AZ Formula: More “Push Button” Crap? [Reviewed]

I guess you’re here on my review wondering whether the AZ Formula is a hot money-maker that really will knock ya socks off?

Or is just another piece of “get-rich-quick” trash, right?

Well, you couldn’t have picked a better place for an honest and unbiased take from a “non-affiliate” of the product.

So grab this review to discover if you should grab the product with both hands or avoid it like the London plague!

AZ Formula Scam Review
Quick Overview

Name: AZ Formula (AF).


Cost: $37 + Upsells.

Owner: Steven Cook, apparently.

My Score: 3/10.

Before jumping into this review. 

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What’s The AZ Formula All About?

According to Steven Cook (the creator), he’s gonna help you to rake in a WHOPPING $2,000 every single day, starting today!

WOW, what a nice guy, hey?!

Apparently, ‘AF’ is an “automated system” that only takes one simple click of your mouse button for mega-profits to roll into your account.

Holy smokes, your life’s gonna change in an INSTANT!…

Yeah, if you believe in fairy-tales!

Unfortunately, the ‘AF’ sales video is full of deception, false hopes and empty promises.

Because, it’s the same “get-rich-quick” garbage you’ve most likely heard a million times already.

Sadly, Clickbank is starting to become notorious for selling a number of illusive money-makers like ‘AF’.

Want proof?

Check out The AZ Code, EB Formula, and Second Income Center, to name a few of the many I’ve already reviewed.

Not a single one of these products work because they’re nothing but a bunch of “pipe dreams” created with just ONE goal in mind…

To fill the pockets of the sleazeball creators!



How Does AZ Formula Work For $?

You’re led to believe that ‘AF’ is some kinda magical system that revolves around the “eCommerce” Biz model…

Quickly and easily selling products through Amazon and making a mint in return.

Apparently, to set the wheels in motion, all you must do is follow 3 simple steps:

  1. Fill in The Form to Become a Member of ‘AF’
  2. Activate Your Account
  3. And Then BOOM, Watch Your Profits Grow!

But eCommerce doesn’t work that way because no such “systems” exist.

Don’t get me wrong, eCommerce can be a profitable concept IF you invest heaps of time and effort into learning and doing it the right way.

It’s the same with Affiliate Marketing, MLM or any other web-based Biz model.

You have to do the work over a period of time to strike it rich.

There are no shortcuts to success, I’m afraid.

As for the ‘AF’ sales video, it gives you very little info about HOW the system ACTUALLY works.

And this is for 2 reasons…

First of all, if the system was real…

Don’t you think the video would show you the FULL ins and outs so you could make an informed purchasing decision?

Second of all, it’s nothing but a manipulative tactic for getting the better of your curious nature so the creator’s bank account goes “KA-CHING!!”

So be cautious of these Red Flags.


Watch Out, It’s Red Flag City!

Unfortunately, the sales video raises more Red Flags – lame tactics for the creator to get their grubby mitts on your hard-earned cash.

And here’s the evidence…


#1: Fake-Ass Owner!

Say Hello to “Steven Cook” who’s the video spokesperson and also some big shot guru who put ‘AF’ together.
AZ Formula Fake Owner
But don’t believe the guy because it just so happens his image is from a stock photo website, which also makes his name questionable.

Meet the actual Steve or whoever the heck he is in real life…

Found on various sites ranging from personal development to DIY to dentistry, to name a few topics.

Google Search Results
The guy sure gets around!

Additionally, fraudsters hire folks on Fiverr to produce video “voice-overs”.

Giving them the perfect cover they need for getting away with deceiving newbies.



#2: Fabricated Member Testimonials…

When it comes to the video testimonials, you should take them with a grain of salt too.

Apparently, average folks are raking in $10,000s within just a few short weeks of using the life-changing system – just like this guy below.

AZ Formula Fake Testimonial
But those people are just a bunch of bullsh*tters.

Because, they’re nothing more than actors and actresses hired by the creator of ‘AF’ to record “fake” testimonials.

Fake Fiverr Testimonial


Say Hello to the same guy selling his “spokesperson” services on Fiverr LOL.


In my opinion, these Fiverr sellers should be utterly ashamed of themselves.

Wouldn’t you agree?


#3: Unethical Trust-Building Tactics…

And finally, the sales page even displays trustworthy logos that have apparently featured ‘AF’.
Big Name News Logos
Don’t get me wrong, some products will be featured on such sites – but only the “LEGIT” products.

When it comes to something “too good to be true” like ‘AF’ that sounds alarm bells.

Do you honestly believe it would have been featured on those big brand sites?


The answer you’re looking for is “Hell NO!!”


Whatcha Get For $37 From AZ Formula, Huh?

Well, to be quite honest, not a lot.

But one thing’s for certain…

You sure as hell don’t get some system that magically stuffs $2K in your pockets on a daily basis!

Once you’ve made payment, you’ll gain access to a membership area with a bunch of stuff. But don’t get too excited!

Firstly, you must claim a free “commission money website” worth almost $2,000 via Cool Handle.

But to get your site up and running, you must fork out extra for WordPress web hosting.

Which, is gonna line the creator’s pockets when he or she collects a nice commission from your purchase.

The next step is to register a Domain Name using GoDaddy via a link in the membership area.

The third step involves downloading your WordPress website affiliate theme using a tab.

Plus, there are some tutorial videos for setting it up.

In addition to those steps, there’s some training to download in the form of PDF guides.

One guide breaks things down from a newbie standpoint – finding a suitable niche, learning about keyword research using tools like SEMrush and LongTailPro, and choosing a Domain, etc. 

Basically, everything you learn is to help get started on the right foot with your website.

The other guide just covers the basics of the Amazon Associates program – just general stuff you can find online at no cost.

But the main intention of ‘AF’ is to encourage you to make numerous investments in tools and services recommended via the creator’s “affiliate links”.

Investing in each of his or her recommendations can easily cost you an arm and a leg!

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Final Thoughts: Is AZ Formula a Scam?…

A Big Thumbs DownThe ACTUAL person hiding behind the ‘AF’ is extremely devious, to say the least.

Not only is he or she trying to pull the wool over your eyes with a non-existent “get-rich-quick” system but what you get has nothing to do with eCommerce either.

Additionally, the resources you receive are riddled with affiliate links for tools/services that are gonna cost you a chunk of change.

Also, while the training maybe great quality, I think a newbie’s gonna struggle to create a profitable empire because some parts are lacking in detail and also needs to be step-by-step – video-style.

Not to mention the training can be found for “free” online anyways.

But because there’s some level of value inside ‘AF’ and with it being a Clickbank product too (meaning you can claim back your 37 dollars investment)…

I can’t exactly brand it as a flat-out scam.

However, I still don’t recommend ‘AF’ because it clearly doesn’t do what it says on the tin.

If you’re sick and tired of being duped on the web, but you’re looking for a 100% LEGIT way of making sustainable money…

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Your Friend, Neil! 😀

Got any questions or thoughts that you’d like to express on ‘AF’? We’d LOVE to hear your comments below…


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