AZ Millionaire Method Review: $1 Million in 12 Months?!

A huge thanks for dropping in on my unbiased review of the AZ Millionaire Method!

As the name of this online money-maker suggests, you can become a rich-ass millionaire from purchasing it.

But is it just another far-fetched Clickbank product selling the sizzle without the steak or does it really live up to what it says on the tin, huh?

Get stuck into this post for a truthful answer…

AZ Millionaire Method Review - 1 Million in 12 Months
Quick Overview

Name: AZ Millionaire Method (AMM).


Cost: $37 + $177 & $197 for Upsells.

Owner: Ryan Ford (used as some random stage act).

My Score: 1/10.

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What’s AZ Millionaire Method All About?

The video spokesman (Ryan Ford) reckons 3 peeps have already made a million bucks in 12 months or less from plugging into the bulletproof ‘AMM’ system.

Apparently, you can be up and running in under 30 minutes with your own website and start reeling in the dough from day #1 as an “affiliate” of

It’s so easy-peasy, anyone and their grandma can do it.

Blah, blah, blah…

To cut a long story short, ‘AMM’ basically sells you “the dream” and nothing more.

First of all, there’s no such thing as some “magical system”, and especially one that will make you a millionaire this time next year.

If you can find one, I’ll personally hand you a million dollars lol.

And secondly, as a website owner myself, I can say with total confidence that it’s gonna take you A LOT longer than a day to get a money-making website off the ground.

Furthermore, Amazon doesn’t just allow any Tom, Dick and Harry to join its associates program.

Before Amazon even considers your application, you’ll need a website populated with some unique and “high-quality” blog content to show them you mean business – taking no prisoners.

I’ve been an Amazon affiliate for a good number of years. So I know what I’m talking about, young grasshopper. 😛

But does this mean ‘AMM’ is a flat-out scam to avoid like the clappers, huh?

Before I reveal my conclusion…


Beware of The Red Flags Thrown up…

The thing with “too good to be true” opportunity sales videos is that they deploy shady and manipulative tactics for pushing you into handing over your hard-earned buckaroos.

And sadly, ‘AMM ‘ is no different.

So please bear the following scam warnings in mind before entering your credit card info into the purchase page…

For starters, Ryan Ford shows you the $10,000s he’s been generating from his ‘AMM’ website on a weekly basis.
AZ Millionaire Method Fake Income Proof
But take his screenshot with a pinch of salt because there’s no hard evidence to support his claim.

Furthermore, his screenshot could be from anywhere: stolen from some Amazon affiliate or even *GASP* fabricated, which is very easy to do on the net these days.

Even if the income proof is genuine, Ryan certainly hasn’t earned it through ‘AMM’. That’s for sure.

It’s likely to be from a niche blog or a group of niche blogs that have taken a long time to build up.

Secondly, Ryan Ford claims he’s just an ordinary guy who uses one website to make thousands of dollars daily and wants you to do the same.

But the problem is, he fails to produce one scrap of evidence to support his identity, which makes his existence extremely questionable.

He’s just a “pen name” and I’m also willing to bet the guy in the video is some random “voiceover”service purchased on Fiverr or somewhere similar.

Unfortunately, these tactics are practiced time-and-time again by numerous unethical Clickbank product creators, so they can suck in as many unsuspecting folks as possible without damaging their reputations.

Thirdly, Ryan shares a sob story on his life and financial struggles, and how he lived in fear of being unable to feed his kids, etc.
AZ Millionaire Method Fake Sob Story
Aww, my heart bleeds for the guy. It really does.

But are you willing to believe a story from some unidentified individual selling you on the idea of a “get-rich-quick” system?


Don’t get me wrong, story-telling is an awesome way to gain trust and build a successful business online – BUT only when the stories come from “genuine” individuals who provide some level of proof – which Ryan does not.

Finally, the member testimonials are as fake as 80s/90s action figures.

Meet this guy who reckons he’s made $1,000,000 in just 1-year from 1 website.
AZ Millionaire Method Fake Testimonials
“Yeah righto dude, pull the other one!”

How do I know he’s lying through his teeth?

Because, it just so happens that he sells his “spokesperson” services on Fiverr.
AZ Millionaire Method Testimonials From Fiverr
Ha, busted.

If ‘AMM’ really provides you with some ground-breaking Amazon affiliate website that’s gonna make you a millionaire in 12 short months, then where are all the “legitimate” testimonials?


And now for the BONUS red flag – a fake countdown timer and limited spots “scarcity” tactic.
AZ Millionaire Method Fake Countdown Timer
It’s just a load of bullsh*t (pardon my French) because you can load up the sales page next week or next month and the product will still be available to buy.

Put simply, it’s a way for the creator to fill his or her own deep pockets with as much cash from as many unsuspecting newbies as possible.

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At the end of the day, ‘AMM’ is all smoke and mirrors, exactly like the following crap I’ve reviewed: AZ Formula, AZ Sniper, The AZ Code, and Amazon Cash Websites – all claiming it’s as easy as pie to get rich using Amazon.



How AZ Millionaire Method “Really” Works…

OK, so now you know you’re NOT gonna get your hands on some “miracle money-making” system – what do you actually get, huh?

Once you’ve entered your info, submitted the $37 payment, and dodged the $100s worth of upsells like a bullet, you arrive at a dashboard area.

Inside this area, you’re gonna find an ebook titled “how to leverage the world’s largest eCommerce marketplace for instant profits“.

But it’s nothing to get too to excited about because the PDF provides some basic value info on various aspects of Amazon and turning a buck through it.

In all honesty, you can pretty much find the exact same info on YouTube and Google for “free”.

So why splash out $37 for this stuff?

Additionally, the PDF guidance is inadequate for actually getting up and running, and making sustainable money as an affiliate marketer, in my book.

That’s all you get from ‘AMM’ – some sup-par ebook, unfortunately.

So much for the “$1 million per year website”, huh?


PROS vs. CONS of ‘AMM’


  • You gain access to an ebook
  • Clickbank has a 60-day refund policy in place
  • Sales video is a cracking example of the hype not to pay attention to in future


  • Sales video pitches a non-existent “get-rich-quick” system
  • The true creator hides behind a pen name like a coward
  • Fake member testimonials & income proof screenshots
  • You get very little value for $37
  • No real support provided
  • Upsells that will set you back a few hundred dollars
  • Newbies are gonna struggle like heck to make money


Final Thoughts: Is AZ Millionaire Method a Scam?

A Big Thumbs DownAs much as I’d like to, calling ‘AMM’ a complete scam is a bit extreme.

On one hand, you gain access to an ebook containing info on various Amazon topics (even though you can find the same info for $0 online).

In addition, Clickbank has your back covered with a 60-day refund policy.

But I think the refund only covers your initial investment.

So any “upsell” investments are a risk you should be willing to take – especially if the upgrades turn out to be the same basic quality as the ebook.

But on the other hand, the sale video deceives you like hell – leading you to believe that your wildest dreams are about to come true with some “magic $37” website – when in reality, it’s just a lame “ebook” lol.

Add to the fact the owner hides his or her identity, shows fake testimonials and income proof examples.

So on that note, I do not recommend Ryan Ford’s so-called life-changer.

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts to share on ‘AMM’, we’d LOVE to read your comments below…


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