Digital Millionaire Secret is Secretly a SCAM! (Reviewed)

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Digital Millionaire Secret is Secretly a Scam
Quick Overview

Name: Digital Millionaire Secret.

Website: digitalmillionairesecret.com.

Cost: $37 – $127/month + $595 – $28,000 in one-time fees.

Owner: An unknown affiliate of Digital Altitude.

My Score: 0/10.

The Digital Millionaire Secret is a newish income opportunity that can “apparently” help you to make a life-changing $2,739 per day working from home on your laptop.

But the program is a blatant scam that’s full of bull crap.

Perhaps my low score gave it away. 😛

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What is Digital Millionaire Secret?

The Digital Millionaire Secrets (DMS) is designed to make you thousands of dollars every month in affiliate commissions like clockwork so you can start living a lavish lifestyle.

When you first watch the sales page video, there are a number of quick testimonials from people who have made $1,000s – $10,000s in their first 30 days of being a member.

While this could be true for “experienced” affiliate marketers, there’s absolutely no way in hell that “newbies” could become financially free in just weeks because the reality is that it takes months to learn the internet marketing skills required.

In addition to the “too good to be true” testimonials, the video uses shonky manipulative marketing techniques such as:

  • “You’ve just been selected out of thousands of people…”
  • “When these spots run out, this offer will be off the table…”
  • “If you forfeit this page, we’ll give the system to the next person in line…”
  • Blah, Blah, Blah…

Digital Millionaire Secret Fake Availability Scarcity
Here’s another BS example found on the ‘DMS’ sales pitch page:
Digital Millionaire Secret Fake Spots Remaining Scarcity
It’s all a load of codswallop because all “ethical” programs offer “unlimited” positions.

Why would ‘DMS’ not wanna squeeze unsuspecting noobs like you for as much money as possible?

I’m sure you have heard all this type of “limited position” bullsh*t before as a newbie.

Unfortunately, you must sit through a 12-minute video of “hype” before you can gain access to the main opportunity, which I strongly advise against.

You will understand why in a few short moments.


How Does ‘DMS’ Work?

The sales video claims that you will make money from promoting “real products, ethical products, with high satisfaction rates”.

However, it doesn’t actually tell you what those products are or even if they are tangible or not LOL.

You will also get a website (Done-For-You money making system) that allows you to promote the products for $500 – $7,000 in affiliate commissions from each sale.


But do you want the real truth?

‘DMS’ isn’t a real opportunity.

It’s a seriously hyped up “gateway” page (created by an affiliate) to a high-ticket rip off affiliate training and MLM system known as Aspire Digital Altitude which costs $10,000s for the full income benefits.
Aspire Digital Altitude Website
Yes, you will get a sales funnel from Digital Altitude for promoting its training products.

But unluckily, you must break into your life savings or beg the bank for a loan to buy the overpriced products just for the privilege of earning big commissions as an affiliate of Michael Force’s program.

This is something that ‘DMS’ also fails to clarify on its shoddy and over the top sales page.


What’s The Cost of ‘DMS’?

The sales page claims that the opportunity is “FREE”.

But that couldn’t be any further from the truth if it tried!

The real cost of ‘DMS’, or should I say “Aspire Digital Altitude” is gonna be tens of thousands of dollars – money that probably 95% of newbies simply can not afford.

See the full list of products and prices below:

  • Aspire Walker = $37/month
  • Aspire Hiker = $67/month
  • Aspire Climber = $127/month
  • Base = $595 one time fee
  • Rise = $2,000 one time
  • Ascend = $10,000 one time
  • Peak = $17,000 one time
  • Apex = $28,000 one time

So just to remind you once more, if you wanna make mega bucks from these training products, you must spend mega bucks on the same products beforehand.

Unfortunately, this is how these overpriced programs grab you by the nuts (if you’re a guy).

Empower Network (now shut down – YES!!!) and MOBE (My Online Business Empire) also con you out of $1,000s – $10,000s in the exact same way as Digital Altitude.

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  • It’s an AWESOME example of exactly what to avoid for beginners


  • The program claims that it’s free, when it’s not
  • Unethical scarcity marketing tactics are used
  • Unrealistic income claims are made
  • The sales page is full of hype
  • It’s a sales funnel for costly Altitude products
  • Most newbies will find it tough to earn a sizable income
  • It’s not a sustainable way to build an online biz


My Final Conclusion…

The Digital Millionaire Secret is a fabricated opportunity because it’s just another way for an affiliate of the Digital Altitude program to easily suck you into it and line their own pockets.

Unfortunately, the person behind ‘DMS’ uses hype, lies, and unethical marketing practices for enticing you to submit your credit card info for Altitude’s Aspire Walker $36 monthly membership level.

Once you’re through the door, you will be hit with multiple upsells costing up to $28K! YUP, a WHOPPING 28 grand!

Forking out tens of thousands of dollars for the same products that you’re gonna be promoting to other poor suckers who will be in the same boat as you really isn’t a sustainable business model, in my opinion.

It’s one of the main reasons why Empower Network went under because the products were too damn expensive for folks.

I wonder how long it is until MOBE and Altitude also go bankrupt?

Tick Tock, Tick Tock…

The bottom line… Digital Millionaire System is a scam. And Digital Altitude is designed to rip off people like you.

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