Cash Formula [Review]: Is it a SCAM Recipe, Huh?

In this unbiased review of the Cash Formula, you’re gonna discover whether it really will easily rake you in the big bucks.

Or is just a lousy scam to avoid like rotten tomatoes.

So get stuck in if you wanna know the honest truth…

Cash Formula Review
Quick Overview

Name: Cash Formula (CF).


Cost: $37 + upsells of $197 + $297.

Owner: Michael Green/Grant (used as some random stage name).

My Score: 3/10.

But before taking the FULL plunge into this review.

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What’s Cash Formula All About, Huh?

Right off the bat, the ‘CF’ sales page claims you’re gonna discover a shortcut to earn up to “$5,000 per day or more starting today“.

The video spokesman then reckons you can rake in “$100,000 in the next 30 days” from some secret loophole…

All it takes is a few clicks and a few hours worth of work for the big bucks to roll in like clockwork…

It’s so easy to do, that anyone and their grandmother can use the special shortcut to attain financial freedom and make their wildest dreams come to life…

Blah, blah, blah…

Basically, it’s another one of those hyped up sales pitches trying to sell you on the idea of “get-rich-quick”.

And the laughable ‘CF’ page really is no different from other “wealth shortcut” crap I’ve recently reviewed.

Like, Filthy Lazy, The Profit Shortcut, and Freedom Shortcut, to name a few.

Also, check out examples of older hyped-up stuff I’ve looked into:

The truth be told, there is no quick and easy path to riches on the internet.

The idea is a complete fabrication crafted in Never Never Land.

Just so unethical folks can easily line their own pockets from selling shoddy products to newbies like YOU.

That’s the bottom line with ‘CF’, at the end of the day.

But I’ll be explaining what you ACTUALLY get for your 37 bucks, right after…


The Extra Red Flags Raised by The Pitch…

Unfortunately, attempting to fill your head with get-rich-quick nonsense isn’t enough for the shady individual behind ‘CF’.

So they reinforce their efforts with a bunch of manipulative strategies and lies to increase their chances of getting their grimy mitts all over YOUR hard-earned folding stuff.

Let’s have a good old giggle at their desperateness, shall we?


#1: Fake Ass Barbie Testimonials…

Some members of ‘CF’ have raked in $1,000s in the shortest time possible, supposedly.

Here’s one such video testimonial.
Cash Formula Fake Member Video Testimonial
But in actual fact, if you do some digging around on a site called, you’ll find the same person selling their “professional spokesperson” services.

Cash Formula Video Testimonial From Fiverr


So for them to claim they’ve pocketed a pretty penny from ‘CF’ is absolute dog turd.

The only cash these folks make online are from shady product creators and fraudsters hiring their video testimonial services for pennies on the dollar.

If folks really are crushing it with ‘CF’, then why are there no “genuine” success stories showing income evidence?



#2: “Michael Green or Grant” is Just a Cowboy Act…

It just so happens that when you run an image search for Michael Green/Grant (whoever he chooses to be) – the guy behind ‘CF’, as shown below.
Cash Formula Owner is a Fake
You’ll find his face is actually taken from a “stock photo” site called freepik, as you’ll see.
Stock Photo of Cash Formula Creator
Using other people’s photos and especially “pen names” is now a common theme among unethical product creators.

Because, it allows them to scam the heck out of as many newbies as possible without destroying their reputations online.

If ‘CF’ is the real deal, then why doesn’t its creator step into the spotlight – owning up to the awesomeness they’ve designed – basking in the glory?



#3: Failing to Spill The Beans…

These far-fetched sales pitches all follow the same pattern of kinda forgetting to give you the full lowdown on how the “money-making loopholes” actually work.

The only thing you find out about ‘CF’ is that it’s some ‘Done For You’ system that makes the magic happen.
Done For You Money Making System Claim
There are two VERY good reasons why you’re kept in the dark with ‘CF’.

First of all, it’s just a lame tactic to get the better of your curious nature – making you curious enough to punch in those credit card details.

Secondly, the system is non-existent. So how can the guy in the sales video tell you HOW it works? LOL.

I think by now that you get the full picture of ‘CF’, right?


What’s The “Real” Story Behind Cash Formula?

Well, put it this way. It certainly doesn’t work the way as promised on the tin. That’s for damn sure.

But the good news is that you are gonna get some level of value for money.

Inside, you’ll learn it’s all about the concept of making money from “affiliate marketing”.

You can become a big-time Amazon affiliate by creating ‘CF’ stores packed with hot products – created in just hours, allegedly.

To start off, you’ll receive a list of tools/services like SiteGround, KWFinder, EasyAzon, JungleScout, and Quuu – for going hand-in-hand with creating an online Biz.

Next up is the ‘CF’ affiliate WordPress theme to download for your store.

Then followed by a bunch of basic video tutorials on the technical aspects of putting together your webstore.

And lastly, there are 4 ebook guides to download that cover various Amazon topics.

Like, marketing made easy, affiliate essentials, affiliate blueprint, and fulfillment by Amazon.

But the biggest problem here is knowing HOW to do internet marketing the right way in order to send “targeted traffic” to your store.

Because, without visitors, you have no online business.

It’s as simple as that.

Unfortunately, this is something that you’re not gonna learn from ‘CF’ (a $37 Clickbank product).

All you receive is some basic guidance on store set up and generic info on various aspects of making money through Amazon.

So while there’s value to be gained from the product, it’s inadequate for building an actual profitable affiliate store, in my book.


PROS vs. CONS of ‘CF’


  • You get access to some basic training & resources
  • There’s an email address for support
  • Clickbank offers a 60-day returns policy
  • Amazon Associates is a legitimate way of earning online


  • The sales page/video is highly deceptive with unrealistic income claims
  • It lacks real internet marketing training on driving traffic (THE most important aspect)
  • There are optional upsells to splash out on


Final Take: Is Cash Formula a Scam?…

A Big Thumbs DownSome folks claim it is, and others say it isn’t.

But from my perspective, ‘CF’ is a “borderline scam” – not 100% legit and not 100% a scam either lol.

On a more serious note though, it depends on how you see it.

From one point of view, both the sales page and video are full to the brim of unrealistic income promises, hype, and lies.

If ‘CF’ really delivered the goods, then don’t you think the video testimonials would be genuine and the creator would reveal his or her real identity?

But from another angle, there is SOME level of value on offer once you’ve purchased the product.

And on top of that, Clickbank will refund your $37 if you’re dissatisfied.

Do I recommend ‘CF’?…

Absolutely not because there’s MUCH more to affiliate marketing than simply throwing up a product store and hoping people will flock to it with credit card in hand.

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts to share on ‘CF’ – we’d LOVE to hear from ya below…

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