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I appreciate you checking out my totally honest Click Clone Cash review!

So, you’ve come across this “too good to be true” money-making opportunity and you want more info before handing over your credit card details, right?

I really don’t blame you, to be honest.

Because in this day and age of the internet, you really need to tread cautiously when it comes to certain ‘Home Biz’ opportunities promising you the moon with little to no effort.

So let me assure you, you’re definitely in THE right place.

Because this review is gonna expose everything that Click Clone Cash stands for.

And it’s not pretty, I assure you.

So buckle up for the ride, buddy!

Let’s dig in…

Click Clone Cash Scam Review
Quick Overview:

Name: Click Clone Cash (CCC for short).

Website: (+ other domains).

Cost: $39.99 + $100s in fees!

Owner: Josh Owens (aka Tim Atkinson).

My Score: 0/10.


Do yourself a BIG favour by keeping Click Clone Cash at arm’s length.

Because Josh Owens/Tim Atkinson (whoever the heck he is) doesn’t just deploy “get-rich-quick” marketing tactics throughout the long-winded sales video…

A cheesy pitch that leads newbies like you into believing that $100K a month is easily doable using his “affiliate website cloning” system LOL.

But if you do fall for it, you’ll end up forking out for costly web-hosting to activate some website that won’t make you a buck.

Because there’s no actual training on HOW to even drive traffic to your website in order to grow it into a successful empire.

Additionally, it’s really not that simple to make $1ooK a month with your own website anyway.

Because it takes months (even years) of hard graft to reach that level of passive income.

So you’ll just be chasing your tail with this product, at the end of the day.

Trust me, I’ve wasted lots of money on these scams over the years to know that they never fulfill their promises.

Unfortunately, the only individual raking in $1,000s from ‘CCC’ is the individual behind it (which is no real surprise, I guess).

Before digging into this full review…

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What’s The Click Clone Cash System All About?

Simply put, Click Clone Cash is nothing but a web-hosting dud created by Josh Owens (real name “Tim Atkinson”)…

Who is known for committing fraud on the web through various other programs across the years:

‘Make Money With Meghan’, ‘Cash Machines 2’, and ‘Automated Income App’ are a few of his dirty schemes.

Whether said hoax opportunities are still circulating the internet, I’m not entirely sure.

But I know for a fact that ‘CCC’ is operational because you wouldn’t be here otherwise, right?

Joking apart, Owens reckons that ‘CCC’ is an easy and quick “free wealth system”.

One, that apparently makes you $100,000 every 30 days – making your dreams come true from simply cloning businesses on the net.
Fake Josh Owens Owner From Click Clone Cash
Hmm… I don’t know about you, but I smell a festering rat!

Because if that’s really the case, then why isn’t everyone and their grandma already living the life of their dreams with a system just like this at only 40 bucks?

In my experience, no such system exists.

Because to make bank on the internet as an affiliate requires cash upfront, elbow grease and adequate time (I’m talking MONTHS).

And that applies to any online Biz model (for training and resources), whether you choose to roll with an organic or paid traffic method for growing your Biz.

Heck, it would cost even (to the tune of $100s – $1,000s) if you choose to run paid traffic to your website.

And even going down that route, there’s still no guarantees that your visitors will buy your products/affiliate offers.

I digress.


The Click Clone Cash system works in 3 steps (Apparently):

The 3 steps in action:

  1. It gets installed on your computer
  2. It locates successful online businesses to clone
  3. Sit back with a coffee & watch megabucks roll in (LOL)

But unfortunately, that’s far from the truth.

Because firstly, the program’s based on a fairy story.

I just mentioned this, but how many people do you know who have raked in the big money from virtually no effort online?

Trust me, as an affiliate marketer myself, it’s taken me lots of blood, sweat, and tears to start and grow an online Biz from ground zero.

Making a fortune on the web is no walk in the park, I’m telling ya.

And secondly, you’ve got to pay overpriced hosting fees for activating your “magical” system once you get access to the members’ area.

So don’t be fooled by Josh telling you that you’ll get your hands on a free website because it’s a blatant LIE.

In a nutshell, you’ll be ripped off by the total BS system, and you’re not gonna make a single cent.

It’s not the first time I’ve come across such a ridiculously hyped up and costly web hosting scam either.

Read my ‘700 Profit Club’ review to see how these schemes will truly rip you off.


Who is Click Clone Cash Suitable For?

Well, not a single person, actually.

But if you really wanna get into the specifics…

‘CCC’ is geared towards those wanting to make a ton of money online quickly without lifting a finger and breaking a sweat.

It’s the type of system that’s been designed as an easy way for naive newbies to get lured in by Josh’s/Tim’s lying tongue.

Want real success?

Be prepared to hustle your tail off because there is no substitute for that word known as “HARD WORK“.

But also, you’ll need the relevant resources tied in with that elbow grease to actually succeed.

Which, unfortunately, you won’t get from the guy hiding behind ‘CCC’.

If you wanna see how a real LEGIT money-making systems work, then check out 12 Minute Affiliate and Commission Hero, for example.

Yes, they make your life easier…

But by no means will they enable you to get-rich-quick in a matter of days or weeks.

Because I’ve personally invested $1,000s in both said systems combined – It takes a lot of time and effort to get traction…

Plus, it takes $100s extra for additional tools and to generate traffic from sources like Facebook ads and solo ads.

So what are your success chances with just 40 bucks for some lame ‘CCC’ system?



What Makes Click Clone Cash Such a Hoax From The Get-Go?

Well, there are a number of red flags making the scam really transparent.

So below, I’m gonna quickly run you through some of the danger signs – helping you to become better prepared for the next string of scams you come across.

Sound good to you?


1st Red Flag – A Lavish Lifestyle is Easily Yours…

When it comes to the system sales page, you’re gonna have the idea of supercars, jets, and also luxury yachts rammed down your throat.

This is pretty much standard with online scams.

In addition, the guy in the video feeds you so much crap on making hundreds of thousands of dollars in such a short space of time, it’s unreal.

I mean, who doesn’t want cash coming out of their ears and their dreams to come true in just 24 hours, huh?

This is why some folks easily fall for fraudulent systems like this.

Because, they’re told exactly what they wanna hear on “attaining wealth quickly”, and from doing jack sh*t too.


2nd Red Flag – The Guy’s Faker Than Fake…

Unfortunately, (Josh Owens) is a fabrication – a guy hired as a paid video actor to spew out the garbage.

Meet Josh who’s taking his family out for a ride on their boat – just to give you the impression that ‘CCC’ really delivers.
Josh Owens Fraudster on a Boat
I guess you wouldn’t be surprised to hear that sites like Fiverr are well-known marketplaces for hiring folks to shoot fake videos for only $5 a time.

So I think it’s fair to say that the actual guy (Tim Atkinson) responsible for creating the ‘CCC’ dud hides like a coward.

Hmm… I wonder why…

Is it because he knows he’s taking you for a ride and doesn’t want to damage his reputation online, by any chance?

Sadly, this “alias” approach is now a common thing among scammers.

Because it means they’ll have a constant river of money flowing into their bank accounts.


3rd Red Flag – Far-Fetched Testimonies From Members…

As you might have guessed…

There are members who are “thrilled to bits” with the quick and easy results they’ve gotten with ‘CCC’.

Some of whom claim to have raked in almost $20,000 in the space of 1 day!

But take each of those testimonials with a grain of salt.

Because first of all, not one person provides proof to back up their claims of said earnings.

And secondly, why can none of those said members be located through social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, etc?

Surely if they’re really that successful with the system, they’d want to help others like you do the same, right?

In fact, while on the subject of Facebook…

Why does Josh not run a private members Facebook group to support his customers with overcoming hurdles?



4th Red Flag – Seriously Overpriced Hosting!

As for the cost of the hosting for enabling your system to go live, it’s sold at a ludicrous cost.

This is so Atkinson can take you for a fool and fill his deep pockets.

It seems the price points have been changing with this system – so it’s hard to tell what you’ll be paying.

But the prices at the moment are $90/6 months – $152.49/12 months.
Rip Off Web Hosting Costs
When it comes to the real cost of web hosting, companies like ‘HostGator’ offer it from as little as $4 per month.

In fact, do a Google search for the ‘best cheap web hosting’.

And you’ll see a whole bunch of reasonably-priced services pop up in the results.

So it just goes to show that the ‘CCC’ scammer really doesn’t have your best interests at heart.


How Much Does Click Clone Cash Cost?

As stated in my review, the guy fronting ‘CCC’ claims it to be just a one-time fee of $40 for his “magical” system.

But that’s not true because there are hidden fees to get your website up and running behind the scenes.

For example; you’ll be required to splash out on web hosting – This is so your site’s live and accessible online.

In this instance, you’ll be buying web hosting from a provider known as Cloud Pro.

However, the costs can very easily rack up to $100s if you’re not careful – Some folks are even unhappy with the service, saying they feel tricked.

Furthermore, numerous customers have already complained about not receiving refunds and also support tickets going unanswered.

I’m not entirely sure whether Cloud Pro is still in business…

But whatever hosting provider you’re funnelled into behind the scenes of ‘CCC’, don’t fall for it.

Because it’s obviously to stuff the pockets of the unethical creator’s instead of your own.


Final Conclusion on The Click Clone Cash Scam…

A Big Thumbs DownI’m sorry, but Atkinson clearly doesn’t put your needs first when it comes to Click Clone Cash.

Which, is why he’s produced an absolute sham…

One, that’s designed to TAKE your money rather than help you to MAKE it.

If you choose to invest, not only are you forking out for extortionate hosting fees for a non-working system (+ the lack of training to go with it)…

But you won’t get a refund from the scammer behind the program either.

I personally guarantee it because he or she will just take your cash and dash.

So on that note, I give ‘CCC’ a MASSIVE thumb’s down.

Unfortunately, it’s scammers like Josh/Tim who drag “affiliate marketing” through the mud.

And also prevent decent and honest folks like YOU from making a single dime online.


Check Out a “Legit” Way of Making Money Online…

I know exactly how you feel when it comes to scams on the web.

Because I started out on the same path as you in 1999 lol.

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And also the best part is that it doesn’t cost a cent to get started with either…

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Your Friend, Neil ๐Ÿ˜€

If you have any questions or thoughts on ‘CCC’ to share, please post your comments below…



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