Copy My Commissions – A Copycat SCAM? (Reviewed)

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Are you really gonna pocket a fortune online with this program or is it just a copycat scam to avoid like the black plague, huh?

Get stuck into this honest and unbiased post to find out…

Is Copy My Commissions Just a Copycat Scam
Quick Overview

Name: Copy My Commissions.


Cost: $47 + additional upsells.

Owner: James Johnson (a fabricated name).

My Score: 0/10.

Verdict: With its pretend owner, hype, and fake income claims that give you false hope – it’s one con trick you should avoid without hesitation.

If you do pay the $47 membership fee, the chances are it will not be refunded.

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What’s Copy My Commissions All About?

At first glance, you would assume ‘CMC’ (a replica of Instant Income Code, Copy My Websites, Steal My System, and Profit With Our Sites) is a legitimate program for making money on the web.

But if you’ve heard the term “appearances can be deceiving”, this is certainly a true statement when it comes to James Johnson’s system.

Because, it’s just a typical scam making a false promise of easily earning the sort of money that dreams are made of, and all on autopilot from multiple streams.

The cheesy rehashed 1-hour sales video makes BS claims of the product creator making “$57,481 within just 29 days” of plugging into the same system, and you can accomplish the same too.

Hmm… how many times have you heard that cock-and-bull story before, huh?

Apparently, using his “super secret software” will enable you to unlock a treasure chest of gold (or something along those lines lol), making you a wealthy 5 to 6-figure income earner.

But sadly, you’ll not be living a luxurious lifestyle like Prince Akeem Joffer from the movie ‘Coming To America’.

To make a lot of money online, it’s not simply gonna be a case of easily plugging into multiple income sources and watching the dollars roll in because there’s much more to building an online business.

The ‘CMC’ program is a fake, and one that clearly tries to convince you that you can have everything you want in life from doing little to no work.

Unfortunately, you will come across many of these “copycat” scams making false promises of “getting rich quickly.”

My advice is to cover both your eyes and ears for your own protection from the hype. Better still, power down your laptop.


Who is ‘CMC’ Aimed at?

The hoax system is geared towards anyone who wants to make money online as an affiliate marketer.

Affiliate marketing is the norm these days because, in my opinion, it’s one of the best and most popular ways for people to earn on the web.

‘CMC’ is really aimed at the vulnerable noobs who are searching for a quick and easy way to generate a fortune on the internet.

But the people (like myself) who know how the process actually works, it takes a great deal of time and effort to produce an income.

It’s not easy, I’m telling ya!


Be Cautious of The Scam Warnings

With all sham opportunities these days, there are red flags that stick out like sore thumbs (that is, if you know how to spot them).

When it comes to ‘CMC’, there are a small handful of signs that you should be aware of.

For starters, the long sales pitch video is vague and doesn’t offer you any description whatsoever of the work that’s required.

You’re given “limited” information because it also entices you into paying the $47 membership fee and buying other stuff (aka upsells/upgrades).

You should know that any legitimate sales video provides you with all the specifics you need for building a business online and becoming successful.

No details are ever missed out.

Secondly, have I mentioned hype and false income hopes yet?

The video presentation simply spews out utter trash on making massive amounts of money very quickly from an automated system that’s “easy as pie” to set up.

No experience required, and any Tom, Dick, and Harry can do it, blahdy blah.

Any program that’s legit will be upfront with you about your income earning potential and what to/what not to expect from the work you invest into your online venture.

Thirdly, the video is gonna be “deleted within the next 24-hours!” (LOL).
Copy My Commissions Fake Time Limit Scarcity
This is used as an “urgency and manipulation” trigger for sending you into panic mode and paying the membership fee of $47.


Final Conclusion on The Copy My Commissions Scam…

Unfortunately, the ‘CMC’ system is nothing but a scammy opportunity delivering zero value for starting and growing a successful business on the interweb.

‘CMC’ is an extremely deceptive program that provides plenty of hype, makes unrealistic money claims, and also offers no training.

$47 isn’t a lot of money to pay out for a program.

But if you invest it into James Johnson’s opportunity, not only will you lose it, but you’ll be pushed into buying additional upsells.

A 30-day money back guarantee is in place, but I wouldn’t be fooled by it because the chances of the real owner(s) honoring it are very slim.

From my perspective, if you want to make an honest income online, you will need access to the right training, tools, and support.

However, that’s only half of the battle, because you will also be required to work hard and give your digital-based business enough time to grow.

Simply plugging into an automated system that does the work for you will not make you $1,000s/$10,000s per month. You won’t make a single red cent.

However, if you’re looking for a LEGIT platform that actually works…

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

Do you have any questions, feedback or experiences with ‘CMC’ that you would love to share? We’d love to hear your comments below…



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