review
Quick Overview

Name: AffiliXPro (AXP).


Cost: $27 (at the time of writing) + $100s in upsells.

Owners: Jason Fulton & Mosh Bari.

My Score: 4/10.

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What is AffiliXPro All About?

As soon as you land your ass on the ‘AXP’ sales page and start to watch the video – both pitches make bold claims like:

This breakthrough (never-before-seen) software automatically banks you daily commissions while building your list with 100% free viral traffic“…

You’ll be up and running in 60 seconds flat“…

It’s the easiest and fastest way of earning big affiliate commissions“…

Turn 5 minutes per day into proven rinse and repeat, hands free profits“…

Blah, blah, blah.

It’s basically the same “best thing since sliced bread” type of hype you get with almost all “money-making” product sales pitches these days.

And unfortunately, A LOT of ‘MMO’ products under deliver – leaving a bitter lemon taste in customers’ mouths.

But before judging a book by its cover, as they say.

Let’s pop the hood to reveal the moving parts of ‘AXP’, shall we?…


How Does AffiliXPro Work For The Dough?

As you already know, it’s a piece of software (‘Done For You’, I might add) for allowing you to make affiliate commissions.

If the concept of “affiliate marketing” is over your head, it’s really quite easy to understand.

In a nutshell, you promote a product to an interested buyer (via your unique link), they make a purchase, and you collect a commission % off of that sale.

To understand how to make money as an affiliate more in-depth, read this article here.

Anyways, back to ‘AXP’.

Once you’ve unlocked access to the product, you’re gonna be given 3 steps to follow.


Step #1: Choose an Affiliate Offer + Funnel Template

First of all, you use the ‘Link Generation Tool’ for picking a hot-selling Clickbank product from the list provided, enter your affiliate ID, and then hit the ‘Generate Link’ tab.

You can pick from a wide range of products like CB Passive Income, Voice Cash Pro, and Affiliate Bots, to name a few.

But obviously, if you’re not already a Clickbank affiliate, then applying to become a CB affiliate will be your very first task.

When you’re happy with your chosen product, you then choose a ‘Done For You’ template from the numerous ones on offer.
AffiliXPro Squeeze Page Templates
Or you can use the ‘Drag N’ Drop’ software to create your own squeeze page(s).

However, with the latter method – it’s gonna be more for those marketers who really know their stuff when it comes to designing “high-converting” squeeze pages.

But there’s nothing wrong with practicing as a noob, I guess.


Step #2: Integrate Your Autoresponder…

Once your page is ready to roll, your next step is to hook it up to an autoresponder service – so it’s set up to start collecting email subscribers.

The software allows you to integrate 20 different autoresponders. Some of which include MailChimp, GetResonse, and Aweber, to name a few.

But one thing to bear in mind here is that it’s gonna cost you extra money to have a decent autoresponder in place for collecting leads and emailing them your affiliate offers.


Step #3: Flip a Switch For Free Viral Traffic…

Yeah, if only it was that easy.

All you’re able to do here is flip a switch for adding a bunch of “social media” sharing buttons to your squeeze page.

WOW, mind truly blown!

There’s nothing for showing you HOW to ACTUALLY drive traffic to your page – apart from some basic traffic-generation checklist, unfortunately.

So if you’re unskilled at driving “targeted” traffic to your page (like most newbie affiliates), then chances are you’re gonna end up “spamming” social networks like Facebook and Twitter, etc – with your squeeze page link.

Sadly, this isn’t the only major downside to ‘AXP’ because Clickbank’s ‘MMO’ category contains A LOT of hyped-up stuff that’s not always the greatest quality – meaning numerous customers will ask for refunds.

The other downside to ‘AXP’ is that it doesn’t teach you HOW to do “email marketing”.

It’s OK to send traffic to a squeeze page.

But if you haven’t the foggiest on crafting high-quality emails for converting your subscribers into sustainable profits through affiliate promotions, then you’re buggered.

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How Much Does AffiliXPro Cost?

At the time of publishing this review, the entrance price is just $27.

But then you’re enticed by optional upsells:

  • Upsell #1 = $99
  • #2 = $87
  • #3 = $297
  • #4 = $127
  • #5 = $167

In addition, an autoresponder like Aweber, for example, can start from $19 per month.

But if you’re considering the “paid” traffic route (i.e. solo and PPC ads) outside of ‘AXP’, then finding the right training course beforehand is of the utmost importance because it can cost you an arm and a leg at the best of times.

Trust me, I flushed $100s down the toilet on Google PPC ads when I first started out many moons ago because I jumped in clueless with both feet.

It’s certainly a lesson earned, I tell ya!


PROS vs. CONS of ‘AXP’


  • You get ‘Done For You’ squeeze page templates
  • Makes it easier to find the top Clickbank products to promote
  • It comes with a 30-day WarriorPlus refund policy
  • Affiliate marketing is a legitimate way to turn a buck


  • ‘Done For You’ systems provide little to no flexibility – you’ll be lumbered with niches you’re not interested in
  • Almost all Clickbank products in the ‘MMO’ category are hyped-up (including ‘AXP’ itself)
  • No real training provided on generating free/paid traffic or email marketing
  • There are multiple upsells to fork out for


Final Thoughts: Is AffiliXPro a Scam?…

A Big Thumbs UpThe good news is that it’s 100% legitimate because you do get value for money, in terms of software and templates.

Furthermore, WarriorPlus offers a 1-month returns policy.

So Happy Days, and gets a thumbs up in those respects.

However, I wouldn’t pop that champagne bottle cork just yet because the system is too basic, there’s no concrete training on traffic or keeping your email subscribers engaged, and it certainly isn’t a piece of cake to rake in the big bucks.

At the end of the day, internet and affiliate marketing take a huge amount of learning and donkey work to become profitable.

Not to mention the fact that time and other variables come into play.

If it was just a case of plugging into some “magical pre-built traffic and sales” generating machine and flipping a switch, wouldn’t every newbie on this planet be raking in the cash?


I’m sorry, but ‘AXP’ sells “the dream” too much, for my liking.

Therefore, I don’t recommend this to a beginner.

“So what the heck would you recommend for making money then, Neil?”…

That’s an easy one.

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But before you dash off, see other legit stuff on this blog that I’ve reviewed in the past:

Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts to share on ‘AXP’ – we’d LOVE to hear from ya below…

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