Auto Chat Profits [Review]: Does it Talk a Load of Crap?

Cheers for dropping in on my honest review of Auto Chat Profits! 🙂

Is this automated software really gonna fill your pockets with $100s every 24 hours or is the person behind it just chatting a load of sh*t (pardon my French)?

If you’re looking for a truthful answer, then let’s walk and talk…

Auto Chat Profits Review
Quick Overview

Name: Auto Chat Profits (ACP).


Cost: $37 + upsells of $197, $187 & $97. Plus $100s for paid traffic & an autoresponder service combined.

Owner: Samantha Smith (just a random stage act).

My Score: 3/10.

But before getting the FULL ins and outs.

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What’s Auto Chat Profits All About?

Right out of the gate, the sales page is all hypie.

Claiming, that ‘ACP’ is some “weird robot technology siphoning you up to $423.67 a day with shocking consistency“…

According to the video spokesperson and product creator (Samantha Smith)…

Her new and unseen ‘Done For You’ software will make it such a breeze to rake in bucket loads of cash from the concept of affiliate marketing.

In a nutshell, you get a chat robot website (supposedly valued at $497) that turns your visitors into affiliate commissions.

This bot method seems to be very effective in this day and age of internet marketing.

But by no means is it as easy as Samantha makes it out to be for the big bucks (which I’ll be explaining in more detail shortly).

Furthermore, she tries to dazzle you with $10,000s that she’s making on a weekly basis with her special autopilot software.
Clickbank Income Proof
But those figures could easily be generated from the folks she’s already deceived with her product – giving you the false impression her software is a dream come true.

Or her weekly income stats could be from a collection of her shady product sales OR even fabricated, for that matter.

Either way, it raises a red flag to be very cautious of.

Put simply, all she’s doing is selling you on the idea of “get-rich-quick”.

Which, is what almost all shady Clickbank product creators do in order to flood THEIR own bank accounts with YOUR dollars.

Check out more examples of this pipe dream stuff I’ve reviewed in the past:

But before we get down to the nitty-gritty of the ACTUAL product you’re gonna be getting your hands on, let’s check out more of the…


Alarm Bells Triggered by The Sales Video

If you think Samantha talking absolute nonsense on raking in the dough quickly from little to no work is bad enough.

Then wait till you get a load of the laughable red flags.

These are nothing but manipulative and shady tactics deployed in order to improve her chances of “cashing in” from you.

So without further ado, pay attention to the following warnings before opening up your wallet or purse…


#1: Who The Hell is “Samantha Smith”, Huh?

Great question!

Nobody actually knows because she shows no hard evidence of her existence.

The truth of the matter is that she’s more than likely a hired “voiceover” from a site called and also a “pen name” to make her identity seem convincing.

This “pulling the wool over your eyes” technique is to protect the identity of the owner…

Yeah, to avoid damaging his or her reputation online.

When, newbies like YOU realise they’re so full of crap when their so-called “magical software” fails to deliver the goods.

If ‘ACP’ really does work like a charm, then why is its creator hiding out of sight like some hermit crab?



#2: The Success Coach is a Hoax…

Even when a chat box pops up, enticing you to buy into ‘ACP’ – the success coach named “Jenny” is also a fabrication.

Say hello to Jenny.
Auto Chat Profits Success Coach Named Jenny
Now, meet the REAL Jenny who just so happens to be an image bought from a “stock photo” site called iStock.
Stock Photo of Auto Chat Profits Coach Jenny
So again, if Jenny is the success coach she claims to be and the software really is the dream money-maker of a lifetime, then why the lack of transparency?


I’m sure you’ll agree with me that ‘ACP’ seems very fishy up to this point.

But wait, there’s more…


#3: Using Psychological Triggers & Toying With Emotions…

First of all, Samantha says that anyone claiming you can “become a millionaire in a month” is a shameless scammer.

But isn’t this the same “get-rich-quick” bullsh*t that SHE, HERSELF, is leading you astray with?

Can you say hypocrite?

Samantha then comes out with the “I know how much it hurts to fail online” speech and says what it really takes to make money.

Except, the bit about “needing the secret shortcuts” is absolute nonsense because it takes plenty of elbow grease if you’re gonna crush it online.
Lies About Money Making Shortcuts
By all means, try shortcuts. But they’ll lead you to failure.

Basically, her statement is aimed at “lazy” folks – telling them EXACTLY what they wanna hear.

At the end of the day, everything she’s saying is to lower your guard – making you trust her more.


#4: A Connection to Dud Clickbank Products…

OK, while this red flag isn’t visible within the sales video, I’m chucking it in as a bonus to help you learn a little more about the ‘ACP’ product.

Looking more closely, it’s very similar to Daily Cash Siphon, Five Minute Profit Sites, and Profit With Alex – all making far-fetched sales page claims.

If I had to guess, the same person is behind each one of these so-called dream money-makers.

Once they get called out (by reviewers like ME!) and the number of purchases from unsuspecting newbies dies down, they relaunch the products under new names.

So you can understand why there’s a continuous cycle of pipe dream rubbish on the web, right?


How Does Auto Chat Profits Work For $?

From my review, I think it’s clear that this software ISN’T gonna make you rich overnight.

But once you fork out $37 for the product, you gain access to a members’ area with a bunch of steps to follow that are designed to get a website up and running.
Auto Chat Profits Members Area
These are the 3 steps you’re gonna implement:

Step #1 covers ‘Clickbank Setup’ – creating an affiliate account with Clickbank and entering your affiliate nickname into the ‘ACP’ software.

This is so you can earn commissions from promoting Clickbank products on your site.

But unfortunately, the ‘make money online’ category contains MANY shady products.

Step #2 requires ‘Domain Setup’ – quickly choosing a domain name for your website from the expert recommendation drop down list.

Step #3 involves ‘Email Service Setup’ – where you sign up for an email autoresponder and then copy n’ paste your code into the ‘ACP’ webform box.

But an autoresponder will come at an additional monthly cost. Aweber, for example, starts from $19/month.

This is so your chatbot can turn your website visitors into email subscribers and potential repeat customers.

Once your chatbot site’s ready to roll.

It’s so easy to rake in the dough from affiliate products on it by following Samantha’s proven step-by-step traffic method, apparently.

But don’t jump for joy just yet because the traffic method you’ll be leveraging is “solo ads”.

Which, can work out extremely expensive when you’re starting out in the world of online business as a noob.

Also, there are no guarantees that your site will convert that traffic into customers and commissions because there are variables at play.

What if the traffic quality sucks or your duplicate content-thin site and its Clickbank products are just crap at converting?

These are important aspects to take into consideration.

Furthermore, you’re not gonna be taught how to practice the art of “email marketing”…

Knowing how to effectively engage with your subscribers and provide VALUE.

Email marketing in itself is a beast to learn and become the master of because you can’t just build a list and expect the profits to roll in without effort.

But the main thing that bugs me about ‘ACP’ is that you don’t own your site because it belongs to the creator.

So if the product gets pulled down, you can kiss your site and potential profits goodbye too.

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I dunno about you.

But I think ‘ACP’ is just a risky maneuver.

Because, there’s a strong possibility that you could be out-of-pocket and never actually profit using the software.


PROS vs. CONS of Auto Chat Profits


  • You get a basic site with some guidance
  • There’s a chatbot that potentially converts your visitors into email leads & sales
  • Clickbank offers a 60-day refund policy


  • The sales page pulls the wool over your eyes with ludicrous income claims, fake owner & success coach, etc
  • Additional funds are required for paid traffic + an autoresponder
  • There are hidden upsells involved
  • It’s a rehash of other dodgy Clickbank products I’ve reviewed


Final Thoughts: Is Auto Chat Profits a Scam?…

A Big Thumbs DownThere are two ways of looking at it.

On one hand, the Auto Chat Profits sales page and video are full of “get-rich-quick” garbage.

Not to mention, the creator hides behind a fabricated character as well as a voiceover, in my opinion.

But on the other hand.

You do get a basic website (even if you have lack of control over it) and Clickbank also offers a refund.

So from my perspective, I consider ‘ACP’ as a “borderline scam“.

But as for me recommending it.

That’s a very big NO-NO because I think most newbies are gonna struggle to profit, since solo ads are expensive and offer no profit guarantees.

And then there’s the fact that the Clickbank products you promote may also be crap – triggering numerous refunds by your customers.

Lastly, you’ve gotta learn the ropes of email marketing and how to turn your subscribers into consistent $.

Which, is gonna be challenging for a beginner.

“So what’s the best money-making solution, Neil?”…

I’m glad you asked!

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts to share on ‘ACP’ – we’d LOVE to hear em’ below…

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