Build a Free [$0] Website For Your Affiliate Marketing!

[Article originally published on: October 8th, 2017].

Do you wanna build a free website for starting an affiliate marketing Biz, but don’t know how, since you have absolutely zero “geek-tech” coding skills?

Or are you already an affiliate marketer stuck in a rut because you simply don’t know which builder software or service to choose?

Then don’t worry because I have THE perfect solution for you on this page.

It’s called the ‘SiteRubix’ site builder – a major component of Wealthy Affiliate.

Which, enables you to easily create a beautifully designed WordPress blog in less than a minute!
Build a Free WordPress Website Using SiteRubix
Simply type in a domain name for your site, follow a few simple steps, and voilà – you’re the proud owner of a stunning website that’s ready to rock n’ roll.

So, whatcha waiting for?

Get your $0 cost site below:

What’s Wealthy Affiliate Got to do With It, You Ask?

Wealthy AffiliatePut simply, Kyle and Carson (WA founders) designed SiteRubix to help you start off on the right foot online with ease.

Trust me, with the features that are tied in with the website builder, truly makes it one of the best, in my experience.

But the most amazing thing about SiteRubix is that it’s not just a “builder”.

Once you create your free site (above), you’ll immediately become a starter member of the WA community.

As a free member, you’ll get 10 step-by-step video tutorials from Kyle on how to fully set up your site – including making it SEO-ready too.

In addition, you’ll get to sample other stuff that the community has to offer, like tools, services, and amazing support from the WA fam.

This is so you get a good taste of HOW the “all-in-one” WA platform is gonna help carry you to success with your site when you go Premium. 😉


4 Awesome Reasons Why SiteRubix Rocks!

Put yourself in your visitors shoes for a second.

Your visitors/potential customers want the best user-experience online they can possibly get, right?

Just as they would if they’re walking into a traditional shop – expecting awesome customer service from the sales assistants.

They have money to spend, so why should they settle for crappy service?

So as a website owner, it’s your duty to fulfill their needs if you are to create a super-profitable affiliate marketing Biz.

Luckily, SiteRubix has your back because it equips you with the 4 essential website elements for success:


#1: A Professional Appearance For Visitors…

Let’s face it, nobody likes reading content on some dog-eared, tacky and amateurish site, do they?

No offence to other site builders, though lol.

Well, with WordPress, you have more than 4,000 customizable template themes to choose from, that your visitors are gonna love.

Most templates even allow you to upload your own logo to brand yourself.

But if you really wanna take things up a notch, there are literally 100s of “Premium” themes online to select from.

Furthermore, WordPress enables you to hook up your own (.COM) domain name to really brand yourself.


#2: Easy-Peasy Site Navigation…

An overcomplicated site is never a good thing because it’s like trying to battle your way through a swamp or find the maze exit, etc.

Folks prefer simplicity, right?

So the other super cool thing about WordPress is that it gives you full control over your blog’s header menu and even the sidebar widgets.

Which, means you have the option to keep things nice and simple.


#3: A CMS (Content Management System)…

WordPress easily allows you to regularly update your website with content containing media, which is a VERY good thing for two reasons.

#1: Fresh “high-quality” content published on a regular basis is gonna lead to visitors returning to your site.

#2: It’s gonna make Google one happy bunny – ranking a number of your blog posts on page-1 and potentially sending boat loads of visitors your direction.

Furthermore, with WordPress being a CMS, you can access your WP Dashboard from anywhere on the planet.

And it also allows you to create multiple users (should you want to hire writers) for keeping your online Biz ticking along without you being present.


#4: A Super Duper Fast Loading Speed…

Who actually wants to land on a website with the loading speed of a snail?


Certainly not me!

If your website’s painfully slow, then your visitors are gonna bounce and head over to your competitors’ for the info they require instead.

I’ll say it again:

Slow website = lost traffic = lost sales = lost $.

So it’s crucial that your site’s running like the clappers.

For that to happen, you’ll need to get your hands on some pretty decent Webhosting – which isn’t easy since there are so many damn competitive services.

The SiteRubix platform has been designed for all 4 elements in mind.

If you wanna learn about all the amazing features that come with the website builder…

==> Grab My FULL Review of SiteRubix Here!


5 Reasons Why WordPress is The Ultimate CMS!

WordPressNo doubt you’ve already heard heaps of good stuff about WordPress on the grapevine, right?

There’s a very good reason for that…

Because, WordPress is THE best Content Management System known to man (or woman) – and it’s no exaggeration.

In fact, you’re staring right at a WordPress site right now!

It’s called 😉

These days, absolutely any beginner can build a website without knowing all of that complicated HTML stuff, and it’s all thanks to a CMS like WordPress.

And here are 5 fantastic reasons why WordPress blows other CM Systems out of the water:

  1. It’s very simple, quick & easy to install with just a click of a button
  2. No coding knowledge is required whatsoever – everything’s dealt with
  3. There are 4,000+ website template themes to select from
  4. More than 60,000+ plugins for improving site functionality
  5. Heaps of Help & Support from a caring community when you need it

Need I say more on the subject, huh?

Are you ready to build your WordPress site, right now?

==> Start Your Blog For $0 Here!


Your Friend, Neil!

If you need a hand with setting up your brand new site or have any questions, then please drop your comments below. I’d be more than happy to help!…


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