Complete Profit Code is a Complete SCAM! (Reviewed)​

A big welcome to my honest review of the Complete Profit Code!

If you wanna know if is perfectly legit or a total scam to avoid like the plague, then you’re at the right place!

I’m not gonna ramble on with my introduction (lol), so let’s cut straight to the chase…

Complete Profit Code Scam ReviewQuick Overview

Name: Complete Profit Code (CPC).


Cost: $97.

Owners: Karen Evans/Judy Greer (Undoubtedly fake names).

My Score: 0/10 (SCAM).

My Verdict: Not only does the sale pitch spew out lie after lie…

But it the product revolves around a link posting strategy that no longer works in today’s online and affiliate marketing space.

As a newbie, you may well have come across a number of these “link posting” programs…

All making the same wild claims on how you can easily generate $100s per day just from sharing a few links on the web, blahdy blah.


But the only person to pocket a huge sum of cash is the fraudster who charges unsuspecting newbies $97 for their crap.

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What is Complete Profit Code All About?

Complete Profit Code claims that it’s the “#1 Work From Home System” that’s gonna enable you to make “real money”….

With no skills required and within only 5 short minutes of joining.

In fact, you will get paid a whopping $500 just by taking the program for a spin! LOL.
False Income Claims
If you folks really get 500 dollars for practically doing nothing, then I guess the creator must be massively out-of-pocket by now, right?

It’s nothing but a red flag designed to make you part with your hard-earned cash and never see it again.

Unfortunately, there are many duplicate scams making the same empty promises that you should avoid like the plague.

Check out some other ones identical to ‘CPC’ that I have discovered so far:

In reality, nobody can guarantee an income online, and especially one starting in only a few minutes.

Because to become financially free requires you to learn new internet marketing skills and implement them over many months.

So unless the person behind ‘CPC’ has the sixth sense, can predict the future, and has also discovered a “top secret loophole” for fast internet wealth…

Then don’t pay any attention to the hyped up Bullsh*t on her sales page.


How Does Complete Profit Code Work?

Apparently, you’re taught how to post links on various platforms.

Basically, you will be “spamming” social media and forums and earning affiliate commissions when people make purchases.

But get this…

You’re guaranteed to earn from $300 per week up to $80K per year from scattering links around the web (and annoying the heck out of others)!

Not a bad income for a “spammer”, huh? LOL.

However, since we are no longer in the 90s, it’s unacceptable to spam the web with raw affiliate links…

And especially now a number of platforms have clamped down on the strategy.

I don’t know about you, but I would like to keep my credibility and also reputation intact as a digital marketer. 😛

But don’t get me wrong, affiliate marketing does work and is the best way for any noob to get started online and generate an income.

There are literally thousands of affiliate programs and networks such as Amazon that would love to pay you for promoting their products.

But when done the “right” way… which isn’t posting links all over the place.

The only shot you have at affiliate marketing success today is to build a free website and work hard at turning it into a profitable online biz.

Because building your own brand not only makes you stand out from the crowd, but allows you to win people’s trust and become an authority.


The Red Flags With Complete Profit Code

There will always be red flag warning signs with any scam, so here are others warnings that make it 100% obvious that ‘CPC’ is a dud:


Popular News Channels

It’s been “featured on” the biggest American news networks.
Fake News Endorsements
Yes, “working from home” has been featured on the top TV news channels. But ‘CPC’ certainly has not!

It’s a sleazy tactic for making the program appear as a legitimate opportunity.

Unfortunately, too many scammers deploy this logo trick these days, which will no doubt land them in hot water with the news channels themselves.


Limited Positions

There are “only X number of positions available”, blahdy blah.

This is a manipulative urgency technique because it works so well for legitimate product publishers and marketers.

The true reality is that there will always be unlimited positions available…

Well, unless a ton of customer complaints and refund requests force the product creator to shut down their crap.

In which, case, he or she will just rebrand the so-called opportunity and suck in more vulnerable beginners.


A Guaranteed Income

This is something I have briefly discussed already.

No newbie can ever generate a “guaranteed” daily income of more than $300.

Because it’s just not possible without first having the know-how and applying tons of elbow grease for a period of time.

Also, there is zero proof online of anyone making a single dollar with the program. Where are the genuine bank screenshots, for example?

So what chance is there of you making $300+ every 24 hours?

It’s nothing but one big lie, I’m afraid.


Fake Member Testimonials

Facebook status updates along with photos on the sales pitch page give the appearance that “real” people are making money with the opportunity.

But unfortunately, the statuses are clearly fabricated and the photos are pinched from stock image websites.

It’s a common tactic used among scammers for gaining your trust.

These are the main warning signs to watch out for with ‘CPC’ and any “too good to be true” program that you cross paths with.


Final Conclusion: Is Complete Profit Code a Scam?…

As tempting as it sounds to earn an absolute fortune on the internet from sharing a few links around and also needing zero experience for doing it…

I promise you that the sleazeball behind Complete Profit Code will do a runner with your $97.

The entire opportunity reeks of scam from the get-go – Lots of hype, lies, and slimy tactics are all really what the program’s made of.

Even if the program did offer some value, it still wouldn’t work because link-posting is a dated strategy that isn’t effective in this day and age of the web…

It’s all about giving your audience VALUE if you want true success as an affiliate marketer.

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts that you’d like to share on ‘CPC’, we’d love to hear your comments below…


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