Commission Hero [Review]: Will You Go From $0 to Hero?

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Are you really gonna become a digital version of Superman or Wonder Woman – cashing in the big bucks as an affiliate marketer?

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Commission Hero Review
Quick Overview

Name: Commission Hero (CH).


Cost: $997 (one-time) or 2 X $597 payments + extra expenses.

Owner: Robby Blanchard.

My Score: 6/10.

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What’s Commission Hero All About?

At first glance, the ‘CH’ sales page comes across as extremely hyped up, as if it’s just another shoddy ClickBank, ClickBetter or WarriorPlus product.

According to the page:

The #1 Clickbank affiliate in the world is gonna show you “how to make $1,000+ PER DAY on CB with a 3-step system“…

Even from a newb standpoint.

And apparently, you don’t need a website, email list, product or experience to rake in $1,000s daily.

Then inside the video, a bunch of folks have nothing but great things to say about ‘CH’.

Robby himself says it’s a life-changer, claims you just need to spend 1 hour per day using his system…

And shows proof of his $20K – 50K commission days.

Clickbank Affiliate Commissions

Robby’s Commissions!

However, what Robby doesn’t show you are his Clickbank product refunds (which can be up to 50%).

Or even how much money he’s invested in targeted traffic to generate those daily figures.

Realistically speaking, his actual Clickbank income figures could be far less than what he shows you, which, in my opinion, is a little misleading.

So you can understand why this product would make most newbies skeptical right off the bat.


But With That Said…

Robby comes across as a genuine internet marketer who briefly explains the moving parts of ‘CH’ before you make a purchase commitment.

Which, is something that most ‘make money’ product creators fail to do.

In my experience, “transparency” is always a good sign because it means ‘CH’ actually has something of value to offer.

But does the value really reflect the chunk of change you splash out on Robby’s product, that’s the question?


How Does Commission Hero Work For The Bucks?

Simply put, ‘CH’ revolves around the concept of “affiliate marketing”.

Helping you to promote various Clickbank product offers and earn full-time affiliate commissions using the power of Facebook Ads.

Robby has designed ‘CH’ as a ‘Done For You’ system that equips you with landing pages, Ad images, training tutorials, and a FB support group.

Basically, everything you need for getting an online Biz up and running via the social media giant.
Commission Hero Training DashboardOnce inside the dashboard, there’s a bunch of video training tutorials on the following topics:

Getting Started

Covered, are the basics of affiliate marketing, Ad accounts, Clickfunnels software for your landing page(s), Clickbank, and the MaxWeb affiliate network.

Additionally, there’s a 7-step ‘Getting Started’ checklist to run through.

Choosing The Right Offers

Robby walks you through choosing offers and finding ones on Clickbank, Software Projects, and A4D.

Also, he covers a couple of offer spotlights within the health and fitness industry to help give you some inspiration.

Finding Your Ad Image

You’ll learn about what an image should contain and finding the right designer for crafting high-converting images for your campaigns.

Setting Up a Landing Page

This section is to get you to register for a Clickfunnels account.

Where, Robby also shows you how to set up your Clickfunnels account, a custom domain name, affiliate links, and your PHP landing page.

But if Clickfunnels is out of your price range.

You also have the option of using WordPress and other landing page/sales funnel builders like Builderall and Kyvio.

Setting up Facebook

Here, you’ll discover a bunch of video walk-throughs on setting up Business Manager.

Your Fan Page, campaign + adset, ads, and creating a custom audience.

Robby has also chucked in a bonus containing an inside look at a successful campaign.

Setting up Facebook Pixel

This section is to help enhance your ad retargeting.

Offering training on how to install a FB pixel, placing your pixel inside your Clickbank account, and understanding your analytics.

Tracking Your Campaign

Inside this video, you’re taught how to install your tracking links.


Once you have a winning ad, Robby teaches you various ways on how to scale up your campaigns for bigger profits.

Ninja Tactics

At the end of Robby’s training, he teaches some hacks on taking your affiliate results to higher levels.

You’ll learn bout reaching out to other affiliates, spying on Facebook ads, and also dealing with account issues/shutdowns.


You’ll get a bunch of stuff like a million dollar swipe file + landing page swipes and images, and stuff that covers mindset, ad accounts, CPA, and contacts.

So overall, you get some great training and resources to leverage.

However, the biggest downfalls to this approach are that you’re restricted to Facebook…

You need a decent-sized budget to play around with, and Clickbank isn’t always that great (in my opinion).

Because, there can be high refund rates.


How Much Does Commission Hero Cost?

To gain access to the product is gonna cost either a one-off payment of $997 or two payments of $597.

On top of that, Clickfunnels will cost $97 – $297/month.

And then there’s a small fee for a custom domain name for your landing page.

Plus expenses if you choose to have your own images designed + Facebook ads can easily set you back $100s until you’re profitable.

So, unfortunately, it can easily cost you an arm and a leg to get off the ground with ‘CH’

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PROS vs. CONS of ‘CH’


  • Step-by-Step training modules
  • Done-For-You landing page templates + bonus resources
  • Help & support is provided
  • Robby Blanchard is a reputable marketer
  • Offers a refund policy


  • The training course/system is expensive
  • A refund can only be considered after 1-year (WTF!)
  • Clickbank isn’t the greatest affiliate network for $ due to a lot of refunds
  • Probably not the best method for a newbie, in my opinion


Final Take: Is Commission Hero Worth it?

A Big Thumbs UpFrom my point of view, ‘CH’ is a good platform that’s 100% legit.

So it gets a thumbs up from that angle.

But there are far cheaper alternatives (already highlighted in this review) teaching the same/similar approach to earning a sustainable income online as ‘CH’.

Furthermore, Clickbank has a pretty poor reputation due to a combination of selling crappy products (mainly in the ‘make money’ arena).

And making it far too easy for customers to claim refunds.

In all honesty, with Clickbank having such a high refund rate, I really don’t understand how most affiliates can actually profit lol.

Lastly, even if Robby does provide a ‘Done For You’ system and you chuck $100s into paid Facebook ads.

There are no guarantees that you’ll rake in $1K per day.

At the end of the day, the final decision of purchasing ‘CH’ and investing a chunk of change into resources and traffic is yours to make.
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