Computer Oasis: A Mirage to Avoid! [Reviewed]

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In this review of Computer Oasis, I’m gonna show you exactly why it’s just another lousy scam to be avoided like a hot dry desert!

So if you wanna stop yourself from getting duped and losing your hard-earned cash, then I encourage you to continue reading.

Computer Oasis is a Mirage to Avoid Reviewed
Quick Overview:

Name: Computer Oasis (CO).


Cost: $97.

Owner: Lynn Allen (most probably a stage name).

My Score: 0/10.

But before getting stuck into this review…

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What’s Computer Oasis All About?

First of all, I’d just like to point out that this review ISN’T based on the actual ‘CO’ which focuses on IT services and computer repairs.

So to avoid any confusion and giving the REAL ‘CO’ a bad reputation (lol), this review is on a totally different ‘CO’ which claims to be a money-making opportunity that’s “the #1 choice for success online“.

Apparently, you can change your life in an instant, and you could be working from the comfort of your sofa within 5 minutes – without prior experience and skills, blahdy blah.

But right off the bat, the sales page is as untrustworthy and cheesy as hell, which I’m gonna discuss in more detail shortly.


Why It’ll Never Work in a Million Years…

To be perfectly honest with you, the whole thing’s just a charade because the person who came up with the idea for ‘CO’ deceives you with “get-rich-quick” nonsense.

They claim how quick and easy it is to pocket $100s per day/$1,000s per week from the internet without lifting a single finger.

But it’s nothing but Bullsh*t to trick newbies like you into buying into some “magical wealth” system that doesn’t actually work, since the idea of raking in TONS of cash quickly is a myth.

This isn’t the first or even last scammy program of its kind either because ‘CO’ has been rebranded so many times.

It’s always the same sham which goes under various names. Once one bunch of hyped up names get exposed (by bloggers like myself), the fraudsters releases a new batch lol.

Don’t believe me?

See duplicates I’ve already exposed: Extreme Home Paycheck, Total Income Answer, My Home Success Plan, Home Cash Code, and Home Profit System, to name a few.

These names are just the tip of the iceberg because there are bound to be hundreds of the damn things floating around cyberspace, waiting to catch unsuspecting opportunity-seekers off guard.


Red Flags Galore, Watch Out!

As with all scams, ‘CO’ uses a number of crafty and manipulative practices in order to squeeze 97 bucks out of you.

And once you learn what these scam warnings are, you’re gonna turn into a scam-detecting master! 😉

The first red flag that ‘CO’ raises is the whole “Featured on FOX News, USA Today, and CNN…“, blah, blah, blah.
Instant Income System Fake News Endorsements
Yes, “Working From Home” has been featured on the top American news channels.

But the reason why these news logos are displayed at the top of the sales page is so the scammer can trick you into “trusting” him or her.

The second red flag raised is the “Limited Number of Spots, Check for Availability” crap.
Computer Oasis Fake Limited Spots Scarcity
First of all, there are no “limited positions” because it’s just a scarcity strategy used to push you into taking swift action.

The truth is, the opportunity is available around the clock 24/7 because why would the fraudster behind ‘CO’ turn down cash from 100s/1,000s of vulnerable folks?

And second of all, the only reason why your email’s required is so they can flood your inbox with additional “get-rich-quick” crap for filling their own pockets. NOT yours!

Third red flag. The testimonials are EXTREMELY laughable!
Computer Oasis Fake Testimonials
Why? Because, anyone can easily fabricate some random testimonials. Add to the fact that the images are simply from stock photo sites.

The successful members don’t even exist at all, and I’ve found “the fake testimonial” thing be a common tactic used among scammers today.

So my advice is to take the text and images with a grain of salt.

As for the final red flag, there’s no description on HOW you’re gonna be pulling in hundreds/thousands of dollars, whatsoever.

The sales page does a good job at talking about “the money”. But just like all scams, the ins and outs of the system are purposely left out because it makes you “curious” – so you’re tempted to hand over cash.

Plus the system is non-existent anyway, so I guess that’s another reason lol.


Final Thoughts: Is Computer Oasis a Scam?…

A Big Thumbs DownAt the end of the day, ‘CO’ is nothing but a hoax because like I said before, the idea of using the internet to rake in huge sums of money quickly and easily is pure nonsense.

I’ll say it again, there is NO fast and easy path to becoming rich on the web. Shortcuts do not exist. Period.

But obviously, the scam artist behind the dud wants you to think otherwise, so he and she can profit from YOU and anyone else they can suck in.

When it comes to crap like ‘CO’, I’ve usually found that when you fork out almost $100, you end up buying some garbage outdated system and/or training on “link posting” (spamming the web with affiliate links), that no longer works.

But also, some MOBE affiliates used these type of scammy opportunities as funnel pages to play you for a fool in order to extract literally $1,000s from you for an expensive “money-making scheme”.

The Bottom Line: Put simply, ‘CO’ is a huge money and time-water because it deceives you.

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