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Why Answer The Public is a Visual Keyword Tool You Need
Quick Overview

Name: Answer The Public.


Cost: Free.

Owner: The team behind &

My Score: 7/10.

My Verdict: It’s an awesome tool for bloggers and affiliate marketers to use for finding tons of topics to write about.

But from an SEO standpoint, it fails to give you the essential metrics for rankings and organic traffic.

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What is Answer The Public About?

Answer The Public (ATP) is one amazing visual tool that gives you very quick insights into keyword ideas for writing new content online.

You simply ask the seeker for ideas by typing a single keyword or keyword phrase, and BAM – He suggests a bunch of search terms in only a few seconds!

It’s a pretty neat automated platform that combines the power of Google and YouTube to show you the search queries that people are typing in every day, based on your keyword.

This means, you no longer need to spend time using Google’s auto-suggest results.

In my opinion, as great as the auto-suggestion feature is, Google doesn’t really give you that many ideas from each search term plugged into its search bar.

‘ATP’ is the solution, providing you with tons of ideas at the click of your mouse button.


Who is ‘ATP’ Built For?

It has been created to help Internet Marketers of all experience levels to find fresh content and also niche market ideas for their blogs.

It’s a really great tool to use, especially if you’re an affiliate marketer too.

In fact, it’s for anyone looking to make money online from writing content – using any content management system (CMS) or any other platform.


How Does Answer The Public Work?

Firstly, you plug a search term into the box, select your chosen country, and Get Questions.

For my example, I used the term “Wealthy Affiliate” because it’s my #1 favorite internet marketing community. 😉
Answer The Public Keyword Research Box
Within a matter of seconds, the tool found a total of 483 (YUP!!) terms divided into 5 different categories: Questions (30). Prepositions (29). Comparisons (34). Alphabeticals (370). Related (20).

For the first category (Questions) – ‘ATP’ breaks the keyword terms down into – WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHY, HOW, WHICH, ARE, CAN, and WILL.
Answer The Public Keyword Questions
The (Prepositions) category is focused on the words – IS, TO, WITH, WITHOUT, NEAR, FOR, and CAN.
Answer The Public Preposition Keywords
When it comes to (Comparisons), the words include – LIKE, AND, OR, VS, and VERSUS
Answer The Public Comparison Keywords
For the (Alphabeticals) category, the keyword phrase ideas are listed from A – Z.

See an example of B and C categories.
Answer The Public Alphabetical Keywords
The final category (Related) gives you additional popular ideas that are being searched for by folks.

Answer The Public Related Keywords
The tools goes through the same process, every time you conduct a new search. You’re certainly not short of content ideas when it comes to ‘ATP’. 




  • It doesn’t cost you a single penny
  • It’s fast, fun & easy to use
  • It uses visualization
  • You can get TONS of ideas
  • Ideas can also be displayed as data
  • Your image results can be saved
  • There are 12 countries to get questions from
  • Export your results to CSV
  • Perfect for any beginner or seasoned marketer


  • The platform doesn’t provide the essential metrics for page 1 Google rankings


Final Thoughts: Is Answer The Public Worth it?…

I’m quite impressed with the speed and also the user-friendliness of ‘ATP’.

It’s not just an incredibly simple and easy keyword research tool to use, but it’s one that will give you plenty of blog content ideas to last you a lifetime.

However, the only downside to ‘ATP’ which I find disappointing is the fact that the tool doesn’t give you the important keyword metrics you need for getting your content ranked on the first pages of the search engines.

For example, the tool doesn’t give you the “traffic numbers” or even the “competition scores” of the search phrases.

You’re simply taking a stab in the dark with the ideas from ‘ATP’ because if you write articles on keywords that produce very little to no traffic and are too competitive, the chances are you won’t earn a big income from your blog.

But on the flip side, the more keywords you do choose to write content around can increase your chances of success in the search engines. You just need to work like a horse!

My Final Verdict: I highly recommend the ‘ATP’ tool.

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If you have any questions or thoughts on using ‘ATP, we’d LOVE to hear your comments below…


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