CB Cash Code Review: ($8K/Daily From Clickbank? Dream On!)

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Now, before you get the wrong end of the stick – I’m NOT saying you can’t make money from Clickbank as an affiliate marketer.

But what I am saying is don’t believe the nonsense you’re told through the sales video of the crap I’m about to review.

In order to understand just WHY this so-called money-making product is something that doesn’t live up to the hype…

Continue reading for the true facts you need to know…

Will You Make 8K Daily With CB Cash Code
Quick Overview:

Name: CB Cash Code (CCC).

Website: thecbcashcode.com.

Cost: $37 + $197 & $147 for Upsells.

Owner: George Patterson?

My Score: 3/10.

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What’s CB Cash Code All About?

Once you land on the ‘CCC’ sales page, the person behind the product boldly claims they make up to $8,122.24 per day from Clickbank.

Basically, selling products for affiliate commissions.

Apparently, you can “get started today in under 5 minutes and 14 clicks…”

And then comes all the hype inside the sales video too.

Like, average folks are raking in $80,000 per month from Clickbank…

You can get rich from just 10 minutes of work per day…

And newbies are making $20K in their first week with ‘CCC’.
Lies About Making Thousands Of Dollars Quickly
Blah, blah, blah… *YAWN*

I’m sorry, but if you believe any of that baloney, then you’ll probably believe the Earth is flat too! 😛

Whether or not you’re acquainted with Clickbank.

It’s become notorious for allowing tricksters to peddle stuff like Easy Retired Millionaire, Five Minute Profit Sites, and Smart Money Methods, to name a few products.

But with that said.

I can’t be a total Mr. Meanie Pants because there are some legitimate Clickbank products, like Internet Jetset and My Freelance Paycheck.


How Does CB Cash Code Really Work?

Despite all the nonsense inside the sales video, you are gonna get some level of value when you part with 37 of your hard-earned bucks.

But unfortunately, what you get is much different to the sh*t (pardon my French) you’re led to believe from this “George” dude.

When inside the members’ area, what you actually receive is a bunch of information on various online money-making strategies and tools.


The info is divided into 4 different PDF guides on:

  1. The ‘CCC’ Main Guide
  2. Clickbank Cash Pro
  3. Clickbank Book Plus
  4. ‘CCC’ Secret Method

The training covers all sorts of stuff on:

Getting started with affiliate marketing, choosing Clickbank products to promote and getting to grips with your stats.

Plus, using traffic sources like SEO, email marketing, and PPC (Pay Per Click), etc.

While you do learn some techniques for making money from promoting Clickbank products, the training’s just too vague.

Like all other “too good to be true” products I’ve reviewed, ‘CCC’ just provides you with basic PDF info that leaves a lot to be desired.

Since, you’re left to figure things out for yourself.

So, unfortunately, with the training not exactly up to par, especially for “newbies”…

It’s gonna be extremely difficult to put into practice for actually starting a web-based Biz from scratch and getting rolling with one.


Why ‘CCC’ Raises Multiple Red Flags

In addition to all the lies and hype on easily making $1,000s quickly with ‘CCC’…

The sales video tries to catch you off guard by using dirty strategies and psychological triggers for tricking you into handing $37 to the owner.

‘CCC’ may not be a 100% dubious scam.

But numerous red flags are hoisted, that are useful to know for when you come across these hyped up opportunities on your next cyberspace adventures.


#1: Fake Testimonials From So-Called Members…

Firstly, there’s a young lady claiming she makes $80K per month from only 10 minutes of work on a daily basis.
CB Cash Code Fake Testimonial
But in truth, it’s just a load of old cobblers (CRAP!). Apologies for my English expression lol.

First of all, I’d like to point out that nowhere in the video is there any evidence to support her bold income claim being actually true.

Second of all – oh look, there’s the woman AGAIN.

Fake Testimonial From Fiverr Seller

Source: Fiverr.com.

But selling her “spokesperson” services on Fiverr…

So take her far-fetched story with a grain of salt.


#2: Ridiculous Income Proof Screenshot…

There’s an income screenshot of over $86,000 made by the creator of the ‘CCC’ product, allegedly.
CB Cash Code Fake Income Results
But the truth be told, a screenshot like this can easily be fabricated to make you believe it’s genuine.

Again, with ZERO proof of the screenshot being real, don’t be misled by the manipulative tactic.

But even if it was the real deal, that income could be accumulated from anywhere online.


#3: Toying With Your Mind…

Next up, comes the emotional side of things.
You Have Been Treated Like Dirt by Your Boss
The person in the video basically breaks down your barriers by telling you stuff you can relate to.

Like, the problems you face in life and also the financial difficulties you have to deal with, etc.

And then surprise – ‘CCC’ just so happens to be your solution.

Your knight in shining armor. Your golden ticket to a better life!

Put simply, these techniques are nothing more than a ploy used by low-grade product creators and scam artists to get you hooked.


PROS vs CONS of CB Cash Code


  • ClickBank has a 60-day refund policy available


  • Ludicrous income promises are made
  • Member testimonials are fake
  • The creator uses an alias
  • Income proof is likely to be fake
  • The PDF training won’t get you very far
  • There are some upsells


Final Thoughts: Is CB Cash Code a SCAM?…

A Big Thumbs DownAs much as I’d like to brand the ‘CCC’ as a rotten Scam for its hyped up sales pitch, false claims, and generally being advertised as “get-rich-quick” scheme…

You do actually get something out of it.

But just because there is a legitimate side to the product and it’s not gonna do a runner with your cash…

Don’t expect the training PDFs to make you a profitable affiliate marketer.

Yes, as a newbie, you’ll gain some basic insights into certain aspects of affiliate marketing, and also Clickbank from an affiliate angle.

But the training has no solid structure because it lacks depth and step-by-step guidance on getting started with an affiliate marketing Biz.

The Bottom Line: Unfortunately, there are A LOT of stones left unturned inside the PDF guides and won’t benefit newbies, in my book.

Add to the fact that the product is built on hype and lies, means I’m classing it as a Borderline Scam that’s not recommended.


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That’s because there are plenty of unethical people out there who are only interested in putting their own bank accounts first.

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

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