Digital Genius Lab: Is it a Smart Move? [Reviewed]

Welcome to my unbiased review of Digital Genius Lab! 😀

Now, you may be wondering whether joining this affiliate marketing program really is a smart decision or a dumb-ass move, right?

Let’s not beat about the bush. Dive right into this article for the honest answer you’re looking for…

Is Digital Genius Lab a Smart Move - Reviewed
Quick Overview

Name: Digital Genius Lab (DGL).


Cost: $99/month or $997/year + upsells.

Owners: Sean, Melissa & Chris.

My Score: 3/10.

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What’s Digital Genius Lab All About, Huh?

According to the website, ‘DGL’ is basically an “all-in-one” platform that provides you with world-class affiliate marketing education, community support, and the tools you need for creating and expanding the business of your dreams.

They claim their platform is ideal for folks from all walks of life – from millennials to parents.

And they also reckon that many ‘DGL’ members have already built 6-figure empires in a short space of time.

In my experience, affiliate marketing is a truly awesome way of earning an income on the web – providing you have access to the right resources and you work your butt off.

But by no means is generating a six-figure income as an affiliate gonna be a quick task because numerous moving parts come into play.

So the “quick 6-figure” claim puts me off ‘DGL’ like rotten eggs, right off the bat.

Does that mean it should be avoided like the London plague?

I guess you’ll soon find out.


How Does Digital Genius Lab Work For $?

‘DGL’ is really a ‘Done For You’ system that operates in the same way as high-ticket programs like Empower Network, MOBE, and Digital Altitude (which all three are now defunct).

There are two ways to make money with the program:

Firstly, you get a pre-built sales funnel that’s designed for you to resell the exact same program to others for 30% in affiliate commissions.

Secondly, the funnel also allows you to promote some sort of water ionization and filtering system from ‘Enagic’ which revolves around the Multi Level Marketing business model.
Enagic Water Website
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In order to help you get off on the right foot with your funnel and send traffic to it, ‘DGL’ provides you with 5 basic training modules that cover:

  1. Setting up a Facebook Fan Page
  2. Setting up Your ‘DGL’ Sales Funnel
  3. Facebook Ads
  4. Marketing & Advertising
  5. Analyzing Campaign Performance

Alongside the training, you’re also assigned a coach to keep you on track with your efforts.

While ‘DGL’ does deliver what’s promised, it also deceives you, unfortunately.

Let’s discover the deception in more detail…


The Shadiness Happening Behind The Scenes…

First of all, instead of getting your hands on the resources for building an online business within a niche of your choosing and something you’re passionate about – you’re forced to promote ‘DGL’ itself.

Every paid referral you bring in through your ‘Done For You’ sales funnel gets the same system as you to promote for the chance to earn big bucks.

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Put simply, ‘DGL’ is nothing more than a “recruitment scheme” – and it’s the same reason why the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) came down on MOBE and Digital Altitude like a ton of bricks.

Secondly, what’s with the whole Enagic “water filter” thing?

There’s absolutely no mention of this before you join ‘DGL’.

And I guess it’s so the founders don’t wanna scare you off because with Enagic being an “MLM” company, means the chances are you’ll need to invest a chunk of change yourself in order to earn from the filters.

The water filters and ionization system cost anywhere from *GASP* $100s$1,000s!

Also, with MLMs, come the membership costs and/or admin fees, etc.

Furthermore, I’ve found out that ‘DGL’ is a replica of Global Affiliate Zone – claiming to be an “all-in-one” affiliate platform, but pulls the wool over your eyes with some bullsh*t “scheme” and costly water filter MLM.
Is Global Affiliate Zone A Worldwide Scam
If I had to guess, Sean, Melissa, and Chris are also associated with Global Affiliate Zone – unethically raking in the big bucks.

Thirdly, as for the coach you’re assigned, he or she is really a “salesperson” whose intention is to sweet talk you into splashing out on the upsells.

Don’t get me wrong, they can help you to get off to a good start with ‘DGL’. But they don’t have your best interests in mind.

It was the exact same with my Digital Altitude coach. Once I made the initial purchase, he tried to pressure me into spending $100s – $1,000s more on overpriced products.


How Much Does Digital Genius Lab Cost?

The basic membership is either $99 per month or $997 per year.

Which, BTW, is overpriced, especially considering you get very little affiliate marketing training.

The monthly/annual cost is really to keep the “scheme” operational from my perspective.

On top of that, you’ll need to buy a domain name for your sales funnel. Not to mention that paid advertising via Facebook can potentially cost you $100s.

As for the water filter MLM, that can potentially cost you $100s/$1,000s for membership/products, since no MLM opportunity is ever free.

And then comes the ‘Fast Track’ upsell @ $297 – which gives you a 30-day fast track program, 90-day accelerator program, and access to a Mastermind League group.

All in all, you must be prepared to sell a kidney if you’re gonna go “all in” with ‘DGL’.


PROS vs. CONS of ‘DGL’


  • You get a funnel, training & support
  • The potential to make money
  • They donate to a good cause called NeverThirst


  • The sales page is a little misleading because it hides the truth
  • The way in which it operates makes it a “recruitment” scheme
  • It involves some random MLM opportunity
  • The system on a whole is expensive & can be unsustainable
  • Your coach will convince you to spend more $


Final Thoughts: Is Digital Genius Lab a Scam?

A Big Thumbs DownWhile it does give you some value for your hard-earned bucks, I can’t flat out call it a scam.

But because ‘DGL’ isn’t transparent from the offset, assigns coaches that apply sales pressure, and the important fact that it will be considered as a “high-ticket scheme” (by the FTC) – means there’s no way I’m gonna recommend it.

Don’t get me wrong, you have the opportunity to turn a buck with ‘DGL’.

But at what cost to your bank balance (especially if the FTC catches wind of it), at the end of the day?

So what the heck now then, Neil?…

The good news is that there are MUCH better and cheaper solutions for earning a full-time income as an affiliate marketer, that don’t involve “recruiting” people and “MLM”.

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts to share on ‘DGL’ – we’d LOVE to hear from ya below…

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