Cash Website Success: More Rehashed BS! [Review]

Welcome to my review!

Here we go again, another BS dud!

But this one’s called Cash Website Success – claiming to be some life-changing money-maker that requires very little to no work. *YAWN*

Oh, how original!

If you wanna know why this program will scam the pants off you and belongs in Loserville (like its maggot creator), then grab this honest and unbiased review!

Amazon Cash Websites Run For The Hills Reviewed
Quick Overview

Name: Cash Website Success (CWS).

Website:, &, to name a few deceptive URLs.

Cost: $47 + Upsells.

Owner: Unknown.

My Score: 0/10.

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What’s Cash Website Success All About?

The ‘CWS’ fake news site article claims you can earn bucket loads of cash from an Amazon Biz opp – working online from the comfort of your home own.

Apparently, you’re gonna rake in $14,000 per month (from just 1 – 2 hours of minimal effort on a daily basis), and you can start making cash TODAY without any skills whatsoever, blahdy blah.

Yeah, yeah, tell us something we haven’t heard like a GAZILLION times already! Z z z.

Put simply, the guy or gal behind ‘CWS’ peddles nothing but a non-existent “get -rich-quick” method – selling you “the dream”.

It’s simply designed to get you all pumped for one single purpose…

YUP, so the fraudster pockets YOUR hard-earned Buckaroonies!

I can also guarantee that ‘CWS’ is just a rehash of crap like Money Sucking Websites, Amazon Cash Websites, Cash Money Sites, and Real Profits Online to name a handful.

Whether or not the same con artist is behind those duds, is anyone’s guess.

But you can bet your bottom dollar that he or she has numerous replicas of ‘CWS’ floating around the web trying to catch vulnerable newbies like you off guard.


How Does Cash Website Success Actually Work?

Trust me, it’s nothing groundbreaking because you DON’T get access to the Disney-type of fairy tale method that’s promised to you.

That’s for certain!

When you hand over $47 of your hard-earned dollars (which I strongly advise against BTW), you’re meant to receive some “work from home kit” for making $100s per day via “affiliate marketing websites“, apparently.

But what really happens is that you end up with nothing because the membership area is inaccessible.

You’ve gotta call customer support for a password to gain access, supposedly. Except, there’s one teeny weeny problem…

No phone number exists LOL!

But even if there was a number to contact, it’s likely that they’ll try to sell you additional crap, spam you to death with calls afterward or even *GASP* sell your number to other unethical folks.

Who knows.

So obviously, it’s a clear-cut sign that the scamster is gonna make a dash with your cash and then try to squeeze you for more folding stuff if they could.


Steer Clear of The Red Flags!

As with all scammy trashed I’ve reviewed on this blog, ‘CWS’ plays all kinds of shady manipulative tricks on you for YOUR $$$!

But if you still decide to fall for the hidden dangers, then don’t say I didn’t warn you, young grasshopper! 😛

#1: The sales page purposely hides the details of HOW ‘CWS’ actually works for raking in a fortune.

Instead, it heavily promotes the idea of accomplishing the dream lifestyle quickly without hardly lifting a finger.

It’s nothing but hype and nonsense that appeals to your “curious nature”, so you end up falling into a golden honey trap.

#2: According to the signup page, there are only “150 spots available” that are gonna be snapped up pretty quickly if you don’t take action right NOW!
Cash Website Success Fake Scarcity
This is what’s known as a fake “scarcity” tactic. With such a limited number of positions open, why wouldn’t you quickly jump on board?

The truth is, no matter what day of the week you visit the ‘CWS’ page, it’s always gonna show 150 spots.

In fact, the so-called opportunity is available 24/7 because the dirtbag behind it wants to get is or her greedy hands on as much money as possible from other people’s bank accounts.

Don’t get me wrong, scarcity is a genuine tactic used when products truly are limited and also during sale times like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, etc.

It makes total sense, right?

But unfortunately, it’s now being unethically deployed by scammers – giving the technique a bad reputation.

#3: Some “Chris J. Peters” dude and his wife “Karen” both claim that ‘CWS’ is “the best decision they’ve ever made” because it’s generated a life-changing amount of income, blahdy blah.
Chris J Peters From Amazon Cash Websites
But in actual fact, it’s a load of old tosh (as us English say) because firstly, anyone on the internet can easily fabricate some random testimonial.

And secondly, the family pic is taken from stock photo sites (Dreamstime and Shutterstock) anyways – which makes the whole story a pile of pigsh*t!
Fake Family From Amazon Cash Websites
I’m also willing to bet a whole year’s worth of my own affiliate income that both Chris and Karen are just “pen names” – a common fake “trust-building” technique deployed among fraudsters.

#4: Chris shows you the $1,000s he’s apparently earned from the Amazon Associates program.
Amazon Cash Websites Fake Income Proof
But again, the proof is as fake as a wedding cake because any Tom, Dick, and Harry can fabricate a screenshot OR even hire a Fiverr seller to produce one for them.

Secondly, Chris’s screenshot is NOT what the “affiliate earnings” dashboard looks like inside Amazon anyway.

What you actually see is a snapshot of the “Google Adsense” interface instead lol.


Final Take: Is Cash Website Success a Scam?

A Big Thumbs DownSadly, ‘CWS’ (or should I say “Failure”) portrays Amazon as some “magical money-maker” that’s gonna make all your dreams come true as fast as a lightning bolt WITHOUT putting in any effort.

And even ‘CWS’ itself misleads you into thinking you’re gonna get some website that allows you to pull $1,000s from Amazon on a monthly basis.

Put simply, the so-called opportunity is nothing but one big laughable circus act feeding you a pack of lies.

The “get-rich-quick” method DOESN’T work. Simples.

So on that note, I don’t recommend ‘CWS’ in the slightest because it’s A dirty “money-grabbing” SCAM. Period.

If you truly wanna earn as an Amazon affiliate, you need to create a free website, consistently write quality “helpful” content, and give your online Biz at least a FULL year to flourish.

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts to share on ‘CWS’ – We’d LOVE to hear your thoughts below…



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