Copy My Email System: Is it A Duplicate Dud? [Reviewed]

Howdy friend, thanks for dropping in on my unbiased review of the Copy My Email System! 🙂

Blasting out emails to subscribers can be a super lucrative method IF done in the correct manner.

But this system makes it sound easy, in fact, WAY too easy to make megabucks online.

So the question is: is it just another scammy pipe dream product stocked on Clickbank’s virtual shelves, that’s never gonna work in a trillion years, huh?

I guess you’re about to find out…

Is Copy My Email System a Dud Reviewed
Quick Overview:

Name: Copy My Email System (CMES).


Cost: Free + $97 + $100s for upsells.

Owner: Bobby (nothing more than a stage name).

My Score: Revealed at the very end.

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What’s Copy My Email System All About?

The sales page reckons you can rake in bundles of cash to the tune of $160 – $440 on a daily by simply sending out a bunch of emails using a ‘Done For You’ system.

And apparently, it’s not gonna cost you a single penny. You’ll get 5,000 email subscribers and training for free!

Aww, how sweet of the ‘CMES’ creator to have your best interests at heart, hey?

I’m sorry, but what a crock of sh*t!

First of all, the notion of making a fortune on the web as easy as warm cherry pie is nothing but some kiddies fairy tale invented by dirtbags wanting YOUR dollars.

If it’s true, then why isn’t everyone and their grandmother giving day job bosses the middle finger?

Secondly, if the ‘CMES’ costs $0, then how on earth is anyone ever gonna turn a buck with the system?

You’ve heard some folks say “you need money to make money”, right?

Well, this is 100% the case when it comes to the world of internet marketing because every money-making program/system comes at a cost. Period.

So there are two blatant lies told by the person responsible for ‘CMES’, right off the bat.

And thirdly, this system is a rehash of the Instant Email Empire, which gave me a VERY good reason to label as a flat-out scam.

So it’s not looking good for ‘CMES’ is it?


Beware of The Toxic Sales Video…

Furthermore, the hyped up sales page and video raise a bunch of red flags that should be enough to send you running for the mountainous hills like Usain Bolt.

So just be cautious of these following warning signs before allowing the creator of ‘CMES’ to take hard-earned buckaroonies off your hands:


#1: New Members Are Making Cash Daily…

Directly underneath the sales video, there’s a box with a scrolling list of names of those newest members from various countries who are cashing in from ‘CMES’.

Ya right, if you say so, “Bobby!”
Copy My Email System Fake Member Income
Where’s the proof?


My advice: I highly suggest taking the basic data with a pinch of salt because anyone can come up with a bunch of random names and countries to fool potential buyers.


#1: Questionable Video Testimonials…

Anyone who blows smoke up the ass of ‘CMES’ (claiming it’s the best thing since sliced bread, etc) is a blatant liar.

Say hello to one of those peeps.
Copy My Email System Fake Member Testimonials
“But how so, Neil?”

Because, for starters, the member video testimonials provide ZERO proof of their income results.

And second of all, all you have to do is a simple search on Fiverr to find those folks offering their “spokesperson” services for sale.

Meet the same gal again.
Copy My Email System Fake Testimonial From Fiverr
Ha, McBusted!


So if ‘CMES’ really delivers what it promises on the tin, then where are all the REAL testimonials?



#2: Who The Hell is “Bobby” Anyways?…

The video spokesman claims to be “Bobby” – also the guy who created ‘CMES’.
Instant Email Empire Fake Owner
But again, with no factual evidence to support his claims, and especially since he’s hired as a “British spokesperson” on Fiverr – makes Bobby nothing but a fictional character.
Instant Email Empire Owner From Fiverr
Ha, double busted!

Sadly, more often than not, shady and cowardly Clickbank product creators hide behind pen names, spokespeople, and voiceovers to avoid damaging their reputations online.



How Does Copy My Email System Actually Work?

Once you’re on the inside, Bobby (or whoever the real creator is) provides a video showing you how to get your ‘Done For You’ email system up and running.

Next, you set up BuilderAll (costing you $29/month) in order for Bobby to add 500 free email subscribers to your account weekly.

When everything’s in place, you’ll make $100 in your first 24 hours, allegedly.

And then it’s just a simple case of blasting out a bunch of Copy n’ Paste emails to your subscribers – basically promoting ‘CMES’ for affiliate commissions from any upsells your referrals purchase.

Check out the type of emails you’ll be sending.

Instant Email Empire Spammy Emails
But there are three problems here…

Firstly, those “subscribers” could be harvested from just about anywhere online, which makes the source unreliable.

IF the subscribers are crap quality (i.e. untargeted), not only will your email marketing campaigns result in little to no conversions, but there’s a strong possibility you’ll be reported for SPAM too.

You’ll be dubbed spammier than a tin of the world-famous meaty stuff.
Spamming is Bad For Online Business
Secondly, you haven’t got a single on HOW that $100 “commission” lands in your pocket because Bobby fails to provide an explanation, which makes the cash questionable.

Thirdly, which is the most important point – none of the emails you’ll be sending to your subscribers will comply with the CAN-SPAM Act.

Which, basically means you’ll have to suffer the consequences if/when you’re caught for not emailing your subscribers from a “legal” standpoint.


Doing Email Marketing, The “Right” Way…

When it comes to email marketing, there’s A LOT more to it than simply blasting out a bunch of promotional emails, especially “spammy” ones to email subscribers from an “unknown” source.

Furthermore, not abiding by the CAN-SPAM Act will land you in hot water.

If you’re a total newbie to internet marketing, there are many great ethical ‘Done For You’ systems that also provide traffic training and email sequences for building rapport with your leads = sales = affiliate commissions.

It’s just a case of searching for such systems.

Or option B: you can learn HOW to create email optin pages, sales funnels, drive traffic, and construct email marketing campaigns yourself.

Yeah, there’s a steep learning curve to email marketing, as with any internet marketing strategy.

But if you find the right course(s), invest cash, time, and effort, you can be a super profitable email marketer.

If you need a helping hand, check out my top rated training resources:

** The costs were correct at the time of writing **

My advice is to pick only ONE course and roll with it.


Final Take: Is Copy My Email System a Scam?

A Big Thumbs DownYes, it damn well is, in my opinion.

And so gets a score of 0/10 followed by a huge thumb’s down.

For starters, not only are you encouraged to purchase and use email software to send out a bunch of short and crappy pre-written spammy emails to subscribers gifted to you from an unidentified source…

But you will be doing so “illegally” by choosing not to abide by certain email marketing laws.

And secondly, the person behind ‘CMES’ sells it as some “get-rich-quick” system and pulls a series of dirty sales page/video stunts designed to manipulate you.

So on that note, avoid this Clickbank product like the plague.

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any thoughts or questions to share on ‘CMES’ – we’d LOVE to hear from ya below…


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