AZ Sniper: Why YOU Are The Prime Target! [Reviewed]

Howdy, a big welcome to my AZ Sniper review!

Sadly, it’s another scammy “make money online” product to land on Clickbank’s shelves.

If you think you’re gonna be setting your scope sight for stacks of cash from the web, then guess again!

The only person doing the sniping is the product’s creator, and YOU are THEIR target, I’m afraid.

In order to understand why this so-called money-maker will never work in a million years and leave you wounded, grab this honest and unbiased review.

AZ Sniper Scam Review
Quick Overview

Name: AZ Sniper (AS).


Cost: $37 + Upsells.

Owner: Stephen Ford (apparently).

My Score: 2/10.

Summary: In my opinion, I wouldn’t really waste your hard-earned bucks on AZ Sniper.

Because on one hand, the sales page deceives you into thinking you’re gonna magically transform your life with some “get-rich-quick” product.

Plus not to mention the fact that the sales video pretty much lies about everything just to get you to invest.

And on the other hand, all you really receieve is some sub-par training on making money with the Amazon Associates program.

The real intention behind ‘AS’ is for the owner to push you into buying his or her recommendations so they make money online from YOU.

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What’s AZ Sniper All About?

Apparently, the AZ Sniper is a “one-click setup” type of system that allows you to rake in $40,000 in affiliate commissions from Amazon on a monthly basis…

This “autopilot” system floods your bank account with $10K/week without hardly lifting a finger…

You can very easily live your dream lifestyle and have everything you’ve ever wanted…

It’s like nothing you have ever seen or heard of before…

Yeah, it’s true…

IF you believe in Peter Pan and Neverland!

But SHH, don’t tell Wendy or Tinkerbell I said that! 😉

Put simply, the hypie ‘AS’ sales video is nothing but a “pipe dream”.

Because the notion of “getting-rich-quickly” (especially from minimal effort) belongs to those who live in their own fantasy worlds.

I’ll say it again. Attaining wealth as easy as warm cherry pie on the interweb just does NOT work. Period.

But obviously, the slimy toerag behind the so-called ‘AS’ opportunity wants you to believe their BS.

Hmm, I wonder why…

To be honest, the product is just like all the other “Sniper” type of Clickbank crap…

eCom Profit Sniper, Tube Profit Sniper, and Kindle Sniper, to name a few. All sizzle and no steak!


Uh-Oh, Red Flag Alert With AZ Sniper!

I’ve only just scratched the surface with the deceitfulness.

Because when you land on the ‘AS’ sales page and watch the cringe-worthy video in its entirety – it’s full to the brim of mind tricks.

Each and every shady tactic deployed is to entice you into parting with your hard-earned buckaroonies.

So the creep behind it pockets at YOUR expense, at the end of the day.

Discover the laughable Red Flags that made my scam senses tingle!

First, we’ll start with the sales page itself…


#1: The Old Geo Tracking Trick…

The page uses something called “Geo tracking”.

Because at the top it reads “If you are in *COUNTRY INSERTED HERE*, you can make up to $1,500 in Amazon commissions“.
Geo Tracking Tactics
The fraudster wants to make the opportunity feel more personalized, exclusive, and genuine.

It’s just one of the numerous “trust-building” tactics used.


#2: Your Personal Details Are Required…

Then comes the whole “enter your name and email to gain access for just $37” thing.

Don’t get me wrong, this is an effective email-list building technique for “genuine” marketers.

But when it’s implemented by a “too good to be true” Clickbank product creator…

Then alarm bells should ring because whether you pay 37 bucks to join or not – they have your email address for blasting more scammy crap your direction.

Second of all, in what real-world will you ever build a successful online Biz from just a single “37 dollar” investment?

Trust me, it will cost you several hundreds of dollars to get anywhere online because you’ll need the right tools, training, and support.

The low $37 fee is basically a sales funnel tactic to get you through the door of ‘AS’ and spend extra $ on “Upsells”.

Upsells are also highly profitable for marketers IF they provide value.

But unfortunately, scammers use the technique to their advantage as well.


#3: Fake Ass Members & Earnings…

Apparently, “Sue, Bob, and Rita just made up to and over $1K” (names just off the top of my head).
Fake Member and Income Claims
But it’s just pure Bullsh*t because there’s ZERO proof of those commissions earned.

In fact, there’s no evidence of those members’ existing either.

Anyone can easily fabricate a bunch of names and claims online. So take it with a pinch of salt.

As, for the cheesy sales video…


#4: Fabricated Testimonials From Fiverr Sellers…

There are numerous video testimonials from members who have made literally $1,000s with ‘AS’.

Just like this guy below, for example.
AZ Sniper Fake Testimonial
But don’t believe their lies because the scamster has hired these folks on Fiverr to record fake-ass testimonials.

Fake Fiverr Testimonial From a Seller


Meet the same guy again selling his Fiverr “spokesperson” Gigs LOL.

It’s one thing selling their services, but it’s unacceptable when some of those services mislead folks like YOU. Agree?


#5: “Stephen Ford” – WHO The Hell is This Guy?

He claims to be both the owner and video narrator.

But since there’s no actual photo evidence and social proof of this guy, it’s clear he’s just a “stage name” and more than likely a “voice-over” hired from Fiverr.

More often than not, these shoddy Clickbank product creators hide behind false identities like cowards.

Because they KNOW what they’re doing is unethical.


#6: Zero Details of How it All Works…

The final magic trick of the day…

“Stephen” (or whoever the owner is) does an awesome job at selling you “the dream” of making stacks of cash and living a playboy (or girl) lifestyle, etc…

But fails to disclose the ins and outs of ‘AS’ for two reasons.

First of all, the system is non-existent. So how could he possibly explain the moving parts?

And secondly, it makes you “curious”. I’m sure you know what happened to the cat lol.


How Does AZ Sniper Really Work?

As with all far-fetched products sold via Clickbank, ‘AS’ fails miserably at delivering on its promise.

But I guess there’s no real surprise there since “get-rich-quick” is a total myth.

For your $37 investment, what you get is a bunch of steps to follow for spending more cash and some very basic training on making a buck online.
AZ Sniper Membership Area
First of all, the ‘AS’ creator claims you’ll get a “free” commission website.

But you must fork out extra for web hosting through their link.

Secondly, they entice you to sign up for “the VIP members workshop” (again, through their link).

Which is a free webinar from John Crestani (creator of Internet Jetset) – a legitimate program.

So after you spend $37, right off the bat, the creator of ‘AS’ wants to stuff more cash into THEIR OWN pockets.

Thirdly, you’ll get some PDF training on becoming an Amazon Associate, niche selection, and producing blog content, to name a few topics.

But in all honesty, it’s nothing you can’t find for $0 online anyways.

Plus the training’s inadequate for creating a super successful online Biz via affiliate marketing because it’s just beginner-type stuff.


Final Take: Is AZ Sniper a Scam?…

A Big Thumbs DownSimply put, the AZ Sniper force feeds your mind with BS, deploys numerous shady tricks, acts as a stepping stone for the scammer to ramp up his or her profits, and provides sup-par training in the form of PDFs.

As much as I’d like to call ‘AS’ a scam for leading you astray…

I’m gonna label it as a Borderline Scam because you do get SOME form of value for your money and Clickbank will also issue a $37 refund.

In order to make REAL money online requires the right tools, step-by-step video training, and 24/7 support.

Plus, it takes a decent amount of time and especially elbow grease to see any long term success.

So never allow toxic and selfish people behind the likes of ‘AS’ tell you differently.

My Final Verdict: ‘AS’ is not recommended.


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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts to share on ‘AS’ – We’d LOVE to hear em’ below…


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