Discover The Plan: TRUE Plan Exposed Here! [Review]

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If you’re skeptical of the product, then you have every reason to be because there’s a hidden agenda behind the hype, sadly.

But does this mean it’s a flat-out scam to steer well clear of, huh?

The truth is about to be unveiled inside this unbiased review.

So hang tight!

Discover The Plan Scam Review
Quick Overview

Name: Discover The Plan (DTP) – formerly ‘Get The Discovery’.


Cost: $97 + $1,000s.

Owner: Ron Porter, apparently.

My Score: Revealed at the end.

Before jumping into this review.

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What’s Discover The Plan All About?

According to the sales page, Discover The Plan is some “weird trick” that’s gonna bank you $500 to $1,000 on a daily basis – 7 days a week.

In fact, the trick is so powerful that an 8-year old girl raked in a STAGGERING $490,600 using it!

And Ron Porter is gonna give you access to the same one-page website.

WOW, how lucky, hey?

Simply follow his instructions, hit “go”, and watch the big bucks pour into your account.

But how many kids or even adults do you know about who have made a life-changing fortune from some “magical website”?

The answer’s NONE. Zero. Zip. Nada. A big fat 0!

You wanna know why?

It’s because ‘DTP’ comes from Never Never Land. It’s nothing but a Peter Pan fairy-tale story.

Don’t you think we’de all be filthy stinking rich if such a trick existed?


Put simply, the sales page is built around lies and hype.

It fails to disclose the full details on HOW you’ll be raking in the dough.

And that’s because the ONLY goal here is to sell you on a “pipe dream” – pushing you into spending 97 of your hard-earned bucks.


And The Deception Continues…

Now, you may think “Ron Porter” is the real deal.

But you’re mistaken to assume that because with no ACTUAL evidence to support his identity, makes the guy questionable.

Add to the fact that the spokesperson in the sales video is likely to be hired on Fiverr for pennies on the dollar to read out a script.

Sadly, this is a very typical behaviour of unethical folks who produce “get-rich-quick” sales pages because “pen names” and “voice-overs” are the perfect cover.

And then come the video testimonials from ‘DTP’ members who are rolling in the cash.

Here’s one testimonial from a guy who banked $40K within just 2 months of using ‘DTP’!
Discover The Plan Fake Testimonial
But disappointingly, these folks are actors and actresses hired on Fiverr to shoot fake testimonials.

Fiverr Spokesperson Video Testimonial From a Bearded Guy


Meet the same dude again selling his “spokesperson and promotional” services.

In fact, this same guy also fabricated a testimonial for Mingle Cash – another dud I reviewed.

So it’s 100% proof that they’ve never made a single cent with ‘DTP’ because it’s non-existent from the get-go.

Also, the same ‘DTP’ video testimonials are used across other deceptive sites like Ecom Cash Code and Money Miracle.

Which, leads me to believe the same person is behind them all.


What’s Really Going Down With Discover The Plan?

The truth be told, ‘DTP’ doesn’t exist at all.

It’s just some far-fetched squeeze page created by some random “affiliate” to funnel you directly into an opportunity called My Ecom Club (MEC).
My Ecom Club
‘MEC’ is a legit program that revolves around the concept of eCommerce – helping you to earn an income via Dropshipping.

But it’s gonna cost you a lot more than $97 to join. More like $2,000 + $97/month to go all in!

While you do get value from ‘MEC’ in terms of eCommerce website templates, training, and support for creating a profitable Shopify store.

It’s just expensive for what it is.

In addition, ‘MEC’ raises a couple of red flags because “Rocky Lin” (the owner) is connected to other scammy products.

Not to mention there’s no evidence of Rocky Lin being any kind of eCommerce expert. So he could be an alias for all we know.

Secondly, even the company address for ‘MEC’ has ties with scammy products.

Because, it uses the same address as Countdown To Profits, which I gave a negative review.

So even though ‘MEC’ is legit, I think the program still raises some serious concerns.

Wouldn’t you agree?


Final Thoughts: Is Discover The Plan a Scam?…

A Big Thumbs DownSo the golden question: is Discover The Plan a dirty rotten SCAM?

In my honest opinion, YES it is, for some very good reasons.

First of all, the sales video is all sizzle and no steak because the idea of making a sh*t TON of money online quickly using some “weird trick” is a myth.

The person behind ‘DTP’ only has one simple goal in mind…

To easily fill his or her pockets at YOUR expense.

Secondly, the creator doesn’ just deceive you with a pen name and some random video spokesperson.

But also tries to pull the wool over your eyes with fake-ass testimonials from Fiverr sellers.

Thirdly, ‘DTP’ doesn’t exist anyway because it’s just a funnel page that directs you to a completely different (and more expensive) money-making platform.

So on that note, it gets a big fat 1/10 score from me.

And when it comes to My Ecom Club itself.

I know for a fact that there are much cheaper ways of building a Shopify store and learning about eCommerce/Dropshipping.

It’s just a case of scouring the web for both free and cost-effective training, tools, and support you need.

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

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