Clone My System: A Carbon-Copy SCAM? (Reviewed)

Howdy, a big welcome to my review of Clone My System!

Are you really gonna make megabucks from it as easy as warm blueberry pie?

Or is it just another carbon-copy scam to avoid like the plague?

There’s only one way to find out…

Clone My System Scam Review
Quick Overview

Name: Clone My System (CMS).


Cost: Claims you can create a “FREE” account, but it’s $47?!

Owner: Justin? (used as a stage name).

My Score: 1/10.

Verdict: SCAM.

Summary: The system is a no-go area because it provides no products or services of any value.

All you get really is some outdated and generic training on affiliate marketing that can easily be located on YouTube for “free”.

Plus, some ‘Done-For-You’ website that you’ll need to learn to generate free and paid traffic to.

Even then, there are no guarantees that you’ll turn a buck with the so-called “system”.

At the end of the day, Clone My System is designed to make one person rich…

The coward hiding behind it. UGH.

But before jumping into this review…

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What’s Clone My System All About?

In this day and age of the internet, it seems to be scams galore everywhere you look.

With so many “too good to be true” opportunities, it’s hard to put your trust in money-making programs.

So it’s extremely important to do your homework, which is why you’re here, right?

You’re definitely in the right place! 😉

I’ve personally looked into Clone My System.

And unfortunately, it’s a “get-rich-quick” system (targeting vulnerable newbies) posing as a “legitimate” way to generate cash online.

The very first thing I picked up on with ‘CMS’ is that it’s a replica of:

The reason why the scammy system gets rebranded numerous times is so the creator can unethically exploit as many unsuspecting folks as possible.



How Clone My System “Supposedly” Works For a Buck

On the ‘CMS’ sales page, there’s a seriously hyped up video by a guy called “Justin” who is used as a stage name and voice-over.

So you don’t know the true identity of the creator, which is always the case with these pipe dream products.

Which, in my experience is a red flag to be cautious of.

The guy feeds you some cock and bull story about his dying father wanting to share some “secret system” with you and the world.

According to Justin and his system, you’re “guaranteed” to make $3,000 per day on autopilot (even while you’re asleep)…

With “no tricks and gimmicks“, no MOBE, no Aspire, and no MLM, trading, hosting, and Facebook involved either.
Clone My System Fake Income Claims
Put simply, Justin talks all kinds of blah to you – he talks out of his ass crack. Pardon my French lol.

Also, he shows ZERO solid proof that his system actually works and is LEGIT.

Which is another red flag that you should watch out for.

If the concept of “get-rich-quick” truly existed on the web, wouldn’t we all be living luxurious and care-free lifestyles?

If you wanna see how a REAL money-making system operates, check out Commission Hero or 12 Minute Affiliate.

But even making $3K per day with said ‘Done-For-You’ systems isn’t easy because there’s still a lot of legwork involved.


Wanna Know The Real Secret Behind Clone My System, Huh?

‘CMS’ is designed as a gateway site for a bunch of money-making opportunities.

Two of which include ‘My Mobile Money Pages’ and ‘Accelerated Income Program’ – both also scammy programs not to be trusted.

The scammers behind ‘CMS’ like to mix things up on their site by promoting one different sham at a time.

Maybe they get bored easily or can’t reel in enough scam victims with their bait. Who knows!

So think twice about pouring your hard-earned cash into the system.

Because Justin and his dog-ugly outlaw chums will ride off into the sunset with it.


3 Reasons to Avoid Clone My System Like The Plague

If what you’ve learned so far isn’t enough to steer you away from the so-called system…

Here are 3 concrete reasons (or RED FLAGS as I like to call them) that might just change your mind and do the trick.


#1: Hyped up & Vague Sales Video

Justin feeds your brain with what it wants when it comes to making money online.

He basically sells you “the dream” instead of “HOW” to earn an income with his system.

Scammers deploy these strategies because who wouldn’t wanna make an absolute fortune from using magical systems that run on autopilot?


#2: Video Testimonials Created by Fakers

Like the majority of scams, there are short testimonials from a bunch of people who are apparently rolling in the cash, thanks to Justin’s system.

But it’s a big fat LIE.

Because the folks never mention the name of the system, nor do they show any evidence of “HOW” they’re making thousands of dollars on a daily/weekly basis.

To tell you the truth, the “successful members” actually turn out to be hired actors and actresses on Fiverr.

Which is a platform where anyone can hire people for all kinds of online services from only $5 per Gig.


#3: A One-Time $47 Purchase (LOL)

Justin Claims that you can generate literally $1,000s every single day just from investing $47 in a Done-For-You system.

Holy Ravioli, sign me up, NOW!!“…

And that’s exactly the reaction that the scammers want from you.

The “too good to be true” joining fee is designed to persuade you to pull out your credit card without giving it a second thought.

Who wouldn’t wanna get their hands on a fast and easy wealth-generating system for less than 50 dollars, huh?

I’ve been an internet marketer long enough to know that it’s just not possible to achieve success from a tiny 2 digit investment.

In the real world of online money-making…

It will require $100s for the education, resources, and support you need for building a successful business.

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These are just some signs that shout out “SCAM ALERT” with ‘CMS’.

Learn these warnings, and you’ll save yourself from getting badly burned in the future with other hoax opportunities.




  • I think it’s obvious that this system has ZERO good points lol. BUT on the other hand, the system is a great example of the type of rotten garbage to avoid at all costs


  • Hype & false income claims on the sales page
  • The testimonials aren’t even real
  • The cheap joining fee is used as bait
  • “Justin” is a fictitious person
  • There are numerous versions of this scam circulating the web
  • Your email is required so they can send you extra “get-rich-quick” crap
  • It’s designed as a doorway to totally different scammy programs


Final Thoughts on The Clone My System Scam…

A Big Thumbs DownTo put it bluntly, Clone My System is one of many dirty scams targeting the vulnerable.

As well as the lazy bum asses hoping to make mega money from some “magical system” whilst chillaxing with Netflix lol.

Unfortunately, ‘CMS’ delivers no value whatsoever.

The only one bathing in cash right now is the unethical muppet behind it.

From experience, there’s only one REAL way to make money on the web: Hard Work. Period.


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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions, thoughts or even nasty experiences with ‘CMS’ to share – We’d LOVE to hear your comments below…



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